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Alien Hominid Joins The Meat Team

Posted by Jon Wahlgren

More indie lovin' for WiiWare platformer

Super Meat Boy has quite the posse. Tim, from XBLA's Braid, was the first to fly their meat freak flag. Bit.Trip Beat's Commander Video then donned the colors, and now a fellow Newgrounds compatriot has joined the ever-growing army of meat fans: Alien Hominid.

Score one for, well, everyone! SMB is expected to feature between 12-14 characters from other indie games, so we've still got a bunch of surprises left in store.

Super Meat Boy is leaping for a Q4 release. In the meantime, go play Meat Boy or Alien Hominid.


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Corbs said:

Wow, could this Super Meat Boy game get any better? I can't wait to play this game. This one is quickly moving up my "most wanted" list!



Djungelurban said:

Sweet! Can't wait to see who's next. This game is getting more and more interesting everytime I hear about it. Personally I'm still hoping for The Kid to appear, I'd just like to have a game with him that I can beat (seriously, I'm not even able to get by Mike Tyson).



anthonyb said:

Wow, that's incredible. I can't wait! It'd be cool to see one of the Castle Crashers in there too.



Ricardo91 said:

Yet more reason to look forward to SMB! Though I've heard this news comfirmed a while ago...



Bahamut_ZERO said:

Wait, I haven't been keeping up on this. Is this a platformer with a ton of other indie characters in it?



Objection said:

This is awesome. Q4 sounds like a delay to me...but it'll probably be worth the wait!



Corbs said:

I thought it was already at the top!

It's been on my WiiWare most-wanted list, but it's moving up my overall most-wanted list now.



IAmNotWill said:

YES! I loved Alien Hominid HD on XBLA as well as Castle Crashers. I didnt like the flash Alien hominid because of the controls, but after AH HD, Im glad he will be in SMB.



TwilightV said:


*S*uper *M*eat *B*oy

*S*uper *M*ario *B*rothers

I'm loling so hard right now.



tantrumario said:

I'm not surprised. In the flash game, one of the castle crasher warriors was an unlockable costume used after collecting enough bandages.



Kim_Jong-Il said:

I jumped to conclusions and thought that Alien Hominid was coming to WiiWare. Then I read the article.
Any chance of a WiiWare Alien Hominid, viral marketing guys?



Caliko said:

I'd honor a new Alien Hominid if they added a health bar of some sort.



Caliko said:

But it makes the games unnecessarily frustrating. It would be nice to at least add 3 hits to Hominid. It was annoying having to respawn every 5 secs on the intense parts.



anthonyb said:

Just beat the original Meat Boy w/ all band-aids! It's quite a trip! Check it out if you haven't! (Great time killer)

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