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Capcom Confirms Monster Hunter 3 Tri For Western Release

Posted by Damien McFerran

Company also has big plans for the Wii in '09

Although many people had already assumed that it was going to be the case, Capcom has now given actual confimation that Monster Hunter 3 Tri is coming to the West.

The company's 2008 financial results state that Monster Hunter 3 Tri will come out in “FY 2009″, which basically means sometime between April 2009 - April 2010. Given that the game has yet to see a Japanese release, we'd bet that it's more likely to be next year before we see this game in English (or whatever western language you happen to use).

Capcom also confirmed that it's expecting a bumper year for the Wii, with plans to "introduce versions of major game series for the extremely popular Wii".


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Objection said:

I really want to try this series out Also, that last part brings the thought of more CAPCOM/Wii love which is always good.



Damo said:

Some people are saying that Devil May Cry is one of the series that Capcom might be bringing Wii-side soon...discuss



Terra said:

Never been a big fan of DMC myself but i would welcome a new game on the Wii. Let's see. we've had Mega Man and Resident evil already, so probably not those. I'd say realistically, we could get a Street Fighter game, but I'm hoping for Bionic Commando, Strider or Breath of Fire.



Knux said:

I want Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom to come out in the USA,it looks awesome!



wiiboy101 said:

like they did 2 years ago you mean HHHMMMMMMMMMMMMMM every time i read will it come to the west my blood boils

as capcom said it would 2 flaming years ago short memorys you need vitamin b and some fish oil seriously



Clint_Eastwood said:

Screw DMC! I want God Hand 2 on the Wii =)=)=)

Edit: Oh wait, Clover developed it... but I guess Capcom owns the IP.



A1234 said:

love Monster Hunter on PS2! I sure hope 3 comes here for the Wii!




Tatsnuko v Capcom...I need that game...I just need it dang you capcom!

MH3 isn't my kind of game, but it looks , and potentially could be, awesome



Objection said:

DMC on Wii? Interesting idea. I loved 1 and 3 on PS2 (skipped 2 due to reviews but will play it eventually.)

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