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Japanese Virtual Console list - June 2009

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

Mario's original racing game makes its VC debut next month.

It's the last Friday of the month again, and you know what that means! Nintendo has revealed their Japanese VC plans for next month.

It's not very diverse this time - Only 3 VC platforms will be getting new games! The Nintendo 64, Master System, Mega Drive, Neo Geo and PC Engine all have to sit out this time. At least it's not all bad news - There's quite a bunch of big-name releases in there.

Without further ado, the games Japan will be getting next month:


  • Tantei Jinguuji Saburo: Toki no Sugiyuku Mama ni (A detective game.)
  • Final Fantasy II (The second Final Fantasy game. It never got a NES release, so it's unlikely we'll see it on VC outside Japan!)

Super Famicom:

  • Super Wagyan Land (June 2nd - A cute platformer from Namco which also includes some puzzle minigames. The third in the series after two Famicom games.)
  • Super Mario Kart

Virtual Console Arcade:

  • Altered Beast (June 2nd - The original arcade version of the Mega Drive game. Naturally, it's considered to be the best version there is.)
  • Hopping Mappy (June 2nd - The sequel to Mappy, which plays completely different. This time, you need to hop around on a pogo stick collecting treasures.)
  • Golden Axe (Much like Altered Beast, it's the original arcade version of the Mega Drive game. It's also considered to be superior.)

Keep in mind that Namco does not announce their arcade releases until the Friday before they come out - This means there'll probably be a few more games next month, not just 7.

So, this could mean Super Mario Kart is headed elsewhere soon as well - It's already OFLC rated, so it could pop up anytime. Hopefully we'll get the rest of Sega's arcade games too - Europe just got Space Harrier, so it seems likely.


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i want super mario kart whens it coming here i hope we dont have 2 wait 4 #350 or #400 if we keep having these 1 vc weeks it wont get here until 2012



Adamant said:

@Aquateen510: "Why does Japan ALWAYS get the good games on the VC first?"

Because they MAKE the games? Be happy you get any at all.



Adam said:

Welcome to Maaario Kart!
This has been my absolute most anticipated VC game since launch, excluding the unlikely Earthbound. Woohoo!



Damo said:

Gotta love a bit of coin-op Golden Axe. Shame I already have it on the 360 XBLA, and with online co-op too!



Will said:

Dont forget Altered Beast everyone, one of my personal favorites. I have the version on VC already, but I'll buy again if the arcade one is much differant. WISE FROM TEH GWAVE!!!



Adamant said:

"Tantei Jinguuji Saburo: Toki no Sugiyuku Mama ni (A detective game.)"

Oh, and I think a remake of this one is released in the US, actually, as one of the 6 cases on "Jake Hunter Detective Story: Memories of the Past".



Philip_J_Reed said:

In my mind, SMK is the second best game in the series. I wonder if it will hold up when I can actually play it again on VC.



SwerdMurd said:

arcade versions of genesis games...give us actual honest to god, takes-advantage-of-arcade-hardware arcade games please....or at least real beat-em-up series...



King_Elemento said:

Shouldn't the note by FF2 read "We probably won't be getting it any time soon"?
It'll probably come at some point, afterall.



Drake said:

No, we probably won't get it. There's no way Square's going to fully translate the game and release it on VC, and they won't release the game in Japanese for obvious reasons.



naut said:

Whoa! I didn't even know Japan HAD SSB on their VC. I'm jealous!
But also, I hope Super Mario Kart comes over here. That'd be awesome.



Rapadash6 said:

I had a feeling Japan would be getting this game this month. The question remains, though, will North Americans get this or Super Smash Bros. first? I'm betting this but we'll see.



Egg_miester said:

i love old sega arcade games heres hope for afterburner and outrun i wish nintendo would do a monthy list for other regains



Kelvin said:

I am so excited for Super Mario Kart. I hope we don't have to wait too long for it.
@Chicken Brutus, the SNES original used to be my favourite entry in the series, but Mario Kart Wii has just edged it out.



morphballer said:

That reminds me; we might actually see the second Golden Axe arcade game for the first time on a console.



Sean_Aaron said:

Well, I have Golden Axe for MD already and I find it to be a perfectly acceptable port so I'm not tempted by the VCA release; Altered Beast is another story!



Angelic_Lapras_King said:

Awesome, thanks for reconforming SMK Nintendo! =D

Sweet! Arcade Golden Awe! Can't wait to try that one.

As for Final Fantasy 2, I say everyone should buy FF1 to send a message to them that we want all 6 on VC.



Drake said:

@ Gabbo: They'd still have to edit the entire game. Not a single Japanese import game so far was actually translated (Sin & Punishment was planned for release in the US so the one on VC is actually the unreleased North American version) so it's not very likely they'll do it.



Don said:

Darn it! Why can't NOA tell us ahead of time what gets released?! I have to turn on my PC every Monday morning just to find out, and get disappointed about 80% of the time!



Drake said:

@ Clinker: That has to be wrong, it's not listed on Nintendo or Sega's Japanese sites. It also says they're getting Earthworm Jim 2 which is also wrong.



