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It's My Birthday: Casual Gaming Hits a New Low

Posted by Damien McFerran

It's my party and I'll cry if I want to

The 'casual gaming' debate is likely to flare up again with the confirmation that 2K Games is planning to release It's My Birthday for the Nintendo Wii in June of this year.

Best described as a 'Birthday party simulator', this title is being billed as a 'party in a box', with support for up to 12 different brats.

Now call us old fashioned, but surely the appeal of a party is that you actually interact with people, scoff cake until you're sick and get loads of expensive presents that will ultimately be broken/lost in less than a month, and as yet the Wii isn't capable of offering all of the above (although we're sure that Nintendo is working on that).

Here's the full press release, if you have the stomach for it:

It’s My Birthday gives savvy mums and dads a complete “Party-in-a-Box” to throw the best next-generation birthday party for their kids, including themed games, invitations, banners, colouring sheets and a birthday crown – blue for boys, pink for girls!

“Getting older is about to become a lot more fun!” said Steve Lux, vice president of business development for 2K Play. “With It’s My Birthday, we deliver the ultimate home birthday party experience – from new twists on classic games to customized themes. We’re excited to give kids the gift of great memories and offer parents meaningful value.”

Up to 12 party goers can join in the festivities as they whack, roll, splash, pop, scribble, climb, jump, and shimmy their way through more than 20 birthday games, including Pin The Tail On The Donkey, Sack Race, Musical Chairs and Cake Stacker. The birthday boy or girl can also choose from ten party theme rooms to set the scene for an unforgettable bash, from “Pirates,” complete with sword and treasure chest, to “Princess,” with a royal castle, a fancy crown and unicorn. When it’s time to break for cake, a lively rendition of the traditional “Happy Birthday” song will play for everyone to sing along in karaoke-style, with a virtual cake on screen.

It’s My Birthday was developed by 2K’s Cat Daddy Games studio, the creators of the highly successful Carnival Games franchise, which has sold over four million copies to date.

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Gosh, 2k is raising the bar when it comes to bad ideas.
Edit; First! Too bad nobody cares. Not even me, though I thought it was well worth mentioning.



The_Fox said:

God damn it Nintendo, couldn't you at least TRY to slow down the amount of games like this that hit the market? I mean, really....



Hardy83 said:

Wait, how the heck do you get 12 people to play?

I guess this would be a good idea for parents who can't afford all that crap, but as a substitute for a real birthday? ehhhh.



thewiirocks said:

This isn't "casual" this is "kids". If you're going to start lumping stuff like this into casual, you might as well complain about the XBox 360 and its support for Barbie Horse Adventures.

Now it may be insanely lame, but so is much of the kid-targeted shovelware ported to all three systems. My son has gotten into the Bakugan toys and is super-excited about an upcoming video game based on the concept. I don't have the heart to tell him that it will probably be the same sort of cheap cash-in that third party companies always create for game systems.

(As an aside, anyone remember back when Capcom rocked the house with their licensed Disney properties? We need to go back to that mentality. That was some really great stuff.)



WiiGuy said:

It's not my birthday, so I won't be getting this...

if fact....I wont buying it annyway >_>



Token_Girl said:

I should send this to my parents. It will make them appreciate all the seemingly useless crap I made them get for me.



SmaMan said:

Wow... just wow. So you'll pretty much just be able to use this software about once per year huh? Sounds worse than "Game Party"



wanderlustwarrior said:

they've already announced a sequel:

It's My Thursday!

It's My Thursday! gives neglectful mums and dads a complete “Day with the kids out of their hair” to throw the best next-generation weekday, including themed easier than doing it in real life – blue for boys, pink for girls, yellow for you haven't cared in years to check!

“Pay us for what you can do your damn self!” said Steve Lux, vice President of "A fool and his money are soon parted" for 2K Play. “With It’s My Thursday, we deliver the ultimate fifth day of the week experience – or fourth for a new twist on calenders. We’re excited to give kids the gift of thinking their parents want to spend time with them and offer parents help in holding on to their money.”

An average family of 4 goers can join in the festivities as they get in another minigame-fest buy this box, experience buyer's remorse, and get on with their own damn lives. The ankle-biters... i mean kids... can also choose from 52 weeks to set the scene for something they would've gone through anyway.

