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Nintendo Download: Crystal Defenders R2, Penguins & Friends, PiCOPiCT and Pop Superstar (EU)

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

Two WiiWare and two DSiWare titles for Europe this week.

It seems like there is no Virtual Console game this week. Last week, however, we thought there wasn't one either - Then it suddenly appeared on the Wii Shop half an hour later! Perhaps the same will happen this time.

Crystal Defenders R2 isn't much of a surprise seeing as North America got it last Monday. You once again have to defend your precious crystals from well-known Final Fantasy enemies by strategically placing various units around a winding path to keep them at bay. If you enjoyed the first Crystal Defenders you'll probably like this - Because it's a direct sequel, it's got a bit more challenge and a handful of small extra features. Read our Crystal Defenders R2 review if you want to be sure.

Penguins & Friends: Hey! That's My Fish! was also released in North America a while ago, so it was bound to come eventually. In this videogame adaptation of the board game Hey! That's My Fish!, your goal is to get your penguin to eat the most fish of all. It's a decent little conversion, so if you like board games it could be a good purchase. If you're not convinced just yet, maybe our Penguins & Friends: Hey! That's My Fish! review will do the trick.

This week's DSiWare games aren't very surprising either. Art Style: PiCOPiCT was, much like Crystal Defenders R2, released in North America last Monday (As Art Style: PiCTOBiTS) and is the sixth game in the Art Style series to reach European shores. It's also undoubtedly one of the best yet - It combines the addictiveness of the Art Style series with various classic Nintendo franchises, as you'll slowly form sprites of NES characters while you play. Read our Art Style: PiCTOBiTS review to see why you don't want to miss this Art Style game.

The other DSiWare game was announced a while ago as being released in Q2 2009, so it had to come sometime soon. Pop Superstar: Road to Celebrity is the second Gameloft game to hit the service. We still don't know too much about the game, really - It seems like you get to be a pop singer, and you have to try and win over the crowd to become the titular superstar. This is the only game in this update that's completely new, so you'll have to wait a few days for a review!

Four games, but no VC update this time. An hour after the update there's still none - Looks like we're out of luck this time!

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ToneDeath said:

I would like to see some more VC Arcade games, like one of the original Punch-Out!! games perhaps. Nintendo might feel that releasing them alongside the new Wii game would negatively affect sales of one or the other, but personally I'm so hyped about it that I'll snap up any Punch-Out!! related tat you throw at me.

Anyway, neither WiiWare game gets my points this time.



Terra said:

I doubt we'll get a VC game this week with 4 Ware games and that's a fairly big update. I do like to be proven wrong on this subject though.

Crystal Defenders is something I'd rather get on XBLA (If at all), Penguin & Friends is just no for me and Pop Superstar is a game i wouldn't touch with a 40-foot pole, even though Gameloft made it. Only Art Style interests me this week



Ratengo said:

I don't think Europe will get any VC game this week. C64's Wizball seems to be the only remaining game to be released prior to Hanabi Festival 4. Out of the upcoming games; the SNES' Axelay and Super Turrican 2 have issues and the Master System/Mega Drive/Neo Geo (except Western-developed such) games have to be released in Japan first. Clayfighter must be released in North America before Earthworm Jim 2 finds its way here (and Boogerman has to hit Japan before NA is able to get Clayfighter...??).



Raptor78 said:

Now before anybody dismisses Gamelofts new game, I bought it because ive quite liked Gameloft on wiiware and I thought there last DSi game had good value for money. Well after having a quick 30 minuite play of the game I have enjoyed it so far.
What you get for you money is a Sim Lite game that has four mini games that can also be played as a group... you get a Drum game, a Guitar game a Dance Game and a Vocal Game. I havnt got anyone else to play it with at the moment but I would imagine that you would probably play different instruments playing the same song like Guitar Hero world tour. I particularly liked the Drums because you use the shoulder buttons or stylus (but I preffered shoulder buttons)
...anyway, I just wanted you guys to know that it isnt as bad as it sounds. Well not for 800 points / £6 anyway.



