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Bethesda Has "Really Big" Plans For Wii

Posted by Jon Wahlgren

Fallout 3 and Oblivion devs hard at work on new title.

One can hardly argue that a plethora of developers have given "serious" support to the Wii since launch. Of course, now that pretty much everyone in the world owns one, it's nice to see studios kept in usually high regard branching out. Like Bethesda, best known for the Elder Scrolls series and Fallout 3.

Sean Brennan, managing director over at Bethesda Europe, told that the company has been eyeing the progress of M-rated titles on Wii and are willing to give it a go.

We are going to make an announcement on a really big Wii game this year. We've got a couple of other things in the pipeline, and it's a format we're really looking at with the right approach.

Bethesda has previously published two titles on Wii, Star Trek: Conquest and AMF Bowling World Lanes, but so far hasn't dipped their development toes.

Could this mean an Elder Scrolls or Fallout title on Wii? Sounds like a possible Megaton, amirite?!


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Clint_Eastwood said:

I'm betting on an Elder Scrolls spin-off or a new franchise with more stylized visuals than their usual shiny brown. Hopefully they will hire someone to do proper animations. And let the world be much (and I mean much!) smaller with more variety and polish.



WolfRamHeart said:

I seriously doubt we'll be seeing either Elder Scrolls or Fallout on the Wii anytime soon. However, maybe an all new exclusive franchise? I hope we hear something at E3!



paulcmnt said:

"[Bethesda] has been eyeing the progress of M-rated titles on Wii and are willing to give it a go."

Thank you High Voltage Software and SEGA!
Let's hope Bethesda will making something cool for the Wii and maybe even show something on E3.



Damo said:

This is certainly something to get excited about; these guys are talented, I'm sure we can all agree.



thewiirocks said:

Something new and interesting, eh? Something like...




LorD_SyN_DracuL said:

Well, I'm excited! Fallout 3 was amazing, and while the Wii probably can't handle that kind of game play, hell, the ps3 I played it on froze here and there, I know Bethesda will make a great game. I hope it's a new franchise, that would be nice.



Philip_J_Reed said:

Fallout 3 was one of the VERY few games that made me with I had a console other than Wii. If Bethesda gives us something even half as intriguing, I will be a very happy boy.



The_Fox said:

Well, since the Wii can't handle a straight up Fallout 3 or Oblivion, but a spin-off would certainly be cool. Both of those games are awesome, and something built for the Wii might not be as epic or look as nice, but the Wii needs more RPGs.



GamerZack87 said:

WolfRamHeart wrote:
"I seriously doubt we'll be seeing either Elder Scrolls or Fallout on the Wii anytime soon."

Why not? Capcom created a new Monster Hunter game for Wii, and I'm sure that will be slightly REALLY epic in size!

I for one would welcome the Elder Scrolls series to Wii with open arms!
Come here, Argonians, Altmer and Cyrodiils! Group hug!



Chatham said:

This is the best news for the Wii. Period. Bethesda has the BEST devs for games.



Sean_Aaron said:

A more fully fleshed-out (and less crash-prone) Star Trek: Conquest would be welcomed by me -- some kind of Star Trek squad-based strategy RPG would also be most excellent instead of the starship blast-a-thons we've been getting as well...



Cthuloops said:

I agree with pinta_vodki. Remakes of Fallout 1 and 2 would be nice for those of us who weren't able to play them when they came out. Would be pretty cool imo.



odd69 said:

i can't stress how happy i am to hear about anything coming from bethesda . they proved to me why i love gaming so much this year with fallout 3,it was my favorite game so far this year hands down and oblivion as well.

@NESGamepro yea man i think that the talented team's biggest problem is the bugs found throughout their games (oblivion and fallout 3 froze my ps3 numerous times) so hopefully they scale back for the wii. even if they do, it would still be good.

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