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Ubisoft announces first DSi-enhanced game

Posted by Christopher Clark

My Cooking Coach to harness the immense power of the DSi for... not much, really.

Ubisoft today announced the launch of cooking aid My Cooking Coach, designed to support the new functionality of the Nintendo DSi. You can watch the (DSi-less) trailer below the fold.

The "DSi-enhanced" title, set for release in June and playable on both the standard DS and the newly-released DSi, gives DSi owners exclusive access to ten extra recipes and utilises the DSi's camera to "personalise users' profiles". A spokesperson from Ubisoft tells us that this will allow for budding chefs to add their own faces to their in-game avatar and save pictures of their own meals during and after the cooking process for future reference. Neat.

Reggie himself said that cross-compatible games were in the works for the DSi, so it's nice to see one emerge so soon after launch. Maybe if we're lucky we might get an actual game next time.

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ReZon said:

@Blaze - Agreed, I too am waiting for the games that take advantage of the faster processor and increased RAM.



-TR said:

Sounds good. For one of these Ubisoft Casualzz titles.



Lode_Runner said:

Whoa this can be very useful but it does sound like it's a little taced on with only 10+ more recipes.



FroguinZX said:

@NESGamepro, lol true.

What's mext an RPG that has a DSi door or something? BUUUT on toopic, what a waste of time, processing and money. <_< Let's see a new game come onto the field.



wiiboy101 said:

faster processor"s" not processor YOUR STILL BELIEVING THE FAKE DSi spec..............................

2x cpu both double clocked processor"s" not faster processor GET IT !!!!

and 4x more ram front side bus DS 33mhz front side bus DSi 66mhz

clearly a faster system not processor

ubisoft just use it to take a pic and thats it UBI SOOOO INNOVATIVE NOT.... rolling my eyes

motion play via cams also

colour recognition /shape recognition/face recognition/import pics into games/inport textures into games

party sstle games using both cams with others

ubi just die or something

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