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Details Seep Out on Cave Story, Night Game

Posted by Jon Wahlgren

New video of CS' Sand Zone to boot

Tyrone Rodriguez, producer over at Nicalis, house of Cave Story and Night Game, made a guest appearance on the most recent IGN Nintendo Voice Chat podcast. While he remained silently "concentrating" for most of the hour, he did let slip a few details about his studio's highly anticipated WiiWare titles.

We've known for a good while that Cave Story would allow players to choose between the new and old graphics and music. Those in the mood to blow their minds should be happy to know that you'll be able to mix and match the music and graphics, so a sort of "classic" mode can include whatever it is you deem classic.

A while back, we were told the game should have, well, already been out by this point. Rodriguez revealed the new release window, which is now sometime after E3. With all the new additions like boss modes, DLC, time attacks and new weapons and enemies, I think it's okay to let this one delay slide a bit.

Mr. Rodriguez also spent a few minutes talking about Night Game, that other anticipated game Nicalis is working on. After seeing how people tried to control the marble at GDC, Nicalis has gone back and added tilt to the game, so players have even more options besides the Wiimote, classic controller and some sort of one-handed mode.

Night Game's ambient soundtrack will be randomly generated, he said. What this means is you might hear one song on a certain level and when you replay that area you won't necessarily hear it again. He also mentioned that there can be occasional long periods of silence and then the music will kick back in, which sounds like it'll pump you the hell up rolling that marble around in the dark.

Nicalis is shooting to wrap up the game by September.

Check out Nicalis' blog for a new video of Cave Story's Sand Zone in action, too. It's quite sandy.


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User Comments (21)



Neomega said:

Release damn you!!!

I want some good titles for wiiware.

Isn't this for PC?
Can someone give some more info and comparisons of the two versions?

btw FIRST! (I love immaturity)




Umm, someone should check the related games since I dont New Zealand Story is related, at all



Stuffgamer1 said:

Mix and match music and graphics options? AWESOME! I wish The Dark Spire had that feature (love the Classic music but hate the Classic graphics)!



Link79 said:

Dang, last time they said we'd be playing it by early may. now it's gonna take longer. Ugh the wait is killing me. Gimmie my Cave story already!



Pegasus said:

Color me not at all surprised. I prefer them polishing the game rather than rushing it out the door.

I definitely like the mix and match option. Frankly, the updated music just doesn't do it for me so I'll probably go for new graphics, old music.



brandonbwii said:

From my understanding the dlc is what u already mentioned, weapons, boss rush, time attack etc. I would've loved new areas or something of that nature.



joeshabadoo said:

the one-handed is going to be wiimote only, facing toward the screen (not using IR though) and will use side to side tilt. So it's a second tilt mode apart from the obvious one in which you are holding the wiimote horizontally in both hands. I don't have official confirmation of that, but seems obvious



WolfRamHeart said:

Its good to see someone else on here who is also enjoying The Dark Spire! I prefer the modern graphics and art style too but the classic graphics aren't too bad. It sure is a tough game isn't it?
Its really unfortunate that Cave Story has been delayed. I was under the impression that the game was done and ready for release but I guess now we have to wait until after E3. Oh well, at least now we know why it isn't out yet. I'm still looking forward to playing it! With all the new stuff that they are adding to the game it sounds even better than before! Hopefully it will be worth the wait!



Party_On_Dude said:

I'm with comment #8 @Pegasus on this one as well... so this delay on Cave Story doesn't bother me! I bet all of you peps on NintendoLife can't contain your excitement for at least 2 & a half more weeks... for a Cave Story release (be it June now if this delay will push it until then); & until June 2nd for the long awaited E309!!



Twilight_Crow said:

I'm glad their adding so much content to Cave Story, now that's a good reason to delay a game , I'll just keep eagerly awaiting for it.



Objection said:

I wonder how many of those features (weapons, boss rush) ARE actually the DLC mentioned. If so, just talking out loud, couldn't they release the main game and then the DLC when its finished if that's how theyre dividing it up anyway?



fco said:

Let´s hope Nintendo isn't delaying it just to have SOMETHING to announce on E3



Omega said:

There is nothing new in these videos. The tileset has a slightly higher resolution, the music sounds weird and that's it. It is uncertain what is new and what is included in the download content. The only thing one can be sure of is that it will cost additional Wii Points.

Probably it is not bad that the release is delayed again. Then more people have the opportunity to get the original from Studio Pixel. It is definitely superior, because the price / performance ratio cannot be surpassed, no matter what nifty bonus items are included (respectively can be bought) in the WiiWare version.

I have higher expectations in Night Game.



Linkuini said:

I'm happy to wait a little longer for Cave Story if it means it'll be more awesome. Until I get some more Wii Points, I can't buy it anyway!



Rapadash6 said:

Why does it seem like Nintendo want's to hold back an any decent downloadable games until AFTER E3. Maybe they know we'll be so disappointed by the show that they'll need those games to ease our pain.

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