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Wii Sports Resort With MotionPlus Coming in July?

Posted by Eric O

Could Wii MotionPlus finally have a release date?

A picture was taken at an Amsterdam gaming retailer which shows a much-hyped Wii Sports Resort coming bundled with the Wii MotionPlus accessory being released on July 10, 2009. It also shows the Wii Motion Plus “Controller” being sold as a separate item as well. This could mean that it would be a stand-alone accessory, or that it could be bundled with a Wii remote – hopefully the former.

At the last E3, Wii Sports Resort was said to be released in Spring 2009. It has been also rumored that Wii MotionPlus has been delayed since it is now Spring, and we have no firm release date. However, in an interview with MTV Multiplayer, Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime later said that the Spring line-up has not been fully announced.

Currently, in addition to Wii Sports Resort, the list of games that have been announced to use Wii MotionPlus include EA Sports Grand Slam Tennis, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 and Red Steel 2.

UPDATE: According to Eurogamer, Nintendo is playing the 'this is just a rumour' card. Interesting.


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Corbs said:

I'm excited about this one, so I hope it's true. It's been so weird how low-key Nintendo has been about this one considering the first Wii Sports has been such a success.



cheese said:

Wii Sports Resort looks good and all, but were they high when they decided to include throwing a frisbee to a dog as one of it's games.



ILoveWii said:

^You do not, it says here that it's being sold together in a bundle.

Anyway, this is great news. I need that Motion +

Anyway, Wii Fit + also sounds interesting.



antdickens said:

Yeah, did no-one else pick up on Wii Fit Plus there? I've not heard of that one yet!



Objection said:

Huh, Wii Fit Plus in November...why is Nintendo being so low-key with everything...? First Excitebots and PunchOut, now motionplus and Wii Fit Plus?



Starwolf_UK said:

Its a random retialers list. It means little as it is a load of placeholder dates (it is dated too, we know Punch Out Wii is May 22nd). It is slowly making its way around the internet...

People seem to be reading into the Wii Fit plus a bit too much. I remember random retailer listings of the past. Wii remote black, pink and blue. They turned out to be those controller skins. There was also Wii sports pack and Wii with Wii sports pack. It wasn't some special edition of Wii sport but rather the crappy plastic peripherals that don't actually work.

The only thing suggest Wii Fit Plus is any different is the fact there is a version with Balance Board but if you say Wii Fit=Balance Board it makes sense of being a pack-in of the yoga mat and other junk done by a retailer who wants to try and move those sorts of things around the Christmas period.

But no it can't be that it must be a new version of Wii Fit * cue rant about Nintendo being cash cows releasing yearly updates *. Basically, wait until some other retailer lists this mysterious thing before jumping to conclusions about what it is or isn't.



timp29 said:

Lol, are you suggesting they're replacing the scales with a treadmill tony? Now that would be game box thats actually larger than guitar hero! So I take it that once wii motion plus comes out, the old remotes will be useless with new games? Poop.

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