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Modders Build Mario 64 Expansion

Posted by Jon Wahlgren

Play as Luigi in The Missing Stars

We can all finally stop resorting to hokey FAQs to find Luigi buried deep within the castle in Mario 64 (I hear he hangs with Boo), all thanks to a computer-savvy fan.

Typically reserved for PC games, the TC-loving has been extended to the plumber's 3D debut. Dubbed The Missing Stars, not only does the emulator-only mod feature 38 stars in 10 new levels (!), it also includes a playable Luigi; a day/night cycle; custom music; modified enemies, objects and bosses; and a new final boss fight.

This is good, because I was beginning to think Luigi wasn't in the original game at all.


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Terra said:

Nice work, I may check this out when i have the time. Two things though. Firstly, it is legal to download the ROM if you own the original cartridge isn't it? Secondly, how do you get it working.



theblackdragon said:

hahaha, i remember following some of those godawful long instructions to 'play as Luigi in Mario 64'... i was young, lol



XD375 said:

Honestly, I'm not enjoying this game very much. I'll admit however that this is a milestone in ROM hacking - when it's expanded upon we should be prepared for something great.



Objection said:

Anyone check the ROM out? Is it worth getting? For me, playing as Luigi in the DS version is good enough.



SmaMan said:

I got this story too in my RSS feed.

Good luck finding the ROM, it's been ESA protected (which is a bunch of bullsh**) on a lot of sites. Then take the patch you have and patch it to the rom with an .ips patcher or whatever format the patch is in. Most of those can be found on Then find yourself a good N64 emulator (and those are about as hard as finding the rom) and you're good to go!



SmaMan said:

Yeah, the ESA even protected the Star Fox 2 prototype rom... that wasn't even released ANYWHERE! So how can it get any copyright protection.



JonWahlgren said:

@SmaMan: It's still Nintendo's IP, and all things StarFox are surely copyrighted. I mean, they forced that Swedish dentistry to change it's name because the Wii trademark applies to dentistry as well.



StarDust4Ever said:

I remember waiting for months and months and months for VL-Tone to release Toad's Tool 64, the first ever Mario 64 editor. By the time it finally came out, I had completely forgotten about it. All I remember was that terrains were still not editable, and I was obsessed with trying to place Bowser's Sub outside the Castle, but it didn't work no matter how hard I tried...

I'll have to crank out my old hanking tools and check this one out some time...



Super_Flip said:

So, Luigi in this game is Not JUST A Pallete swap for Mario?

Fantastic, I'll keep my eye on this one.

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