It’s My Thursday! was developed by 2K’s take 'em for all their worth Games studio, the creators of the existent It's My Birthday franchise, which will likely sell as many copies as their are Wii's.

...I'm sitting in a class that frustrates me, and trying to relieve some snark. If it's not funny, F it.



Richard said:

If your a young kid then I'm sure it may appeal - Gees its not worth reporting on



LinktotheFuture said:

Doesn't 2K make the PowerPros series? I really like PowerPros. Hopefully a new one is coming out for 2009.



Kriqxz said:

Umm... what's wrong with making games for young kids?
And why are so many hardcore gamers such snobs?



-TR said:

Looks it up

The irnoy is, it's actualy coming out ON MY BIRTHDAY.



Gabbo said:

"a lively rendition of the traditional “Happy Birthday” song will play for everyone to sing along"
Translation- A completely original, never before heard, non-copyrighted "Happy Birthday" song will play for the kids to scratch their heads at.



seanehawk said:

I feel sicker than i would have if i would have ate a whole cake, this is going to make Carnival Games look wonderful.



Terra said:

Wow, i never thought I'd see this. The market for absolute crap has just gone up by a few points.

I feel sorry for any kid who gets given this, and any adult who willingly buys this for themselves should be ashamed.



Richard said:

My daughter loves carnival games and truthfully play it more than anything - and I treasure the family fun we have all had playing it - I will be picking this one up for sure .



Knux said:

Everybody must go to my topic about stopping It's My Birthday from being released and sign an online pention now! The topic is at the Wii section of the forum.



Wiiloveit said:

Well, that's my party sorted. Helluva lot cheaper than a clown and a bouncy castle - and I can get it out every year! Genius!



Kid_A said:

Why are people getting freaked out about this? If you don't like the game (and if you do, what the hell is wrong with you?) then don't bother with it. I don't think one birthday party simulator is going to ruin the gaming industry, or the Wii for that matter.



Objection said:

My idea for a game is even better: "Wii Power On Simulator" It has the player go through the motion of turning a Wii on...through a Wii game. That's right, simulating something in the game that you had to do IRL to turn the game on! I expect it will sell millions. Available June 2009 for Wii and PsOne.



Gizmo said:

It is really a shame to see some complaining posts here about a game which nobody played...

And the news is also not very professional...



Corbs said:

The simple fact is this title will likely find an audience. Every Wii owner is not a Zelda or Super Mario freak. Besides, who knows, it might turn out to be cool.



Aenaida said:

"We’re excited to give kids the gift of great memories...”

Stopped reading there.



JTC-Pingas said:

Nintendo STOP with the shovelware. It's NOT just little kids that play on the Wii. You need to think about the teenagers and young adults too.



AlexSays said:

Nintendo STOP with the shovelware.

Yeah two things.
1.) This game isn't made by Nintendo.
2.) This game isn't shovelware.



Mr_M said:

Ugh, this game is a bad idea. There is enoguh casual games for the Wii, i'd like some "more hardcore action".



Ricardo91 said:

Exactly HOW socially inept are your kids to drive them to play a birthday party sim instead of throwing a real birthday party?



shogunhitokiri said:

The only reason this is getting any publicity is because of the stigma of the Wii that is "casual" gamers. If this came out on PS3 or 360 we would not be seeing any news on it and I bet I could dig up some crap on those systems as well but no one likes to talk about "hardcore" shovelware. Core gamers are getting No More Heroes 2, The Conduit, Muramasa: Demon Blade, and Silent Hill: Shattered Memories. Core gamers will probably still complain about those games though.



StarDust4Ever said:

So if you eat too much cake in this game, do you also get to experience the joy of hurling into the waste can? I can't imagine 12 kids gathering around the TV letting the Wii host their party for them. Not to mention that you'd play this game for one day and then no longer have any use for it.

I think a frat party simulator, complete with girls and a beer keg would be a lot more entertaining - then again, maybe that's just because I'm still in college



wanderlustwarrior said:

I just realized how existential the game's cover is - apparently you play this game at birthday parties, and on the cover of a game about birthday parties is a birthday party, playing a game about birthday parties.

Also, I like how the tag for "casual" was created only for this article.



armoredghor said:

I guess this is a good game if you have no friends on your birthday and wanna feel like you do by playing as yourself and eleven other characters.



komicturtle said:

Wow, a year old. But I've seen much worse. "Redneck Party Games" by DataDesign. Look that S**T up...

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