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New Copy Of Earthbound Sells For Over $1000 On eBay

Posted by Damien McFerran

Don't you wish you'd have kept your copy sealed now?

A new and factory sealed copy of the cult SNES RPG Earthbound has sold for over $1000 on auction site eBay, proving once and for all that video game collectors aren't scared of the credit crunch.

Seller dave2236 bagged a whopping $1,025.01 for the minty-fresh copy of the game. To give you some indication of the utter madness of this situation, loose Earthbound carts usually sell for about $70-80, with boxed ones hitting the $200-300 mark.


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Kawaiipikachu said:

Wow expensive game.
Wouldent be a laugh that the buyer opens this straight up & plug it into his SNES after reading thru the instructions.
No I shall not be tempted to say First Comment



Adam said:

Clear proof that collectors are insane.

Really? That's very cheap compared to what they go for on Ebay, I think (referring to cartridge-only auctions). What store would that be? I might need to nab me a back-up!



pixelman said:

That's 20 premium priced Wii games he could've bought. Heh, he'll probably just turn around and sell it for $2000.



Terra said:

Some people have far too much money, and (probably) far too much spare time.



naut said:

Must be some collector. sigh It makes me want Earthbound on the VC even more!



Knux said:

Whoever paid $1000 dollars for Earthbound is stupid. I bought an Earthbound cartridge awhile back and I only had to pay $70-$90 dollars for it.



motang said:

That is some serious cash, well kudos for the dude for keeping in unopened all these years.



Starwolf_UK said:

For the $1000 (and keeing with the Earthbound subject) I’d much rather have a Giant Mr.Saturn but then again thats me…

The crazy thing about this auction is that "sealed" Chrono Trigger (I don't know if you can tell SNEs games have been re-sealed...either way Earthbounds box was too big for regular seals) went for more and when you consider Chrono Trigger is worth less than Earthbound (not a great deal least before Chrono Trigger DS version) you realsie the world of collectable videogames is something you cannot make sense of.



Pastry said:

It would be funny if the guy didn't insure the game and it got lost in the mail.



Corbs said:

At least I know if I ever do need money, I'm covered. I have a Chrono Trigger, Super Mario RPG, Lufia 2, and Secret of Mana all still sealed I bought at a Toys R' Us years ago on clearance. I'd have opened them up if I didn't already own the carts.



Viral said:

I hope they release it on Virtual Console just to add insult to this.



Rally said:

Why in the world would you pay 1000 dollars to get a game like EarthBound? Besides, the guy is not going to even play it.

If I bought that, I wouldn't put that in my SNES, only because I payed 1000 dollars for that.



Damo said:

@The Fox - Much respect for your avatar, my friend. Psycho Fox is one of my favourite platformers EVER.



Corbs said:

I love Psycho Fox myself. One of my favorite SMS games out there. And I still get a kick out of how Damo spells "favourite" that way.



Objection said:

Collectors are idiots. Then again, I'm a bargain-shopper, always looking for great games on eBay or at below MSRP prices when I can (unless I buy them at launch.)



Eclipticalis said:

That seems outrageous to me, maybe Nintendo will crack and just release the game on the VC already.



accc said:

I wonder how the scratch n sniff thing that came with the game is holding up!



Damo said:

@Corbie - Hey, we invented the language, we can put an extra 'u' in there if we really want to



Big_A2 said:

For all the guys saying "Games aren’t worth that much" you need to realise that this a FACTORY SEALED copy of EARTHBOUND. Whoever bought it obviously won't tear it open and play it when they get home (They probably already have a copy).

Who knows, perhaps he's planning on keeping it in his family for years and years and then selling it to a museums as an ancient artefact of less civilized time.



Kevin said:

$1,000 for one game? You gotta be kidding me? The only time I overpayed for anything on Ebay was to get the zelda collector's edition for $80 once it was released.



StarDust4Ever said:

"At least I know if I ever do need money, I'm covered. I have a Chrono Trigger, Super Mario RPG, Lufia 2, and Secret of Mana all still sealed I bought at a Toys R' Us years ago on clearance. I'd have opened them up if I didn't already own the carts"

Corbie, have you been hoarding unused SNES games???

I've been hoarding NES games, but they're all loose cartridges in clear plastic cases, LOL!



Ricardo91 said:

Collectors are so silly...

This article makes me think that the next time I buy an underappreciated game, I'm not gonna buy two copies: one to play and one to keep for moneys!



astarisborn94 said:

This is unbelievable. This game price is going up through the roof! This game needs an Virtual Console release.

It'll benefit everyone.

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