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StarFox Developer Not Interested in Wii Sequel

Posted by Damien McFerran

Dylan Cuthbert was there when it all started - but he's ruled himself out of McCloud's future adventures

If you asked any hardcore Nintendo fan which key first-party franchise they’d like to see appear next on Wii, you can be pretty sure that amongst F-Zero, Donkey Kong and Kid Icarus the name ‘StarFox’ would crop up.

The first game kick-started the 3D revolution as far as Nintendo was concerned; released for the SNES way back in the mists of time, it featured impressive polygon visuals (thanks the British-made Super FX chip) and fantastic gameplay.

As well as helping out on the hardware side of things, UK developer Argonaut (sadly no longer with us) also programmed much of the game too, and one of the leading lights within this team was Dylan Cuthbert, who now runs his own studio in the shape of Q Games. His involvement with the series didn’t end there, either; he also oversaw the production of the unreleased SNES sequel and his company developed the recent DS outing, StarFox Command.

You’d think that with such strong ties to the series, Cuthbert would be the ideal man to bring Fox McCloud and his team to the Wii, but you’d be damn wrong. Speaking to G4TV, Cuthbert ruled himself and his team out of any future involvement with the sci-fi franchise. “Maybe in another 10 years,” he commented.

He was also asked about why recent StarFox titles – such as the disappointing Namco-developed StarFox Assault on GameCube – had deviated so sharply from the traditional ‘fly and shoot’ template, to which he replied:

I think that’s all Miyamoto. Whenever I speak to Miyamoto about StarFox, he says it’s not meant to be just a flying, sci-fi shooting game. It’s meant to be anything we want to think up. But the core fans don’t want that, but Miyamoto doesn’t really care about that. He wants to make what he wants to make, so he just goes ahead and gets it done.

Perhaps the most interesting part of the entire interview is Cuthbert’s perception of the Wii itself. When asked about how a StarFox title might control using the Wii’s unique interface, Cuthbert wasn’t sure it would work correctly without the assistance of the Wii MotionPlus, before adding:

The Wii is a bit more of a toy, I think.

If you listen very carefully you can hear the sound of a million Nintendo fan boys gnashing their teeth with rage.

UPDATE: As reported in GoNintendo (and mentioned in the comments thread below) Cuthbert has been quick to clarify his comments:

Um...just like to point out here that I wasn’t having a dig at Miyamoto at all. I was just explaining how he works - he gets on and does his thing. He is an amazing creator and that’s what amazing creators do.

And the comment regarding not wanting to make a Wii Starfox is clear, it would take a very large team and right now I am having a lot of fun with smaller teams. That’s all there is to it really. That’s how I intended the comment not as “Dylan spurns Starfox, shock horror!”.

I also say the Wii is “more” of a toy and it is. It’s not derogatory, the Wii is a great machine with lots of bells and whistles and this makes it feel (to me) to be more toy-like. In comparison the PS3/XBOX360 are more “media center”-like.

You can put your knives away now, guys.


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Nanaki said:

A shame, really; I reckon that a Starfox game could have worked on the Wii. Still, I am sure someone will pick up the mantle, but it's usually the original crew who do the better jobs.



AlphaNerd01 said:

After Fox's outings on the GC, good riddance. I'll stick with the SNES and N64 outings.



Damo said:

Nintendo need to get the team that did the N64 version on the case.



Bahamut_ZERO said:

Dang, this guys got one mouth insulting Miyamoto, the father of gaming, and calling the Wii a toy. Even though that the whole "Wii is a toy" comment ticked me off, I gotta admit, I admire his agressivness.



TwilightV said:

Well, a mock SF game was on WarioWare: Smooth Moves, so I highly doubt a good sequel on Wii is impossible.



Gizmo said:

Wow, what a surprise that the Wii is a toy...

Btw., Dylan Cuthbert clears some of his comments up:

(Dylan Cuthbert: "I also say the Wii is “more” of a toy and it is. It’s not derogatory, the Wii is a great machine with lots of bells and whistles and this makes it feel (to me) to be more toy-like. In comparison the PS3/XBOX360 are more “media center”-like.”)



theblackdragon said:

i gotta say i agree with the guy. when i think Star Fox, i think of flying around and shooting enemies while following a fairly intriguing storyline. if he's saying Miyamoto would end up putting a lot of fluffy BS into a Star Fox Wii sequel instead of sticking with the 'fly and shoot' style I loved about the original, the N64 version and Star Fox Command... screw it, i don't want it anyway.

