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Details Emerge on Ju-on Game

Posted by Jon Wahlgren

Also, developer AQ Interactive increases stake in XSEED

The onslaught of Wii horror titles continues with Ju-on, a movie game based on the Japanese film that was remade in the US asThe Grudge and which has missed the movie tie-in window by about five years. Can't win 'em all, right?

Details about the game have remained somewhat of a mystery; now we at least have an idea of how the game controls. According to Siliconera, you use the pointer as your flashlight (which apparently can run out of battery) and move forward and backward with A and down on the d-pad, respectively, no 'chuck required.

A multiplayer "surprise" element also exists in some fashion, where your friend/mortal enemy can join in and flash a light around too, kinda like Galaxy. Not much more is known about this part, but hey, co-op is always a plus.

Ju-on is out June 30 in Japan, and with the whole owning 90% of XSEED business AQ has going on, let's hope a localized release isn't too far behind. Unlike that other horror game that likes Japan so much and stopped returning our phone calls a year ago. That bastard.


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Syr said:

Seems like there is a disproportionate amount of horror games on the wii... well as long as it is worth playing!



AVahne said:

alright another horror game but i'm finding the control scheme to be a bit strange



lockelocke said:

The Grudge was actually based on the movie Ju-On, hopefully this is an adaptation of the original japanese film and not the lame american remake starring buffy the vampire slayer. In any case, I'm in agreement; proper horror games have kind of vanished since the RE franchised started building games around combat instead of atmosphere. FEAR was a great combo of combat and atmosphere, tho, much props



Objection said:

I'd much rather have FF4. The American movie was awful. I haven't seen the original because I didn't care for the premise either. At least there's still Silent Hill to keep the horror fan in me happy!



aphexbr said:

@Objection_Blaster: See the original. That goes for every movie that's had a crappy American remake, be it REC (Quarantine), The Ring, The Eye, Bangkok Dangerous, Infernal Affairs (The Departed), Shutter, Pulse, A Tale Of Two Sisters (The Uninvited), etc... American remakes suck the cultural context out of most of the movies and exist purely for people who are allergic to reading. Intelligent people can usually get more out of the original versions.

As for Ju-On, yeah I liked the movies so I'm looking forward to the game...

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