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Infinite Space Gameplay Trailer

Posted by Christopher Clark

Sega shows off some battle footage from its upcoming space-sim/RPG.

Just weeks away from release in Japan, Sega has finally released some combat footage from the upcoming DS space opera Infinite Space (known as Infinite Line in Japan).

The top screen displays the action via a cinematic battle camera, with the touch screen used to give commands and display the inside of the player's cockpit. Epic, innit?

Check it out below:

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Kudos to the developers for rendering 3D graphics on both screens, a feat long thought impossible by many programmers. Sega of Japan has been on a roll over the last several months when it comes to DS RPG's and Infinite Space may very well be the most impressive one yet.

Co-developed by PlatinumGames (MadWorld, Bayonetta) and Nude Maker (Steel Battalion), Infinite Space allows you to craft and customise your own spaceship from over 150 different blueprints and hundreds of different crew members. Exploration, trading and battles all take place in real-time within a fully-rendered 3D galaxy, with 2D stills and character portraits during story scenes. With a single-player story based on the writings of legendary sci-fi author Arthur C. Clarke (2001: A Space Odyssey) and local wireless multiplayer for two people, Infinite Space looks to be a sure-fire hit with sci-fi dorks and budding strategists alike.

Infinite Space comes out on June 11 in Japan. An international release has been confirmed but a release date for NA/EU territories has yet to be announced. Expect full coverage on Infinite Space here at NintendoLife as more info comes to hand.


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i8cookie said:

sorry, i may be a bit behind, can you play DSi games on the DS? Are there going to be many DSi only games?



Corbs said:

The only DSi games you can't play on a regular DS or DS Lite system are the DSiWare titles due to the fact that they must be downloaded via the DSiWare service, which is only available currently on the DSi system.



Moai_Head said:

@lilcookie - I'm not sure what relevance your question has to the article, haha. Anyway...

There'll be "DSi-enhanced" games that will work on a regular DS but offer extra features and content when played on a DSi. Eventually there will be games that work only on the DSi, but that's a long way off.

The only games that actually make use of the DSi's enhanced hardware at this time (aside from DSiWare games as Corbie mentioned) are some Ubisoft cookbooks and health guides and whatnot, so nothing essential.



i8cookie said:

thanks, that helped muchly! i know it has no bearing on this game in particular, but it's just a question i've been wondering for a while. seeing i have a dslite and will probably not get a dsi unless something absolutely unmissable is released on it.



maka said:

Nice! This looks like a must buy for fans of Elite and Frontier! although combat doesn't appear to be a simulation...



aaronsullivan said:

3D rendering on both screens of the DS has been happening for years. Might want to strike that one line in the article.

Game definitely looks intriguing.



Zenman said:

Oh mi! i've always loved space sims but with customization, it will be like Armored core in space!

  • adds to must buy list *


Pegasus said:

I've been looking forward to this game ever since it was first announced by Platinum Games. I just hope it won't take too long to localize, although it does seem there's quite a bit of text to translate in this title.



WolfRamHeart said:

Finally a trailer that shows actual gameplay! This game looks so sweet! I cannot wait! Thank you Platinum Games and Sega!!!

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