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EDGE Magazine Hints at Pikmin 3

Posted by Damien McFerran

Could the next issue hold information on Miyamoto's latest epic?

At last year's E3, Nintendo game guru Shigeru Miyamoto stated pretty emphatically that the company was working on an all-new Pikmin adventure. We've heard little else since, but the latest issue of UK video game magazine EDGE (issue 202, if you're interested) hints that we may not have to wait that much longer for solid news.

For the issue's 'Next Month' page, there's a massive photo of some freshly-cut grass. Nothing too strange there, you might assume, but according to GoNintendo, there's also a little hidden hint - a small Pikmin-shaped blob.

As to which format it will be hitting, your guess is as good as ours; the sensible money would be on the Wii, but we can certainly see a DS-based Pikmin adventure going down a storm.

We'll have to wait until June 4th to find out, because that's when issue 203 hits the news stands.


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Dazza said:

Say it is so, this would be amazing news. Just as I was thinking of picking up NPC pikmin too



Hardcore_Nintendo_Fa said:

Oh god no please dont tell me this is nintendos big news for e3 if it is ill be so weres a new donkey kong country when you need it



JonWahlgren said:

June 4th is well into E3, which is when Pikmin 3 is suspected to be unveiled, so it'd make more sense for it to be that.



Philip_J_Reed said:

I'd definitely pick up a DS Pikmin, but I will be very disappointed if it's not a Wii game. Pikmin deserves the extra room and graphical/musical superiority. Not to mention the fact that the Wiimote seems tailor-made for a game like this.



Objection said:

I'll likely buy the next Pikmin, be it Wii or DS. I do hope that E3 has WAY more than that though.



MrPanic said:

I have NPC:Pikmin and NPC:Pikmin 2 and I'm impressed with the pikmin serie, one of the most awesome series out there.

I hope it will be Pikmin 3 for the Wii, the Pikmin's on Wii work perfect so I know Pikmin 3 will be awesome on the Wii. I would be disappointed if it will be a DS version. I know it could be a good game, but nowhere near as awesome as a sequel on the Wii will be. Pikmin DS can wait till after part 3 if it was up to me.



Terra said:

I just picked up the original Pikmin (GC Edition, £3) and I like it so far, so I'm interested to see what this turns out to be



Pastry said:

DS or Wii, I'm probably still gonna be at the midnight release party.



Crazed said:

Hopefully E3 has more than just Pikman 3 (like a new F-Zero, Star Fox, or something else) but Pikman 3 would be a great side announcement for Nintendo.

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