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Top 20 WiiWare Games in USA (8th Apr)

Posted by Corbie Dillard

It's Wednesday again which can only mean one thing.

It's time to take a look at the most popular WiiWare titles available in the Wii Shop. If you're feeling adventurous you can even take a look for yourself by simply logging on to your Wii Shop channel, heading into the WiiWare section and then viewing "Popular Games". It's that simple! Trust us, if we can do it, anyone can.

We compile this list using the USA region Wii Shop channel, so if you live elsewhere your list will probably be quite a bit different. Please feel free to post your region's findings below as always.

Keep in mind that the list below is a measure of actual sales made recently, not of the total time the game has been available for sale.

Here is the list for the 8th of April:
1 (1) - World of Goo
2 (2) - My Aquarium
3 (3) - Tetris Party
4 (4) - Bit.Trip Beat
5 (5) - Onslaught
6 (6) - Dr Mario Online Rx
7 (8) - My Pokémon Ranch
8 (7) - Cue Sports - Pool Revolution
9 (11) - Pop'Em Drop'Em SAMEGAME
10 (9) - Brain Challenge
11 (10) - Fun! Fun! Minigolf
12 (12) - Defend Your Castle
13 (14) - Target Toss Pro: Bags
14 (13) - Midnight Bowling
15 (15) - Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King
16 (16) - Wild West Guns
17 (17) - Bomberman Blast
18 (18) - TV Show King
19 (19) - Sandy Beach
20 (20) - Tiki Towers

* (N) - Denotes a new entry on the Top 20

We're beginning to sound like a broken record on this one, but the "Big Three" are still on top. Just how long can this tandem of WiiWare titles continue to dominate the WiiWare Top 20? We're running out of World of Goo artwork!

The big climber this week was Hudson's Pop'Em, Drop'Em SAMEGAME, which jumped up a meager two spots to #9. There was no clear-cut big dropper this week, as several titles dropped a single spot, but none any more than that. In fact the Top 20 as a whole didn't feature much in the way or change.

There were also no new entries or drop-offs this week either. In other words, why are you wasting time reading this boring WiiWare Top 20 when you could be reading one of our other boring articles.

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Terra said:

Over here, never mind Wednesday, we're into Thursday. Looking at that list, very little has changed. I can only wonder what it'll be like next week.



Sycoraxic98 said:

DANG IT Terranigma! I though I'd get first! :/

Ah well. I'm just looking for your review of Equillibrio. It's not hard to review! I have it, and it'll probably get a 7 or an 8. UNLESS they think the style of 'crude' is the best they can do, then they'll give it a 4. We've been getting loads of 4's lately.



Bahamut_ZERO said:

At this rate WoG will make enough money to buy the rest of Switzerland that Halo couldn't buy.



Lode_Runner said:

Not much has changed to the Top 20. btw can you guys tell me your opinions on my new avatar plz. Cus I finally figured out how to download an avatar.



Rum_Rapture said:

1 (4) - Texas Hold’em Tournament
2 (1) - My Aquarium
3 (2) - World of Goo
4 (3) - Onslaught
5 (5) - Pop-Up Pirate!
6 (6) - Snowboard Riot
7 (7) - My Pokemon Ranch
8 (8) - Defend Your Castle
9 (10) - The Incredible Maze
10 (9) - Bomberman Blast
11 (11) - TV Show King
12 (14) - Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life As A King
13 (12) - FUN! FUN! Minigolf
14 (13) - Tetris Party
15 (15) - LostWinds
16 (18) - CueSports - Snooker vs. Billiards
17 (19) - Space Invaders Get Even
18 (17) - Pop Them, Drop Them SAMEGAME
19 (20) - Brain Challenge
20 (N) - Wild West Guns



Djungelurban said:

Don't ask why I'm up still...
Here anyway is the Swedish top 20:
(3) 1 - Texas Hold'em Tournament
(1) 2 - World Of Goo
(2) 3 - Onslaught
(4) 4 - My Aquarium
(6) 5 - Mega Man 9
(5) 6 - Fun! Fun! Minigolf
(9) 7 - Tetris Party
(10) 8 - LostWinds
(11) 9 - Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life As A King
(7) 10 - Family Table Tennis
(8) 11 - Snowboard Riot
(12) 12 - Toki Tori
(14) 13 - Art Style: Orbient
(17) 14 - Wild West Guns
(19) 15 - Cocoto Fishing Master
(R) 16 - Midnight Bowling
(13) 17 - Bomberman Blast
(16) 18 - Pop-Up Pirate!
(20) 19 - My Pokémon Ranch
(15) 20 - Defend Your Castle



mojo25 said:

Hmm...who knows? If this keeps up, we could have an Elite 5. I just hope Onslaught stays up there. I just got it two days ago, and man, it's amazingly fun.



World_1-1 said:

Nice to see World of Goo at the top and Bit.Trip Beat doing well. Both deserve the spots.

Though I was surprised Bonsai Barber didn't make it on. Most WiiWare games get on the charts at least one week.



Mike1 said:

These Top 20 lists everyweek are getting boring. The Top 3 never change.



Sean_Aaron said:

The Equilibrio review will be appreciated as it's apparently being released in Europe tomorrow...



StarDust4Ever said:

I still find it interesting that the very instant Nintendo fixed the storage problem, World of Goo (320 blocks and actually worth it) jumped back up to the number one spot and stayed there. I recently got Art Style: Aquite for my DSi. When I go back home, I will get both Obrient and Rotohex, as I already have Cubello.



Rawk_Hawk said:

I think the reviewer loved Equilibrio so much they could not formulate any words to describe it.



gameking23 said:

@Tony Yeah mabey that's what happened, of course they could simply put a review up that goes like the following. Wonderful...Best Game Ever... Must go Play it NOW... 20/10.

So what do you think of that review?



Flaviohmg said:

the Top here in Brazil:

1- Bomberman Blast
2- My Aquarium
3- Megaman 9
4- Onslaught
5- Tetris Party
6- Space Invaders: Get Even
7- Cue Sports - Pool Revolution
8- Bonsai Barber



SuperDel said:

How is Mega Man 9 not in the USA top 20? At least it pops up in some other countries!



Corbs said:

I did finally download Equilibrio and it's actually pretty fun. Not a bad way to spend 500 Wii Points.



chiefeagle02 said:

First time commenting since the site redesign (it's not too bad. reminiscent of the joystiq site). This Top 20 is making me more curious about "Bit.Trip: Beat." I read the review and am intrigued now that I'm seeing it has some legitimate staying power. Anyway, it'll be interesting to see how Cave Story will affect the Top 20.

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