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Ghostwire Coming To DSiWare

Posted by Corbie Dillard

Swedish game studio bringing ghost hunting adventure to DSiWare.

Already an award-winning title on mobile devices, Ghostwire brings the ghost hunting adventure to your very own surroundings in a very wild, and unique DSi adventure title.

Using the DSi touchscreen, you can scan around your surroundings in search of ghosts. Only when you locate these phantom spirits can you find out why they're haunting our realm and help them find peace.

The Swedish games studio A Different Game today announced that they have begun development of the augmented reality game "Ghostwire" for the new Nintendo DSi platform. Using the DSi's built-in cameras, the game allows you to find and hunt ghosts seen through the camera lens and projected onto the real world.

Ghostwire is a collection- and adventure game, where you use your handheld device to communicate with ghosts. Your portable device is used as a portal to the astral plane, and helps you find and collect ghosts that exist all around you. In your quest you use real tools, such as the built-in camera and microphone, as well as abstract ones like a "frequency modulator" for tuning in ghosts. Once you find the spirits, you document them and find out why they haunt our world. They can also give you riddles to solve. Ultimately, you can help them to find peace.

"The Nintendo DSi platform is perfect for this game" says Anders Bergman, lead game designer of Ghostwire. "This allows us to enhance the integrated real-world experience with the combination of camera, microphone and touch screen."

Ghostwire received a lot of attention last year, when it won 1st prize in Nokia's N-Gage Mobile Games Innovation Challenge 2008, and was later nominated in two categories in the International Mobile Gaming Awards (IMGA) 2009. Since then, the game has been in development by A Different Game for various smartphones and handheld devices.

You can take a look at the graphic below that illustrates how the game incorporates your surroundings into the adventure itself.

We'll have more information on Ghostwire as it becomes available, as well as a full review when the game is released on the DSiWare service.



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User Comments (27)



Dazza said:

This sounds like quite a novel idea. Perfect for DSiWare really. I expect it is quite scary seeing the fiendish apparitions in your very own room!



bboy2970 said:

Finally some true innovation with the DSi Camera. Hope it all goes well. I'm keeping my eye on this one!



warioswoods said:

A very good idea for the platform, and hopefully the entire package will live up to the clever concept. In that main screenshot, by the way, I wonder if the picture of the player in the corner is actually live as it appears to be, rather than a mere snapshot? If so, that would mean that it is technically possible for both the cameras on the DSi to be active at once, which has never been shown before as far as I know. But it might just be a still image.



Megumi said:

Wonder if we'll be able to battle with ghosts, you Pokemon. XD



Popyman said:

Awesome, it'll be the perfect game to play during commerical breaks while watching Ghost Hunters =P



jeanniepep said:

Very interested to see how it looks when it gets released, and what the buzz is after more people get to play it...sure looks cool right now!



Objection said:

Sounds order to be good, it'll probably depend on how interactive the ghostly encounters actually are.



Sabrewing said:

This isn't actually as unique as it sounds. Fatal Frame/(Project) Zero did it first in Japan, with the cellphone game Real: Another Edition.



XD375 said:

Whoa whoa whoa. That looks cool! I was going to buy it merely because the developers knew what the Astral plane was, but the screenshot sold me.



Hardy83 said:

I wonder if it'll work in the dark. If it does. Oh boy I'm gonna get my girlfriend to play this! lol




This sounds pretty fun. Almost like a videogame adventure taking place in the most mysterious and unvisited level, YOUR ROOM!!!



WolfRamHeart said:

This game looks really cool! I hope in the near future we will be seeing a lot more innovative games like this one for the DSi!



saitho said:

I want to talk to ghosts! xD
I think it will costs 500 or 800 points...



JustYourAverageBleh said:

this is gonna be EPIC. im waiting for this game..
maybe nintendo will release an app that scans trough your bones with the camera..but its fake:)



Roopa132 said:

I'm so looking forwaed to this game. DSiWare is getting some pretty good games at the moment



Crazed said:

This is the first game that has made me regret not getting a DSi. For all the other games, I could just say "I'd rather get this game," or "This game looks a lot like that game", but I can only compare Ghost Wire to Fatal Frame, except much cooler and portable. If I get a DSi, this will be the first game I'll download, hands down!



astarisborn94 said:

DSiWare game with actually DSi Camara function? Sweet! It's a new game and looks good, so it's in my bag for sure. Remember that ghost stage in Super Mari 64? It would be nice if they let us look for Boos.



geek-master said:

this is just computer generated ghosts and not real devil spirits its finding if they were real devil spirits that i was looking at on my DSi it would scare the poop out of me! mom grab that bible! lol



Raptor78 said:

Watched the newest trailer of this and its intersting how it uses both Cameras at the same time. lol
The woman was hunting for the ghost and it appeared behind her. Funny to watch but I bet i'd poop myself if I was playing it. lol



Classclown said:

This does look it will be a awesome game, but the only drawback is that it doesn't have multiplayer.

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