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High Voltage Unveils Gladiator A.D.

Posted by Jon Wahlgren

Ultraviolent fighting game takes a cue or two from the movie 300.

Remember that new "hardcore" title that IGN teased a while ago? You know, the one with all the blood and the mystery fuzzy image. Well, cat's out of the bag now, as it turns out it was one of High Voltage's new IPs set for an E3 reveal.

Gladiator A.D. is a one-on-one (mostly) arena fighter inspired by the movie adaptation of Frank Miller's 300. Taking place in ancient Rome, you slice and dice your way up the gladiatorial circuit, apparently with the occasional tiger and other stuff that'll kill you thrown in, fighting for glory and freedom. Very bloody freedom.

HV promise to achieve an even higher level of graphical fidelity for this game than what's already in the impressive-looking The Conduit, in part because of fewer characters on screen and not so much free-roaming; it is an arena after all. High levels of customization are hinted, although not much regarding what that customization may exactly be other than a vague "controls" nod. Oh, and there's two-player splitscreen multiplayer, with online currently TBA.

IGN: Is Gladiator a straight-up 3D fighter? What are the gameplay mechanics?

David Pellas, design director: Gladiator A.D. is not a traditional 3D fighting game. It's more of a hybrid between 3D Fighting games like Bushido Blade and Boxing games like Fight Night. The action is intense, but the combat is strategic. You need to learn your opponent's weaknesses and think through your attack patterns to succeed. There is no button-mashing here.

Kerry J. Ganofsky, High Voltage CEO/founder: Our goal is to make the controls intuitive while providing depth to the game mechanics. Customizable weapons, armor and moves give the player a lot of choices of the arsenal to bring into battle. There are quicker, lighter moves that are difficult to block or dodge and slower, heavier moves that will do more damage. A well-timed parry will briefly stun your opponent. There are brutality moves that the player can earn by increasing crowd favor, which plays a big role in a player's victory or defeat.

Eric Nofsigner, chief creative officer: Gladiator takes an over-the-should approach to bring the player right into the action. With the Wii-remotes representing the right and left hand, the player can accurately control his attacks, blocks, and dodges. The player has three directional attack; left slice, right slash, and overhead chop. As well as a slower, but devastating power attack for each direction. On the defense, the player can choose to dodge, parry, or block attacks. Holding block will soak a percentage of the incoming damage, but moving your shield or secondary weapon using the analog stick (while blocking) will allow the player to make perfect blocks, which soaks all damage, and causes his opponent to react, allowing for a retaliatory strike. We incorporate slow down of the larger power attacks, similar to the movie 300, to allow players a cinematic attempt to perfect block these attacks.

The game is slated for a bloody Q1 2010 release and promises to utilize Wii Motion+. Stab your way over to IGN for the full interview, and keep your peepers pointed at E3 for more info on Gladiator A.D.


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UVERoo said:

Underwhelmed to say the least.....
Will wait for trailer but not excited right now. I like HVS as a developer an their attitude but not a fan of FPS and this game doesnt sound like its for me right now. Especially the whole gladiator thing..



Objection said:

Violence does not equal hardcore. Or quality...but I'll reserve judgment until its release. And how is it an E3 reveal if they have an interview with IGN several weeks in advance?



Corbs said:

Forget everything else. Just bring Animales de la Muerte.



edofthe209 said:

Stoked!!! Back when the Wii first came out I was dreaming of an intuitive gladitorial combat game. I think I've tried just about every gladiator type game out there and, as fun as some may have been, have been lacking in really being immersive. I am really looking forward to what comes out of this, especially from High Voltage.



Objection said:

@Corbie-Agreed! Where is that title?! I don't even care if it becomes a retail disc just let me piss off PETA kill animals with machine guns and chainsaws!



Pegasus said:

It does sound interesting. More so than The Conduit, actually. I also would love to see Animales de La Muerte come back to life.



Corbs said:

I'm afraid Animales has just dropped out of site completely. There has been rumor it's gone to retail, but we haven't heard another peep about the game in months. Nada.



WolfRamHeart said:

This sounds interesting but a 2010 release date? That is way too far off for me to get excited just yet.



TwilightV said:

I agree with Corbie. Also, where's the actual pic of this game? It looks better than the fake one seen above...



calculon said:

I wonder if Maria Whittaker make a cameo appearance? Oh those solid colour bikini top censorship memories....



