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Modern Warfare 2 Wii-bound?

Posted by Jon Wahlgren

Amazon listing may have spilled the beans

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare was big. Huge. It also never saw the light of day on Wii, unfortunately.

Of course, Activision likes money, and it likes porting games to every platform imaginable, which is why this Amazon UK listing for Modern Warfare 2 Wii doesn't seem so crazy.

World at War sold great on Wii and apparently a lot of people play it, so it makes sense for a port of what will surely be an even bigger hit to the most popular console platform in the world this gen. It's just one more step towards Activision's plans for total domination.


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Objection said:

I concur with Adam. Also, I hope they take their time and make a decent port that, unlike most others, looks better than the food my old high school served.



Modern_Legend said:

@ ADAM and Objection_Blaster
Ive been dieing for a local multiplayer wii game as u know from other places on this site. if this is it, we'll all be in heaven!!!!! CHYEA!!!

@ VGP and Corbie
Sorry guys...but....BOOOOOOOOOO



Jack_Package said:

I hope this is true... if it is, this giddy kipper can't wait!!
Just hope they lay off 'shake remote' bits... The Zapper is perfect for FPS's, but not so good for waving about.

EDIT: Ive pre-ordered from Amazon... just to see what happens with the listing...



SmaMan said:

Sorry, but Activision will never dominate the world as long as it keeps putting out those horrible movie and TV license games. Same reason why THQ won't either.



SmaMan said:

Yeah, didn't COD4's online play not have friend codes? Or was I just dreaming?



The_Fox said:

Yeah...As others have said,I think the 360 is the way to go on this one. There are some games the Wii can't do well, and I'm O.K with that. I have a feeling this would be the gimpiest port yet.



AlexSays said:

Oh this won't be good. I'll stick with my PS3 for this one.

I wonder who Activision will have port the game to the Wii, since Infinity Ward won't be touching the Wii version.



Modern_Legend said:

at this point i really dont care how it happens or what company or wat game does it first, we need a decent local and online multiplayer wii fps to be released, if every other console can manage that, how come wii people arent. Even better, we need a Wii-exclusive fps making company like HVS is trying to do now so that way we always have a company or companies who will be consistently pumping out good fps's on wii...I believe most of u wud agree on this



Esposch said:

LOL, VGP and Corbie are mental!
Shooters have better controls, graphics, online, price and controls on a PC. Why would you get the inferior 360 version!?



Damo said:

If they do this the right way then the Wii version could be just as much fun as the 360/PS3 instalments.



The_Fox said:

@post 16
Yeah, but on the P.C you have to sink in hundreds if not thousands to keep your rig up to date and worry about cheaters taking advantage of glitches faster than they can be patched (True, the glitches pop up in the console versions as well, but the P.C always gets hit hardest).



Machu said:

Graphic whores on a ninty website, wtf!

Gameplay motherflippers!! Dual analogue was sooo last century!




SmaMan said:

If this game can boldly go where no Nintendo WiFi game has gone before and have no friend codes. then I will buy it just to support that notion



Richard said:

Why do these multi format release threads always descend into the 'I be geting it on the 360/PS3 anyway' - its Nintendolife for goodness sake - I'll got to another site if I had a another console. Honestly its like the Stepford wives



Shortay said:

I hope it does come to the Wii for those who only own that console, but I'll be very surprised if it's the superior version as the focus in the latest Call of Duty games has been online play. Friend codes? No thanks.



Wiiloveit said:

I'll definitely give this a try if it's as good as Modern Warfare 1, and I'd choose Wii remote shooting controls over PS3 / 360 any day.



Yeah I bet that all those "I better get the xbox/ps3 versions" are either viral marketers or trolls. That would be the only reason to badmouth Nintendo IN A NINTENDO PAGE.
Better ignore them.



AlexSays said:

Dual analogue was sooo last century!

And yet the vast majority prefers dual analog over Wii controls.

Yeah I bet that all those "I better get the xbox/ps3 versions" are either viral marketers or trolls.

Yes because upon making our accounts we all agreed upon a Terms of Service that prohibited the mentioning of the other consoles being superior in any way, shape, or form.

Just because this site has Nintendo in the title doesn't mean we all have to blindly love the Wii, and hate the other consoles.



Terra said:

I honestly prefer shooters on the Wii, the motion controls (If done right) just make things that more fun than aiming with a joystiq and various buttons, and easier as well. Need more shooters though, the only ones that i own for the Wii are Ghost Squad and (To an extent) Disaster: Day of Crisis and both don't have online multiplayer. Wouldn't fit the games if they did to be honest.

As for who will do the Wii version (Assuming one is being developed), I know it's Infinity Ward doing this one and not Treyarch but I reckon that Beenox will do the Wii version for MW2. I say this seeing that they did the Wii Version for Quantum of Solace, they are a subsidiary of Activision, and they do have quite a history when it comes to porting games for other platforms. I hope not though, the Wii version of QOS was nowhere near as good as the other editions.



@alex - then what are you doing here? go to a xbox site and spread the love there!



AlexSays said:

go to a xbox site and spread the love there!
That'd be a great idea if I had an Xbox.



The_Fox said:

@post 27 buffalobob
When did anyone badmouth Nintendo? The only thing people said was that they think Modern Warfare won't be as good on the Wii. Part of the appeal of the first Modern Warfare were the graphics (that the Wii can't match) and the online multiplayer (that the PS3. Xbox 360 and P.C all have better setups for). Add that onto fears of shoehorned Wiimote controls as well as a history of the Wii frequently getting the short end of the stick on multiplatform titles and you can see a Wii version has an uphill battle. Hopefully it'll prove all of us doubters wrong.



Modern_Legend said:

Altho i like wii too for fps control, u cant deny sum1 the right to their opinion if they don't agree. I too only own a wii, so i can't comment on the other consoles, all i know is we need more fps's on wii with decent multiiplayer modes other than just online



odd69 said:

i agree,the wii should be home to many awesome fps's but for some reason only a few exist. if you look at the ps3 or xbox 360 ,they have way to many fps's. even though i may get this game for ps3 doesn't mean that i don't support nintendo. i will continue to support the two rival companies , nintendo will still be my favorite.. so i guess im a troll right?



Esposch said:

@ The Fox #19. Simply untrue. I hate that BS argument as much as I hate pirates saying Wii games cost AU$100 and DS games cost AU$70 (I usually pay $50 or $30 aussie for mine). Anyway, I managed to run BioShock in max quality in 1280*1024 (slightly higher resolution than 1440*900, the standard for a 19") with a Processor from 2004, a ~US$50 graphics card (from a year ago), and 1.5gb of RAM. Basically to upgrade my computer to run Crysis in High detail it would cost about $US70, but since the Bioshock rig I have spent another ~US$70 on a 3.3ghz Dual core processor (e5200 OC). PCs are actually about as cheap as consoles, and you only have to upgrade the graphics card every 2-3 years, and the processor every 4-5 years, usually going for the product between budget and high end (which is a joke because nothing takes advantage of high end parts). Plus the games on PC are cheaper, and 100% region free.

Yeah, I've stopped now.

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