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All new Icarian: Kindred Spirits screenshots

Posted by Darren Calvert

Another Nintendo Life exclusive!

The good folks at Over The Top Games were kind enough to treat us to an exclusive look at some all new, never before seen screenshots from their upcoming WiiWare game, Icarian: Kindred Spirits.

These screens show for the first time more variety in the levels as the world and lighting gets darker (all the events in the game take place during one day).

Let us know your thoughts on these screenshots below. Icarian will be out on WiiWare very soon we are told. Watch this space for all the latest info.

Nyx jumping over a satyr. Satyrs are fast enemies that always run towards Nyx.

The player holding one big column so Nyx is able to advance.

The player holding one big column so Nyx is able to advance.

Night scenery. The player moving a block with Nyx over it.

Night scenery.

The player drawing a wind to pass through some "Orbs". Orbs are burning balls that stick to Nyx when she gets too close to them. If that happens, Nyx wont be able to fly. The player has then to shake the Wii Remote to take them out.

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thewiirocks said:

I'm looking forward to this game. Hopefully the game will hold up as well as the art style.



Omega said:

I don't want to talk about meaningless screenshots. I want the game. In Europe. Now! (And can we have LIT, too? Please?)



anthonyb said:

OOOooooo. Very nice. Look forward to see more of this. I agree w/ Stevie, looks similar to LostWinds.



-TR said:

I heard the game was about 90% complete, and due before the end of june...



Omega said:

Really? Hmm. I've heard about Cave Story that the project release date is june or even end of May. Don't you believe it!



Vendetta said:

I think overall it looks very good, and I love the art style. The only criticism I have, and would love to hear others' opinions on, is that it seems just a little bit unfinished, almost "storyboard-ish," if that makes any sense. I really don't envy any game in this genre having to compete with Lost Winds for fit and finish. But screenshots often don't do justice to live action though, and even as-is, Icarian looks to be plenty more than decent.



Djungelurban said:

Still no second environment eh? Deserts aren't really all that exciting to look at really... Oh well, gameplay is where it counts. Hopefully this one turns out well, it has plenty of potential atleast.



pinta_vodki said:

Ooh, nice. very nice. Looks like many good WiiWare titles are coming in the upcoming months! =)



calculon said:

It still looks as dull a ditch water. But I'm sure by 'potential' that must mean 7/10 for no good reason other than it looks pretty and has the remote reference to yet another archaic console game.

Nice screen though. I love how they're in colour and everything.



WolfRamHeart said:

Absolutely gorgeous screenshots! Way to go Nintendo Life on nabbing all these exclusives lately!



Objection said:

It looks like the LostWinds 2 we're apparently never getting! Serious though, it looks great.



Crazed said:

Nice screenshots.

(Edited out huge rant that this game is going to have to wait in line behind Cave Story, Swords and Soldiers, and any other random shovelware game before it gets released.)



Linkuini said:

Uh, Crazed? You're not saying Cave Story and Swords and Soldiers look like shovelware, are you?



Syr said:

This game piqued my interest months ago when it was announced..

but why does it look so darn boring? It seems like all you do is fly forward trying not to touch bulls or burning balls. Show us a boss, or a vista or something interesting besides those pretty clouds!

Here's hoping for a gameplay video to put my fears to rest.



Big_A2 said:

They look pretty dull. I like my platforming games to have millions of crap on the screen at once.



timp29 said:

some of the textures are pretty flat and things seem blocky. But hey, if the gameplay gets thumbs up, I will be downloading.

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