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EU Club Nintendo Gets Giratina DS Lite

Posted by Jon Wahlgren

Further proof that the US offers the worst gifts.

Club Nintendo in the US has been the last one to really get off the ground. Launched last December, it has a couple DS cases, some Hanafuda cards and a DS compilation of Game & Watch games. They're not terrible, per se, but certainly no Zelda statue or Mario Galaxy kite that you Europeans have been enjoying. Not to even mention Japan's cool special edition classic controllers shaped like SNES pads, although I suppose I just did.

Chalk up another Euro win, because today Nintendo added a special edition DS Lite featuring a Giratina Origin Form emblazoned on the cover to their club. It's 30,000 stars, which is a lot of space bucks, but still, I don't see the US getting one of these any time soon.

Come on, NoA! Love us too!


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Corbs said:

Anyone that can acquire 30,000 stars deserves this thing. I could barely stand doing the surveys long enough to get the Game & Watch DS title.



King_Elemento said:

I just want to see Tingle's Balloon Fight released internationally. Preferably retail, but via Club Nintendo is just as good, because then it'll appear on eBay.



Stuffgamer1 said:

A DS Lite. BOOOOO! If it can't even be a DSi, I don't see the point. I'm not jealous of THAT thing!

@King Elemento: I want it in English too, but I very much doubt it'll happen any way about it. You can get a copy in Japanese on eBay, though. I paid $25 for mine, including shipping.



TheBaconator said:

Now I'm getting nervous if this comes out because if I didn't get anything I would have 2000+ coins. If this comes in the US I would be pissed. I'm hoping the Platinum free gift is good.



Slapshot said:

Im with you Chicken Brutus.... I want a Zelda Statue, that sounds awesome. The surveys do take a long time to fill out. Took me nearly 2 hours to complete enough to get my Game and Watch Ds game.



mattnd2007 said:

Are we ever gonna get cool stuff in the US? I know our service is the newest, but still. If anything we should at least get the same stuff as elsewhere. Right now i don't know what i would spend my coins on, none of them seem too awesome really.



Cheezy said:

Just goes to show that NOA doesn't only hate us on those weekly Monday releases, but they basically screw us over on everything, sort of, not EXACTLY, but they don't give us as much love as say NOJ or NOE.



FroguinZX said:

Well, NoE gets screwed a lot to begin with, so they deserve at least this. But I must say, this is hot.



King_Elemento said:

If you're willing to spend 15,000 stars, then get the Zelda statue by all means, because that's how much it costs.
I'd love it, but I'm not spending so much on Nintendo merchandise to get it.



Stuffgamer1 said:

And how much is 15,000 stars in Coins? I have no point of reference for the costs of these European rewards...



AVahne said:

NoA never gets anything good.i want the hanafuda cards but thats just about it



Objection said:

This really shows how lame the NOA Club prizes are. The only cool ones (IMHO) are the DS card holders, of which I have the NES Mario variation. Hope they add some better ones soon, along with providing some nice Gold/Platnum gifts.



Alexei123 said:

Another!! Club Nintendo Europe has pages of stuff!
I just signed up to Nintendo Club Australia and I thought "oo girantina ds yay" but, I have 500 points and it says that I have until the end of may to use them, 3 days hahaha! So I looked through the catalogue and there's nothing there for 500 points everything is over 1000 and they're all silly. In the european one there's heaps of stuff! My favourite of all Wii Points!! haha 'sigh' oh well....
Because Australia is part of the PAL region could I sign up to European Club Nintendo?



WolfRamHeart said:

I hate those surveys too! Funny story; I registered a bunch of games on Club NIntendo but I wasn't getting any coins. I later found out that the Opera Browser on my Wii isn't compatible with the site so all the surveys that I took didn't count. I had to take them again on my computer. Ugh, what a pain!



Wiiloveit said:

Further proof that the US offers the worst gifts.
And that Europe gets the worst prices.
To get this handheld, you will need to spend a LOT of money. Here's how the points system works...

Registration hardware: Wii console = 1000 Stars, Nintendo DS = 500 Stars
Registration software: Price < £ 19 (€ 29) = 100 Stars, Price £ 19-33 (€ 29-49) = 200 Stars, Price > £ 33 (€ 49) = 250 Stars (Recommended retail price)

Now, a full priced game at £35 / £40 (because no games cost £33) will get you 250 stars. That means that you need to purchase 120 full priced games, equivalent to spending £4200-£4800 ($7647.84 USD).

To many of you, that may seem fair, since you are getting a mega snazzy DS lite - but when you consider that there aren't even anywhere near that many Wii games that will can be registered on the Club Nintendo 'site, you'll have to get LOTS of Nintendo games from the Wii and DS, as well as LOTS of games from the Wii Shop Channel (not forgetting the amount of surveys you have to fill out in total). I mean, come on - its ridiculous!

£2400 for a Zelda statue? I think not! You might as well spend the £220 this guy is selling it for on ebay.

Everything on the store is overpriced, with customers having to buy sixteen full priced Wii games to even get a free 1000 Nintendo Points card. For shame, Nintendo.



