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Virtua Tennis 2009 - Better than t'real thing?

Posted by Anthony Dickens

SEGA want us to compare their upcoming Virtua Tennis 2009 to the real thing.

And I have a little treat for you, it’s some more new footage of Virtua Tennis 2009. Watch and play spot the difference as you compare the similarities between the real life action and the gameplay footage.

Taken from the SEGA Europe blog is the following trailer for the game, we have to admit the motion capture/animation does look pretty impressive:

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However we know the Wii version isn't going to look that good, but just how lazy will SEGA be? Not too long now, Virtua Tennis 2009 is due out sometime next month.


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Kittsy said:

Hah. I love playing tennis in real life, and anyone who considers this better than the real thing obviously needs to get out more.



Will said:

I remember you mentioning that a few times before Kittsy, you must like your tennis then.



Supermarioman said:

Looks like a pretty great game and I would love to see a release date and the fact it will support Wii Motion Plus is a fact that makes me even more excited about this game.



Tails_92 said:

I was expecting an in-game video for the wii version but that's only another general ps3/360 one.. Think i'll take Grand Slam Tennis 10 which is developed thinking to the wii hardware and it's not a downgraded version from an HD consoles as this is.
Anyway looking at the next-gen graphics, top spin 3 beats this sooooo much.
Oh my god my english is awful tonight =_=" sry.



RonF said:

So two new tennis games in less than a month supporting motion+. I hope someone will do good comparative reviews.



Digiki said:

The paragraph before the movie led me to believe this looked amazing.
It doesn't.

I don't need another tennis game Mario Tennis (64) has me covered, the GBC version was pretty sweet too.



Ren said:

looks cool, depends on controls, though, like any other tennis game. Motion Plus used well will make or break some new sports games, I think. Not sure why it doesn't mention that it does support motion +.



wildcat said:

I love my tennis (real and videogame related) but given how Top Spin 3 on the Wii was based on a different version to the PS3 and Xbox 360 games, I can't help but think Virtua Tennis will suffer the same fate. Time will tell I guess.




There's no indication that this supports wiimotionplus though is there? Surely you are better oiff waiting for EA Grand Slam Tennis? Sega Superstars Tennis uses this engine anyway. To be fair the Virtua Tennis series has a decent history.



Firkraag said:

Well, they know how to make a tennis trailer that's for sure. I'm not getting this but i liked the trailer!



motang said:

Nice, and I heard that it is going to be using the motion plus, so between this and Grand Slam Wii has some good Tennis games!



MickEiA said:

yes this will have motion plus its because this is the trailer for all systems

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