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Gun-shaped Wiimote Announced

Posted by Jon Wahlgren

Soon you can play all your games gangsta-style

Peripherals! Between the Wii Wheel, Balance Board, Perfect Shot and those useless plastic bits you snap onto the Wiimote to make playing Wii Sports even more embarrassing in front of a crowd, Nintendo's casual-friendly console can't seem to get enough.

For those big into lightgun games and that arcade feeling, or if you want to pretend to shoot Pikmin in the face, Penguin United may have an interesting item to consider. The peripheral maker has announced it will be launching its CrossFire remote pistol at E3, which handily integrates pointer functionality into a gun-shaped controller. The buttons'll be repositioned for ease of use, and even works as a regular Wiimote for non-pointer games.

“The CrossFire pistol will change the way shooting games are enjoyed on the Wii platform,” promised Penguin United president Richard Huang. “Previous gun designs are bulky and just don’t work very well. The CrossFire will offer gamers all the benefits of the normal Wii remote as well as providing a true 'gun' experience."

Let's hope the "true gun experience" doesn't end in four-hour stand-offs and bean bags to the chest.

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Objection said:

I like shooting things. My copy of RE:UC and my imaginary copy of its sequel are begging me to get one of these.



Kawaiipikachu said:

Nope im not wasting money on this .
I just rather hold on to my condom-less Wii Remote here than buy this silly thing .
Its almost as bad as the DSi



Cryo said:

I will take the largest and most expensive one you got plz



Smoke39 said:

I love rail shooters. I'm up for another gun if it's actually a meaningful improvement over the perfect shot.



GN0LAUM said:

Why spend money on these peripherals when you could go out and get Klonoa for $30 or some WiiWare games for $10?




Errrr, well I have the official nintendo wii zapper, a "wii handgun" that came with Cocoto Magic Circus AND the nerf n-strike (EX-3 I think) peripheral which doubles well as a foam dart shooter and a wiimote peripheral! How many more do I need man?! They all operate very well for me as well. Still, this is all funny, lol



Wiiloveit said:

Yes, please. Well, only if it's not got a hunking great price tag. Then it would be a bit of a waste of money, IMO.



Terra said:

Depends on the price. I don't have that much money as it is and i have a feeling that this could be pricey.



The_Fox said:

Not interested. And this is coming from a person whom has a large collection of real world guns. (Don't worry, I'm not a super intense gun nut, it's just mostly for target shooting.)



Viral said:

The shotgun is the only one worth getting. The Handcannon from House of the Dead Overkill just sucks. I only own the Nyko Perfect Shot which is sexy.



Modern_Legend said:

WOOOOOW WE GOT WII GUNS!!! TOO BAD WE DONT HAVE ALOT OF DECENT WII FPS'S!!!! maybe with this we can get more :P:P

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