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Dead Space: Extraction May Be The Biggest Waggle-fest Yet

Posted by Jon Wahlgren

Shake to see anything? Hmmm...

The recently re-christened Visceral Games, formerly EA Redwood Shores and the developers behind Dead Space: Extraction, don't want to make things easy on you. In fact, they might be trying to kill you.

Well, maybe not in the sense of actual death, but a digital demise might be in order as well as accompanying real-world arm cramps. The original Dead Space gave you a flashlight, which illuminated wherever you happened to be aiming your gun. You'd think that mechanic would translate well to the Wiimote; it's all up in Silent Hill: Shattered Memories and the newly shown Ju-on game, Feel.

Visceral says it's not as interesting and instead invented the rave-friendly Glow Worm, which illuminates your surroundings by shaking the remote. The harder the shake, the better the charge. It rings Beam Katana, but let's hope it doesn't feel tacked-on and arm-hurty.

Immersion ain't always shaking senselessly, yo.


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I hope is not true..or at least is not as bad as it sounds



SmaMan said:

So shaking around a flash light type thing is more interesting than just using a normal flash light. More interesting, maybe. More obnoxious, definitely!!



Kid_A said:

Caliko--waggle doesn't mean casual. It just means your arm is going to hurt. This is a rated M game.



Ian_Daemon said:

Aw, no flashlight? That sounded cool. I hated charging up that stupid lightsab...I mean beam katana.



Objection said:

Hopefully the charge will last long enough to not be annoying. Otherwise it could ruin this otherwise awesome looking title.



Crazed said:

I think this could actually add to the fear factor. Just think, instead of having your trusty katana to protect you, even that will power down a few times, leaving you completely in the dark, an opportune time for a space zombie to pop on the screen and make gamers all over scream like a little girl. Who knows, this could actually be a really good upgrade.



SwerdMurd said:

at least the beam katana played on the hilarity of its charging me that made it tolerable. I looove rails though, so I'm still dead set on this one. Looks to be an interesting take on on-rails, what with the multiple firing methods and body-part removal stuff.



StarDust4Ever said:

Another potentially good game ruined by developers who just wanna cash in on the gimmicky Wiimote controls. Why is it that third party developers don't ever seem to do anything sensible with the Wii motion controls???

Tilt, point, twist, swing, but all the craptastic developers require you to do is "waggle" aka more G-Force equals stronger attack equals arm cramp equals stupid!



Sean_Aaron said:

I know it's popular to whinge about "waggle," but in this case the producer has stated on a previous occasions that the intent is to provide a strategic (and scary) choice to the player: be able to see better, but at the expense of not being able to shoot at whatever you might see (the light fades and needs "recharging").

I think it will be an interesting mechanic myself.

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