Terra said:

May get it then just to appease my sister. That, and to get her to stop playing Hannah Montana on the Wii. Honestly, if she plays "Best of Both Worlds" one more time, there will be chaos and not just from me. I wonder if playing that song over and over again counts as torture in some parts of the world.



Bahamut_ZERO said:

Aw darn it. I thought you guys got Pop Plus, but it turned out to be shovelware

On a bright side, I got Pictobits, and it owns!



Cheezy said:

Of course they get PicoPict right after we do, but we have to wait a month for Decode after them? Come on...



blackknight77 said:

I would be very angry if they left out a Virtual Console game in North America. It's bad enough getting one game a week as it is.



Pj1 said:

I am hoping we get some thing GOOD for Hanabi or E3, or even at the Games convention coming to London. I've heard the general public can go? I'd Love to if I have the money....

Hay Bass XO where's your post? I like reading (hearing) what you've got to say! (I'm being serious)



Objection said:

Pretty bleh update in my eyes...although even though Picopict is a catchup it got pretty good reviews.



bboy2970 said:

Ok, we better get artstyle D-CODE this following monday! I can't go on without all the artstyles anymore.



Kenji510 said:

Yeah same here ive been for awhile for this game to come out in the US and its like one of the coolest Artstyle game that i want to try and play it so baaaaaad haha, im not kidding man... hopefully we get it on monday the 25th and its Memorial Day too.



calculon said:

Nothing of interest on WiiWare this week which is probably the good thing considering how much I've bought over the past few weeks. Might buy Orbient seeing as it's been rated favorably on the forums as well as reviews.



Sean_Aaron said:

That's disappointing considering neither of these titles is listed as "coming soon" on the Nintendo UK page and pretty much everything else indicated as "coming soon" looked potentially interesting.

Well, I guess I can always buy Bomberman '94 if I really feel the need, but really I have recently come into so many new games on the Japanese system and there's still S&S, Little Kings Story and Fire Emblem to play still that I really should be happy to get to continue with those undistracted!




PICTOPICT! YES! Besides that its an average to poor update

I'm a little surprised more EU ppl aren't raving that its been released in the EU. Its a 9/10 an an Art Style!



opeter said:

19. SuperSonic1990: "Where is Bubble Bobble Plus?"

I second this ... I would like to play games like Protöthea and other action titles, that are available only in the US.



RGVEDA said:

The Crystal Defenders R2 WiiWare Update is great! A Shame for no VC Update The DSi Update is quiet good too Unfortunatelly i don´t have a DSi yet.



Twilight_Crow said:

Not a bad update, not great but at least EU got Pictopict soon enough ; and R2 isn't that bad ether.



BiggerJ said:

If the last three weeks had alternated as usual instead of being mixed, then this would still have been a WiiWare week. Maybe things are back to normal.



Mendez said:

Meh, I got excited about this week for some reason, which I haven't done for months. We get hardly any VC games nowadays...



Wiiloveit said:

Wiiloveit's predictions were 90% correct.
Bearing in mind that I only made those predictions to you personally over Google Talk, and not publicly visible, methinks you've just confused everyone who reads your message, but not your mind, there.

Anyways, I thought I'd try Pop Superstar for lulz. As soon as I heard the menu music (an awful cover of Avril Lavigne's girlfriend), I regretted my purchase already. Yet to try the game though, since the new TF2 update is more interesting than any of these for me, I'm afraid.



Pj1 said:

@ Bass XO

That's the kinda reaction I like and it came from you, keep up the good Posts!



Wiiloveit said:

Does Pop Superstar feature jarate?
Sadly, no. There's also a distinct lack of huntsman



Bass_X0 said:

Haha. Well on topic, I am disappointed about the lack of VC games this week. I was all set to purchase more points if there was something I wanted but nothing. I already have Crystal Defenders on XBox 360 so I won't be downloading it on Wii too. Don't care about Penguins. Okay week.

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