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Fan-made Mother 3 Guide is All Kinds of Awesome

Posted by Damien McFerran

The English guide for the English version that never was

Nintendo's Mother series might not be all that well known here in the West, but the name Earthbound certainly is.

You see, Earthbound is actually the English-language version of the Japanese Super Famicom game Mother 2: Gyiyg no Gyakushū. Its sequel - which took 11 years to produce and was published in 2006 on the GBA - was never released in the West, but that hasn't stopped a group of hardcore fans from producing a Mother 3 Guide.

The guide is shipping now and we've heard reports that it's quite literally stunning, with production values that put Prima's or BradyGames's output to shame.

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If you're interested then you can pick up a copy for $20 from


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Corbs said:

That thing looks sweet! In fact, I just went and ordered one. BAM!



SwerdMurd said:

I haven't yet regained bodily function since the stab-in-the-heart that was Nintendo not localizing this game.

Fingers quad-crossed for some outside chance of a DSi Virtual Console release...



Big_A2 said:

Gosh, you guys are slow. This news has been around since October of last year, and the book was released last month.



Adam said:

Earthbound fans are lucky the Fangamer / Starmen guys exist. They really love the game, and it shows in stuff like this.



Mr_Saturn said:

you've "heard reports"?? You mean nobody at NintendoLife is a big enough EarthBound fan to have preordered this while the fan translation was in full swing? I think my EarthBound needs may be misrepresented around here



Objection said:

Very nice production values! I haven't yet got into my Mother 3 rom...didn't get hooked and then other games distracted me.



Dezner said:

My friend has a copy of this book, and when I thumbed through the pages, it made me want to order my own copy!

Everyone, buy it!



King_Elemento said:

Nintendo, this is just even MORE proof there is a FANBASE for your product. There is a MARKET.

So why haven't they only released 1 of the 3 games in North America, and none of them in Europe? They have the perfect chance with the Virtual Console, and whatever the DSi equivalent will be.



Ricardo91 said:

A little late, aren't we? Anyway, this article reminds me: I still need to import Mother 3!!

It's pretty sad that Earthbound/Mother fans are this dedicated to this series, and Nintendo still refuses to throw them a bone. Tsk tsk...



Stuffgamer1 said:

This article doesn't even mention that the handbook is meant to be used with the Mother 3 Fan Translation. Heck, it doesn't even admit that there IS a fan translation!

Anyway, I preordered the guide and got it two months ago. It really is a great guide, and I'd recommend EVERYBODY who plays the fan translation should buy a copy!



Corbs said:

I guess Damo figured if you're familiar enough with Mother 3 to know what it actually is, then you probably know about the fan translation as well.

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