MickEiA said:

@Every complainning NA person

Your full price games are $50 our full price games are $100 the exchange rate is 70 US cents to $1 of australian and your complaining



nagareboshi said:

Exactly. The prices are ridiculous and I don't really care much about my stars anymore. The worst thing is that they even have a expiration date. I don't remember when that happened but about two years ago about 6000 stars just got deleted by Nintendo because I didn't use them. So how on earth am I supposed to collect so many stars to afford something "special" from the Club Nintendo store without constantly buying new games and throw my money into their faces?



GamerZack87 said:

mattnd2007 wrote: Are we ever gonna get cool stuff in the US? I know our service is the newest, but still.

Technically, the Australian Club Nintendo is the newest (since the site itself only opened this year), and we have less neat stuff than you do. I know for one thing that I wouldn't mind my own set of Hanafuda!



KeeperBvK said:

"They're not terrible, per se, but certainly no Zelda statue or Mario Galaxy kite that you Europeans have been enjoying."

Don't tell me you honestly would want the poopy MG kite...especially when you can have Hanafuda cards and the G&W collection. We've been having the Nintendo club store for well over 5 years now and still you've already got nearly as much good stuff on it as we have.



Cheesy said:

Argh! NoA is giving us crappy stuff ('cept G&W and Hanafuda Cards). They better add some games or hardware by the end of this year.

Lucky NoE...



N64_Gamer said:

At least Americans HAVE a Club Nintendo.
Us Nintendo fans living in Scandinavia, don't have a Club Nintendo at all! Bergsala who is responsible for all Nintendo related stuff in Denmark, Sweden and Norway, are too lazy to establish a Club, so we have no opportunity to get anything.



Viral said:

That's so stupid. In Europe, we can trade our star points for Wii Points and buy more VC and Wii Ware games. I just helped my brother register on Club Nintendo here in Iowa, and he can't get anything good for registering 7 games! How pathetic is that? (Temporarily in the U.S. on vacation!)



Viral said:

On a side note, I just should point this out : I registered Gamecube games a long time ago on the website, and one day I received a package in the mail from Nintendo. It contained The Legend of Zelda : Collector's Edition gamecube game. I didn't know what the hell it was but it's rather rare and apparently if you had 3 games registered online, you were sent one.



naut said:

HEY!!! I WANT SNES CONTROLLERS TOO!!! Ya'know one of the problems of Club Nintendo is 1. NoA offers lame items. 2. You can only register certain games, making the coin-getting process all the longer.



naut said:

Zelda Collectors edition? N-nintendo points for coins?!?! YOU GUYS ARE LUCKY DUCKS!!!



TourianTourist said:

So far with all my games and registered consoles (it started with GBA and NGC, you can't register GB or N64 stuff or older) I got 9255 stars. I've spent most of them for Nintendo Points, but sometimes I wish I hadn't.

However, I've won this golden Zelda statue at a Nintendo sponsored Zelda quiz. If you wanna take a look at it, go ahead:

It's really awesome and definitely worth all those stars, if you have them. But 30.000 for this DSLite is ridiculous. I really wonder, who has that amount of stars left.



Starwolf_UK said:

And how much is 15,000 stars in Coins?
3000 if you use the Wii games and surveys as a measure of coins:stars.

As for America has the worst Club Nintendo? Gold and Platinum gifts. Gold gifts are basically freebies for having an account while platinum is a better freebie for registering games. what While here in Euorpe you get nothing like that.

Of course, we've not seen what the gifts are yet but seeing the (constantly quoted) SNES classic controller was one of Japans gift options...then again in a way Japan has the easiest system to get points with since every game comes with a registration code (not just first party).



Nintendophile said:

Holy cow, that Zelda statue looks freaking amazing! Forget this DS Lite, bring THAT beauty over here!



Cheesy said:

Like Nintendophile said, I don't really care about the DS Lite. All I want is one of those friggin sweet statues.



Cthuloops said:

That Zelda statue looks pretty sweet.
I hope that NoA puts out something for a prize when Heart Gold/Soul Silver come out!
They better...shakes fist



Gentleben said:

I don't think anyone could afford to buy the DS lite for 30,0000 stars. I've been registering tons of games since the Gamecue launch on my Nintendo account (I've amassed over 50,0000) but naturally spent them all over the years on some of the cooler stuf on offer.



killer6370 said:

Dont think Nintendo Loves Europe you know we have to wait for Years to get something good.
I am Member for 3 Years now and only 2 thing are good now(1 was Little king story and 2 is this DSL) the Zelda Statue was good too but much cheaper on ebay the rest is expensive Crap you have to register 2 games for a part solution of Zelda twillight princess which you can get for free on the net and 8Games for a mousepad same as wiipoints you have to pay 4 stars for 1 nintendo points which compared to the5000 stars for little king story is really some sort of Robbery



IAmNotWill said:

I know why EU is so behind in the WW/VC releases. because they are thinking of some many cool prizes to add to Club N europe. Damnit NoA!



Outrunner said:

I want it for playing Pokemon! I can't transfer my mon from my GBA games on the DSi. Better start saving points...



Nintendophile said:

@ Cheesy:
Darn skippy! I'm glad someone else is on my side. _ I'd rather save up and spend a moderate amount of points on something unique, rather than save up a MONUMENTAL amount of points on a variation of something I already have.

Enough with the DS "special editions". They're cool to look at, but more than likely the people that would appreciate them the most are the people who've already got a DS!

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