MickEiA said:

As long as it has Wi fi if it doesn't not interested I may get it though if it focuses on single player not multiplayer



Shiryu said:

I've read the 4 pages at IGN and I must say... I miss playing "Spartan: Total Warrior" on my GameCube and this will fill that void quite beautifully!



MickEiA said:

seem as i can't post news articles
Sexy Poker folds in Australia
AEST WiiWare strip poker game banned down under for reward-based nudity.

Australia's tough classification regime for games has struck again, although this time the victim isn't as high profile as last year's big name casualties (such as Fallout 3 or F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin). Sexy Poker--an upcoming WiiWare title developed by Gameloft--has been refused classification by the Board, effectively banning the strip poker game from sale down under.

As its title implies, Sexy Poker pits a player against six different female opponents who wear stereotypical costumes such as nurses outfits, sports uniforms, police clothing, and business wear. According to the Board, the game was refused classification because nudity was used as an incentive--in this case, winning a game of poker.

"In the Board’s view Sexy Poker offers depictions of nudity as an incentive or reward to interactive game play. In the Board’s view, the general rule in the Guidelines for the Classification of Films and Computer Games prohibiting depictions of nudity as an incentive or reward, applies to the game play described above, as the player is shown increasingly detailed amounts of nudity following successful game-play," the statement said.

"In the view of the Board, the impact of the game exceeds strong as except in material restricted to adults, nudity and sexual activity must not be related to incentives or rewards. As such the game cannot be accommodated in a MA15+ classification." With no R18+ rating for games in Australia, the highest classification level for a game is MA15+.

With Sexy Poker, 2009 has now seen two games banned in Australia, although Necrovision--which was banned in April--has since been reclassified as M rated after the developer made changes to the game.



Adam said:

I look forward to Sexy Poker more than this Gladiator game. That screen shot looks awful, and 3D fighting games are never good.



TwilightV said:

There's a finishing move that let's you jump and smash down on your opponents unmentionables. EPIC WIN



Kid_A said:

Not a terribly big fan of 300. In fact I hate it. And I'm not too big on fighting games that aren't Street Fighter or Smash Bros., either.

I like HV, and I'm getting the Conduit for sure. I'm just not sure this whole Gladiator thing is my cup of tea.



AVahne said:

might be pretty cool,but i think I'll save my money for the Conduit and Tatsunoko VS Capcom instead



Ricardo91 said:

I'm not impressed by the screenshot, and I don't care for fighters, so there will be no dining in hell for me.

@Corbie. Agreed, my brotha! When is that game ever coming out?

"3D fighting games are never good"

Have you played Soul Caliber?



Ian_Daemon said:

Please deliver...HVS. Hot Rod Show, Gyrostarr, and V.I.P. Casino: Blackjack were of questionable quality. Hopefully, The Conduit will be awesome; I have doubts.

Soulcalibur on the Dreamcast was awesome!



valleyoftheunos said:

I give this a big meh... Clearly thats an early shot and the visuals will be amped up and polished but the whole premise does not enthral me and the promise of gore and "mature content" does not entice me. What ever the big stories they claim to have its all just going to be cut scenes between repeated bouts of 3D one on one fights, pass.

Animales de la Muertes on the other hand, that looks like fun.



Popyman said:

Meh, I'm not interested. I am, however, interested in their Astro Boy game. For me, if I was going to touch the Astro Boy franchise, it would mean that I believe that I could out do Treasure's Astro Boy game. This is High Voltage's one chance to proove themselves to me.



IAmNotWill said:

People are complaining that there arent many 'hardcore' exclusives games for Wii. And half the comments here are BS. What is up with that? Wait for a trailer or Gameplay videos, Then post what you think. Mortal Kombat fans should enjoy this.



HEMIII said:

This game looks like my cup er cranium of brains. As for Australia banning Strip Poker I think there should be more nudity in games. You can have all these games with violence but you can't see a nude human body?!? That's just retarded in my mind. You were born naked not with a freakin' gun in your hand. Come on censors use your grey matter.



pixelman said:

@Ian Daemon: No, the screenshot on the news is not a real screenshot, just someone's interpretation of the blurred out pic that Matt Cassamassina posted. The link you posted is the real one.



wanderlustwarrior said:

Something tells me they've been working on this for a while. Proof, you ask? ( the tech demo for the Quantum3 Engine, released before any of the The Conduit videos. I really need to learn to make the links in the text. But for now, I'm lazy.

Also, I'm a fan of 3D fighters, so I hope this game makes me care. Not yet though, gladiators really don't do it for me.

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