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Namco's Muscle March Possibly Most Bizarre WiiWare Game Yet

Posted by Jon Wahlgren

Burly musclemen break through walls in speedos. You read that right.

Here's one to skyrocket to the top of your most-wanted WiiWare games.

We don't know much about Muscle March other than it was announced today, it's from Namco, and it's a Japan-exclusive WiiWare title (for the time being). And it's weird. Oh, and there's an inexplicable polar bear. Of course.

It looks like a sort of rhythm game where you match up gestures with, uh, blowing through walls and tackling each other majestically.

I would totally buy this game.


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odd69 said:

LOL. umm yeah man ,im not sure about this one. i should buy this just so i can laugh at it.



Objection said:

So epic-ly weird that I want it. 800 pts? Cool. Hope it gets localized but it has that guy's voice: "Nice muscle!!"



Knux said:

Oh dear Namco. They must have been drunk when they made this.
The Japanese can keep this for all I care.
Don't remind me of Cho Aniki!
Who is going to convince me to buy a game like that!?
Don't make Sean Aaron review this! It would toture him!



theblackdragon said:

@ Chicken Brutus, SuperSonic -- i would totally buy this game just because it is so crazy. I hope it gets localized. :3



Philip_J_Reed said:

Hey, if it gets localized, I will buy it too. I just have to decide which "friend" to gift it to...



AVahne said:

lol so weird and random,its the perfect game to freak out my friends with!



Virus said:

My question is what the hell that football guy is carrying. Steroids? Looks like it to me...



StbAn said:

Why japanese people likes weird things, OMG crazy japanases they don't know what to do...



Haze4peace said:

LOL! I love crazy weird Japanese games. I would buy this in a second. My hacked wii will love this



Razoredge17 said:

Did anyone else think the guy in the blue suit looked like The Tick?

I eagerly await Sean's "First Impressions". This looks insane.



Sean_Aaron said:

My god that looks incredible!

26/05 must buy for me and Ai Cho Ainiki is the one with the musclemen in it and yes I have that as well and it is awesome!

And no I'm not taking the piss.



Caliko said:

NiiCE!! Lightning fast gesture coordination looks awesome!! And hilarious!



Terra said:

I have to admit that i also thought of Cho Aniki the moment i saw this. Seriously, WTF?

I'd still like to see this localized, just because It's so bizarre.



MrPanic said:

Lol, this is the perfect game to gift to someone.

The gameplay looks awesome, but the rest... o.0



xesbeth said:

Best WTF???!! Wiiware game.(a bear with underpants is necessary a good game).
It will never reached occident though.



The_Fox said:

This game is why they have those warnings one the back of cough syrup bottles.
It almost makes you think Japanese game makers have some sort of unofficial contest to see who can make the strangest game and still get it to market.



Egg_miester said:

this game is so strange and kinda creepy if it ever come to the states i'd buy it on day one



Stevie said:

Do the japanese water board pump LSD directly into public circulation, this is insane, but i love it. Hope it comes to Eu, if they think we can handle it



Philip_J_Reed said:

If this comes to America, I will host a Mario Kart tourney and gift this to the winner.

Mark my words.



greyelephant said:

Why was the one guy wearing a bra/bikini top? Do you think he has large nipples?

@Chicken Brutus
Make mental note, never, ever, ever participate in a tourney with Chicken Brutus. LOL!



Sean_Aaron said:

Everyone should import a Japanese Wii, just for this (well and to play Mr. Driller Drill Land for the Gamecube, natch).



Ratengo said:

@Sean: Please don't forget Nintendo Puzzle Collection (especially Panel de Pon - my favourite puzzler) for the Gamecube too.

Would you give us a first impressions of Muscle Koushinkyoku...? If the game gets a good "review", I'll then consider purchasing this (I have Ai Cho Aniki since earlier).



accc said:

Most anticipated Wiiware game for sure! Please release it in US Namco!



AVahne said:

ok now that i really saw gameplay theres one thing i must say....THIS BETTER HAVE ONLINE MULTIPLAYER!!!!!!!!



hobbes said:

There is an American remake of that show called Hole in the Wall. It was on Fox last summer I believe.



Starwolf_UK said:

@Sean: Please don't forget Nintendo Puzzle Collection (especially Panel de Pon - my favourite puzzler) for the Gamecube too.
Thing is Mr.Driller (and Donkey Konga) will only save on a Japanese system as Nintendo thought it would be a good idea to have two different memory card formats with the Japanese one being the only one to understand the rarely used unicode characters. Nintendo Puzzle Collection doesn't have that problem so no need to buy hardware (I hate importing hardware as you get no warrenty and repair centres are awkward about it).

But personally, the Wii Shop is almost good enough to import a Japanese Wii...but it falls short when I see how much Wiis cost



Ratengo said:

@Starwolf_UK: I bought my Wii while visiting Kyoto last year and paid around SEK 1900 for the console AND the ‘Bomberman Blast!’ game (a story mode is included) together. For me, this was cheap since a Wii still costs around SEK 2600 here in Sweden (27 percent difference).

Who says no to the faster growing Japanese VC and WiiWare library...? You have to wait for years being able to play games such as Ganbare Goemon 2, Super Smash Bros., Castlevania: Rondo of Blood, Parasol Stars, Gradius ReBirth, Contra ReBirth and Mr. Driller World - all of which I already have played on my Wii and I am satisfied.



SilentJ said:

Lol! The video was weird enough to make it onto the "Around the Net" segment on "Attack of the Show."

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