First Pokémon Heart Gold & Soul Silver footage appears

Japanese television show debuts in-game footage of the upcoming DS remakes.

Viewers of the Japanese television show Pokémon Sunday were greeted with a welcome surprise yesterday - new, exclusive in-game video of the recently-announced Pokémon games, Heart Gold and Soul Silver!

Along with the announcement that the games were in development and due for a fall release, the audience was also treated to a small clip from the game, featuring a trainer walking around in curcles in a re-imagined New Bark Town, with starter Pokémon Chikorita following behind.

Take a look for yourselves:

Hardly the most exciting footage ever broadcast, but hey, at least the re-arranged music is kinda neat.

Stay tuned to Nintendo Life for more coverage on all gold, silver, (red) steel and, of course, all things Nintendo!


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