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First Look - Pop Plus: Solo

Posted by Corbie Dillard

We finally get to see the upcoming DSiWare title in action

The original Pop WiiWare release was quite an entertaining little game that featured a very simple, yet addictive game play experience. With the introduction of Pop Plus: Solo on the DSiWare service, Nnooo hopes to capture lightning in a bottle for the second time.

Pop Plus: Solo will still include all the fun modes of play from the WiiWare and iPhone versions, but it will also include two brand new modes, Adventure and Challenges as well as two new bonus rounds and many new badges to collect.

Adventure Mode takes the existing bubble bursting game play and adds in boss battles, a first for the series. As the player progresses through the game, these bosses will make themselves known and make life more difficult for the player.

Challenge Mode will allow players to make up their own custom challenges. Want to see if you can beat 'Wave 5' in two minutes flat? Or try to pop 5,000 bubbles on 'Wave 7' in less than 60 seconds? It's up to you to create the customized challenge and see if you can beat it.

We just received a brand new game play video showing the upcoming DSiWare release in action for the first time. You can check it out below for a taste of what you can expect from the game when it hits the DSiWare service.

For even more info on this upcoming game, why not read the interview we did with Nnooo last month too?

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We'll have more information on Pop Plus: Solo as it becomes available, as well as a full review when the game is released.

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Terra said:

I may pick up this version. I wasn't interested in the WiiWare version but i reckon i could do a lot worse for 500 points and the controls seem more natural here than those for the WiiWare. Plus, this is the sort of game my Sister would play, so i could get her to stop pestering me



Corbs said:

The added boss fights sold me on this version, so I'll definitely be picking this one up on release day, whether I have to review it or not.



Kenji510 said:

Thats so cool and i cant wait till it comes out maybe on May 4th or sometime this month or June?



Dazza said:

I really enjoyed the WiiWare original when it came out on launch, but I had to sit closely to the TV to ensure accuracy when trying to pop the smaller balloons when things speeded up... for this reason the DSiWare version will probably be even better. Jabbing balloons with the stylus will be so much more accurate.



Kokstra said:

Looks just like the WiiWare version, but with the stylus it must be much easier to burst bubbles than with the aiming of the Wii remote. Anyway, looking forward to it!



Objection said:

Looks decent. It's not a game I would get if I had a DSi but at least its an actual game and not some priced demo like we've recently been getting.



Charlie_The_Unicorn said:

If it can be played on the DSi right now, it's definetly complete.
We're probably getting this on Monday!
I just hope I'll have enough leftover points to get Mighty Flip Champs.



Crazed said:

Looks alot better on the DS than on the Wii, but I'm never got interested in the first version, so I'll pass.



Bahamut_ZERO said:

@Corbie: New avatar. Sweet. New and different while still staying same ol' Corbie.

As for the game, highly anticipated. Looks like great Pick Up & Play, but I'll have to wait for Corbie's 7/10 - I MEAN REVIEW!



FroguinZX said:

I'm on Wii right now. It SOUNDS good but the linked video has FRED!!!! What the hell?! Why is Fred on here?!



Firkraag said:

I'm getting this, i never really got into it on the wii, but DS seems like a great platform for it. Nice time-waster if you ever need one.



Nnooo said:

Hey guys. Thanks for the kind words!!

We are working hard on getting this to you asap. I think it is probably at least a couple more weeks away as we are just entering Alpha stage. That means we have some bugs to squash and a couple of features to polish. The boss battles (and adventure mode in general) are looking really great too. We hope you think it will be with the wait.

As always we'll keep the great guys here at Nintendo Life up to speed with our progress.




Pegasus said:

It bored me to death on WiiWare, so I don't expect this to be any different. No, thanks. I'll pass.



metakirbyknight said:

And now I hate myself for getting Dr. Mario Express and Art Style: Aquia with my free points. I now will upload points so I can get this at 3:00 (the time I get home to my Wi-Fi connection) when I get home.




@Nnooo - I'd like to echo that. Keep up the fine work. The WiiWare title is one of my favourite wiiware titles. I hope this one is even better.

Hope to see this in the EU soon please!



mastersworddude said:

When does the free 1000 Nintendo points end? i want to buy the DSi and i want to buy this with the free points.



StarDust4Ever said:

It looks really awesome! I'm definitely getting this when it comes out, just like I downloaded it when Wiiware launched, yay!!! Pop the bubbles

@Nnooo: One thing to keep in mind is that with two screens, when the level is scrolling sideways, many of the bubbles that show up on the top screen are totally inaccessible. In one of the shots in the video, I saw a lot of "Nuke" powerups pass by on the top screen that couldn't be used. I think that this may unfairly tease/distract the gamer from popping bubbles. Also in a bit of a twist, when the bubbles are scrolling down, the player can see what's coming on the top screen, but when scrolling up he/she can't.



Crunc said:

I'm not sure I get the appeal of this game. You just tap bubbles as fast as you can while avoiding bad ones? That seems like it would have only limited appeal. I certainly got bored watching the video of it. Maybe there is more to this then I realize?

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