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Williams Pinball EU Release Date Confirmed for September

Posted by Sean Aaron

Finally the collection pinball fans in Europe have been waiting for!

System 3 Software, the UK-based publisher of Williams Pinball Classics in Europe, has not only created a brand-new website featuring all of their products but also seen fit to put forward a new release date of 11th September 2009 for it.

Whilst we have no idea what has caused the delay from spring to fall, this is the first confirmed date seen from the publisher for a title European pinball fans like myself have been waiting nearly a year for!

The Totally Authentic Pinball Experience - capturing all the sights, sounds and thrills of real Williams Pinball Machines.

Williams Pinball Classics recreates ten of the most memorable tables from the golden age of pinball in stunning, photorealistic 3D. Working closely with Williams to ensure authenticity of each of the games, the collection includes the most-popular and innovative pinball tables, including Gorgar™, the first-ever talking pinball machine, Black Knight®, which introduced “Magna-Save™” and Bonus Ball, and Space Shuttle™, which took the pinball industry by storm in 1984 and Funhouse™ – a defining moment in pinball history. Every table is meticulously recreated including visuals, sound effects and game play that made these games legendary successes.

You begin Williams Pinball Classics with access to four pinball tables, and the remaining six tables are unlocked as the game progresses. Players can spend as little as two minutes on a quick pinball challenge, or delve deeper into the game, gaining rewards in a token-based system as they unlock each of the pinball tables. Single-player Arcade and Challenge modes provide hours of solo entertainment, and a Multiplayer mode lets players face each other head-on.


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thewiirocks said:

Wow, I didn't realize this wasn't out in Europe yet. Let me just say, you guys are in for a treat. These are as close to the real pinball tables as you can get without actually going to the arcade! The controls feel natural, the table physics are spot on, and even the sounds of the table give a connection to the physical units.

On that last point, you'll be amazed when you try some of these tables and listen to the audio. I'm not just talking about the digital sound samples from the machines. Even the sound of the ball rolling is perfect. You don't even realize it until you play the old Jive Time table. The sound of a metal ball on wood is very distinctive and compelling, as is the electro-mechanical sound as the ball hits those old-style bumpers and the score counter flips. Similarly, the absence of background noise produced by the modern tables stands in stark contrast and makes you realize just how well the sounds have been reproduced.



SmaMan said:

I can't find this game anywhere in America! It'll probably be like the Gottlieb collection, I'll find it 5 years from now at a KB Toys for $5. Heheh.

This one's got Pin*Bot on it, right? I have the NES version, which I here differs greatly from the real thing.



thewiirocks said:

@SmaMan - That's surprising. Most Target stores had a huge stock of them that they were selling between $13 - $20. That's how I got my copy.

The game does have Pin*Bot on it. It was a bit of a shocker after playing the NES game for so long.



SmaMan said:

Well there's the problem! I haven't been to Target in ages! Guess I'll just have to stick with the Visual Pinball versions till I can find this.



Outrunner said:

Cool! Didn't like the look of the Gottlieb tables but I'll probably pick this one up.



Golgo said:

will keep an eye out for this. last pinball game i got was metroid prime pinball, which doesnt really count



SwerdMurd said:

This is the best pinball sim ever released. It's unbelievably close to actual-table physics...just feels "righter" than any other pinball game I've played.

If only I could find a good PC pinball game/system so I could use the X-arcade pinball buttons!



naut said:

Yup, you guys are gonna love it. Epic game. I hope they sell it cheap like they do here. However many pounds that is. XD



Sean_Aaron said:

My pre-order says UKP34.95; I'll pay that even if the price doesn't come down. This is the game I've been waiting for since I first bought my Wii in October 2007, so I've got a zen-like patience!



SmaMan said:

Speaking of Epic Games, that reminds me of Epic Pinball! Anyone used to play that on the PC back in the early 90s? I've been trying to track that game down again. It's the game that got me into pinball when I was just a wee tot.(or should I say Wii tot here? lol)



BF-Medic said:

Epic Pinball was so much fun, I remember it had a lot of tables too.
But it was Pinball Dreams that really got me into pinball games!

Williams Pinball Classics will be an instant buy when it's released over here.



Mix said:

This is one of the best pinball games out there. Pinball lovers MUST get this! Rock solid tables and design.



Atlantis1982 said:

Ah man, I still have the Epic Pinball games, except the third diskette is corrupted (T_T). Anyway, Williams Pinball Collection by far one of the best Wii games I have played.



Curryking said:

I've been waiting for this game since its release in the states more than a year ago and wondering if it will ever be released. I've even been in contact with System3 about it. I've got a ps2 and they promised that there will be a ps2 version but if not i'll buy a wii just to get this game.



atari said:

is this true or another hoax, ive been waiting ages, who knows there might be a williams pinball 2 next. What pins would you like to see, ive got an earthshaker so ill start it with this one.



cheesedude said:

Wow, I have been waiting for this release for months. September 2009 has been and gone and there's still no firm release date. Wonder if we'll ever get this one!

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