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EA is Rewarded For Embracing The Wii

Posted by Damien McFerran

Sales nearly doubled on last year's total

When the Wii was released super-publisher EA caught a bit of flak for not giving the format the respect it deserved. Thankfully the company has changed its attitude and has been duly rewarded with a massive jump in sales.

According to EA's financial results for the fourth quarter and fiscal year 2009, 14% of its overall revenue was generated by titles on the Nintendo Wii. The previous year, it was just 8%.

While this obviously represents a big jump, some perspective is probably in order; the Wii is still the console on which EA makes the least amount of money - both the PS3 (16%) and 360 (24%) bag EA more moolah.

Still, it's good to see that the Wii is getting some love, anyway.


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Crazed said:

Ah well, hopefully we get another Tiger Woods Golf game soon, now that he's back.
Edit1: FIRST!!!!!!!



Objection said:

Well, maybe by next year with another possible 6% jump, the Wii will be competing more evenly with the other systems!



warioswoods said:

Money-saving idea for the site:

  • set up a script to check Kotaku's feed on a regular interval
  • find articles with the keyword Nintendo
  • throw in a couple articles from the feeds of other popular gaming sites
  • copy to NintendoLife

Result: little need to keep Damien on staff



Neomega said:

As always stated on's comments section:


50% of what I see hear is on kotaku and other gaming sites. But I love this site for its staff (CORBIE FTW) and their honesty.....I think.

But last I checked I thought they did this for if it involves MONAY I'll copy and paste from N4G if I have to.



colmtheperson said:

Not surprising. EA make more games for hardcore gamers (nothing wrong with that by the way, just speculation) so the fact that more is made from hard-core-gamer platforms comes as no surprise

I'd have thought PS3 and 360 would have higher figures in comparison though

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