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The Conduit Slips, Multiplayer Gets Downsized

Posted by Damien McFerran

High Voltage’s ambitious FPS gets some fine-tuning

The Conduit is easily one of the most egarly awaited Wii titles of 2009 but it looks like we’re going to have to wait a little bit longer to get our hands on it.

Sega has confirmed that the game has been pushed back from Spring to Summer. This might be related to the fact that developer High Voltage is downsizing the multiplayer mode from 16 players to 12, presumably to make the game run better.

It’s not all bad news, however; details of the game’s multiplayer modes have been revealed; as well as the usual ‘Deathmatch’ ‘Last Man Standing’ and ‘Capture the Flag’ options, High Voltage is looking to include unique modes such as ‘Three Strikes’ (die three times and you’re out of the game); ‘Bounty Hunter’ (you have to hunt certain targets) and ‘ASE Football’ (very much like tag, where the player who can hold ASE the longest is declared the victor).

While it’s obviously a shame that such a highly anticipated game has been delayed, if it means the overall product is superior then we’re all in favour.


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Wesker said:

Thtas a shame. I really want a definitive FPS experience with online for Wii. I've held back on COD and MOD for the Conduit. And have even bought Wii Speak partly in anticipation for this one.



GN0LAUM said:

Well, its like they say,

Release a game before its done and it will be bad forever,
delay it and it will be good forever.



Wesbert said:

I wonder if this reduction to increase stability is in some way related to the crash at the multiplayer demo... Well, as long as the game remains stable afterwards, I can live with both the delay and the slight downsizing.

Bounty Hunter mode sounds nice (hunt for targets, get penalized for shooting wrong guys), although I'd like to know whether all players get the same targets, or whether each player gets a specific target, possibly in secret. In latter case, that could lead to some marvellously paranoid encounters

And it's good to have a game I can use my Wii Speak for!



Stevie said:

As long as its worth the wait i will forgive them + as long as multipayer doesn't drop below 12 i won't complain.



Machu said:

The longer they take the better the results i guess. 09 is crammed with things i wanna play, so a lil delay here and there wont hurt.



warioswoods said:

Delaying if necessary in order to get every possible bug ironed out is particularly important given the Wii's inability to patch games. If you screw up, you'll never be able to take it back without a full disc recall or other drastic measure.



wiiboy101 said:

why would they build 16 player then down grade doesn't make sense i think its 12 as its easier to develop and easier on segas servers wii already has 32 player online at 60 frames all be it weaker graphics i dont buy the tech reasons of wii i think sega just want to use a few less servers or something not that im bothered balance and great play is what i crave not numbers counting



-TR said:

The game'll run smoother. That's the diffrence. 12 and 16? No real diffrence.



GN0LAUM said:

The date at the top mentions this will be released at the end of June. It was my understanding from a long while back that the Conduit wouldn't become available until summer (June) as it is. Are they telling us there is yet ANOTHER date to be announced for the release? Is June 23rd the actual current release date, or what?

You'd think that if the new date was pending that would have put "TBA" instead.

All I'm saying is that if everyone is shocked by the prospect of waiting until June- well, I was already expecting to wait this long. No biggie for me.



Adam said:

I prefer smaller, 4-player matches anyway, so that's fine with me. I just hope that the levels don't feel over-sized since they were originally designed for four more players. Nothing takes the fun out of online FPS more than playing with too few players for the map. You just end up walking around with no one ever in sight.



Wiiloveit said:

It's a shame that the date has gone back, because every time I hear something new about the game I want it even more. Let's hope this extra time is worth it.



cr00mz said:

i also wonder the same thing as maniax above. was it supposed to be released earlier but now pushed back to 26 june or is it going to be pushed back even further? I mean isnt June summer?



Hardy83 said:

I honestly don't think anyone cares. This developer is pushing themselves hard to make a game that most people wouldn't bother making on the Wii.

I can wait.



grenworthshero said:

Well, I'm used to delays by now, anyway. I grew up with Nintendo. I'm never disappointed in the end. But then, this is Sega.....



Bahamut_ZERO said:

Shame too. I love more people per team (more chances to score points), but hey, 12 ain't bad.



jangonov said:

most likely because of the multiplayer issues they had at the tech conference. But, like you guys said, Im for it if it means a better game. Plus, think of it this way, Metroid prime hunters had only 4 people in it, and that was frantic fun (isn't alliteration fun?)



madgear said:

Those graphics actually look pretty poor to me. I mean, for a Sega game, I'd expect something looking a bit nicer - like they did with MadWorld and Overkill. Those shots looks like they're from a 1998 PC game or something.



wanderlustwarrior said:

down to 12 doesn't really bother me, i doubt I'd often be able to get 15 other people together for one game anyway, at least not on the Wii...

@Wesbert: basically, like "Assassins"? I get the feeling the new modes would be my favorites.

@Maniac: Yeah, I'm fairly certain I'd seen June before too. Of course, since the switch between spring and summer is during June (21st/22nd), hopefully it was just delayed by a week.

Of all 3 of those games, House of the Dead: Overkill is the only one that was developed by SEGA. MadWorld and The Conduit were both developed by different developers (Platinum Games and High-Voltage Software respectively), as you can see from both THE ARTICLE ITSELF and the games pages, as well as literally one year's worth of information on both games. Also, 1998 PC game? Are you kidding?
TL;DR summary: please stop trolling.

EDIT: the multi-player reveal was YESTERDAY, I doubt they'd work that fast to fix that one problem, so either its something they were debating for a while or this announcement has a possibility of being reversed.



Sean_Aaron said:

I was already expecting a June release -- does this mean it will be later? That's cool with me as I'm already being forced to put off buying Tenchu and wondering if I'll be able to get Boom Blox Bash Party next month...



MickEiA said:

12 is awesome quantum of solace is 4 but with the best maps you could get

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