Pj1 said:

Maybe we're get Super Smash Bros and Mario Kart for Hanabi? Mario Kart is a fantastic game and I'm getting excited about this. Sadly we know how long these games take to come out but at least it's on it's way, I'd Love to see a release for Mario All Stars but that won't happen for ages. I don't want to get too excited but didn't we in Europe get Majora's Mask before it ended up in Japan? but then again Super Smash bros has been available for a long time, it will either take an announcement at E3 or it'll be part of Hanabi or some thing for the Summer. I'd be really surprised if we get Super Smash and Mario Kart at the same time it'll be one or the other... Can't wait though!!



Mr_M said:

Dude, if i get Nentendo points cards for my birthday, and Super Mario Kart comes out i time, i will get that game for my birthday,



KnucklesSonic8 said:

Yay, Hopping Mappy is coming. Hope it comes to NA as I'd gladly give it a try given how much I love playing Mappy on NMR.



Syrek said:

This is really pissing me off. Nintendo has treated Japan like their the favorite child, giving them a list of VC games in advance, while we are left in the dark with only an ESRB rating to give us hope of a games impending release to europe or America. There is no reason why they cannon do the same for us.

And what exactly is with this 3 VC, 3 WW downloads for Japan? Good grief, its like they think were incompotent and couldn't handle so many downloads for one day. Stop giving us DSi, with the exeption of last monday, and give us some more VC and premium WW titles. Learn how to market properly Nintendo!!!

Sorry, I just had to get that off my chest. It's been bugging me for sometime now and this massive amount of content plus a list just made me infuruated about how were being shafted.



KeeperBvK said:

"Only 3 VC platforms will be getting new games! The Nintendo 64, Master System, Mega Drive, Neo Geo and PC Engine all have to sit out this time."

So the MSX doesn't even get mentioned anymore?



Objection said:

If you guys really want FFII, just buy Dawn of Souls, the GBA 2 in 1 pack that had the first 2 games with upgraded graphics. Get that, because we will NEVER see FFII (FAMICOM) on VC outside of Japan.



Edwin said:

Remember there was an article on here a few weeks ago that quoted some other website as saying that we would get SMK in early to mid June? Perhaps they were right. I bet we will all get it in June. Majora's Mask came out in all regions except NA at the same time, and the only reason NA didn't get it was so they could wait for the 300th game. Now that we have 300, there's no reason to delay this one.



Drake said:

@ KeeperBvK: Honestly, I hardly even consider it a VC platform anymore, it got 2 games after being delayed for a year and hasn't had anything for another year since!



madgear said:

FINALLY! Some VC games to look forward to. I'll definately be picking up both Golden Axe and Mario Kart.



marktheshark said:

No new Neo Geo games this month?! Noooo!

I wanna get Fatal Fury Special, I don't care about that FFBA Vol.1, the rest of the games on there are all lame.

@ Adamant, 6

Why you gotta be so rude sometimes? You're sometimes too harsh on other people.



astarisborn94 said:

Syrek Post 32#: I can't believe that we never get some type of list here. I like surprises, but NOA likes to get our hypes up and ruin it. Isn't a list too much to ask for?

MegaMan3Dude Post 2#: Does it say that we're getting it in July? Where is the offical confirmation? Tell me or I will not believe it.



Jolted85 said:

Golden Axe and Super Mario Kart interest me, I don't care much about the others, I guess it's confirmed SMK gets released in other territories in the near future



KingMike said:

Nitpick, but there were actually three Famicom Wagyan Land games.
And I suppose FF2 wouldn't be IMPOSSIBLE to release, but I do agree that I wouldn't count on it.
(a development copy was leaked to the Internet years ago that was completely in un-polished English. Somewhere around Breath of Fire II grade, though maybe a bit lower)



Sean_Aaron said:

Well I played my MD version of Golden Axe on the Japanese Wii last night and I've reconsidered. It's a good port, but not that good in terms of audio and video detail so I'll definitely be getting the VCA release. Thankfully MD releases in Japan are only 600pt. so I'm not out that much.

If only they had announced VCA from the start!



RabidPikachu said:

I love the nintendo games. Especially Mario, Mappy, and Pikachu. I'm pretty fond of DS version of guitar hero as well.



WolfLink22 said:

With USA 1 VC Game a Week i don't see us getting Super Mario Kart for quite a while after August or after September at the most.

But if they do release SMK or SSB or both soon there will be a lot of happy Nintendo fans in USA and everywhere else too.



Ho11oWxxMaN said:

I sure hope MegaMan3Dude is right about it coming here in July. Still seems like a while to wait, but no we have Majora's Mask to tide us over.



carson said:

super mario kart is great. ill buy that for sure...but there are still so many great games that are just waiting to be released. Why does nintendo insist on keeping the best games from us



Noire said:

If this comes out soon, I'll probably get it. I have 800 points lying around for Earthbound, but that looks like it will never get released. Oh well. Super Mario Kart is a pretty sweet game.

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