Never did play Star Fox Assault, though, because i didn't have a GC. is it really as bad as they say?



Wesker said:

Starfox command is no good anyway, so this guy is nothing special. Lylat Wars is the best starfox game, but Starfox Adventures was alright as well.



Chipmunk777 said:

:[ This makes me sad. I was actually just thinking the other day that a new StarFox on the wii would be the best! Actually Starfox 64 is the most-played VC game I own.

as a sidenote, that guy sounds like a jerk



Adam said:

I don't think he sounded like a jerk. He sounds to me like a man who's had something he worked very hard on changed into something else by a man with more power than him and isn't willing to listen. Who in his right mind would willingly walk back into a situation like that?

Despite his being like a god to me for his work on the NES and SNES, I don't think Miyamoto is really that great anymore. This is coming from a lifetime Nintendo fan, so I assure you it hurts to say it as much it hurts for you to read it.

Cuthbert's complaints sound legit to me. That said, I do still hope we get a Star Fox on Wii from someone, and since MotionPlus supposedly comes out this year, what better franchise to take advantage of it? I don't know why it should be required, but hey, if he thinks it is, it'll be available soon enough. Nintendo can't delay it past this year, I don't think.

Also, Q Games rules and should keep doing what they're doing. I would rather him stay involved with that. Nintendo knows how to make a Star Fox game by now.



Ravage said:

@theblackdragon: I actually enjoyed SF Assault. The single player was pretty fun, it had a good mix of open environments and the classic on-rails type of SF. The multiplayer was the best aspect however was great fun with 3 or 4 people. There were some weapon balancing issues, but nothing too bad.

On a side note, I enjoyed Adventures a lot. There were some issues, but one of my favourites from the GC.



leon_x said:

the wiimote is perfect for star fox. The best is star fox (snes) and star fox assault is really bad...



AVahne said:

Assault was pretty good to me,but i do agree its one of the worst in the series. but seriously,that Wii is a toy or is more of a toy comment was retarded.if its a toy then that means its a GAME SYSTEM.the other systems are mostly dvd player and pc wanabees. the Wii is what is really proving that games are supposed to be about fun and not about extremely realistic visuals that make real life boring. if nintendo does make a starfox wii,i'm hoping they get rid of on-foot since thats the problem with Assault and i hope they are going to make epic full range space battles with huge maps and also make awesome on rails levels that could even beat that of the N64 starfox



lockelocke said:

Well, even if homeboy isn't down to contribute, I'd be down to see a Wii Starfox, under the condition that Nintendo picks the franchise back up from Namco or whoever did the GC installment.

Even so, I am praying for an eventual release of Starfox 2 for the SNES.



Objection said:

I liked both Assault and Adventure so I don't think the series has deteriorated that much or anything.



MickEiA said:

its weird on lylat wars/starfox64 that you cant save but on super mario world you can



AlexSays said:

And after your recent Star Gox game, Cuthbert, I'm not interested in you making a Wii sequel.

Turn the series in a good direction, Miyamoto? Thanks buddy.

Heck, this guy pushed the series into mediocrity and he has the nerve to criticize Miyamoto?
That's a good one.
Hopefully Nintendo can actually do something with the Star Fox name and push it to the same level as Zelda, Metroid, etc.



DaVeMaN99 said:

I guess he didn't want it to a shooting game on ground, like some parts of Assault was, even though Assault was great.
Star Fox Command isn't mediocore, it tried some new things. Some ideas worked well, some didn't.



Corbs said:

Now there's the AlexSays I know.

In truth, while it would be great to see a current generation version of the classic Star Fox titles, I don't see it happening anytime soon. On some points I agree with Cuthbert, but he sounds like someone who's a bit bitter and looking to lash out at those he feels have "wronged" him. Then he seemed to backpedal after it began to cause a ruckus among fans. That's just the feeling I got.



SmaMan said:

I realize I'm part of the unpopular opinion here but I really liked Command and Assault. My little brother and I still pick up Assault from time to time and have some awesome multiplayer matches when his friends come over. (Btw, to anyone else that's an avid player... I own people with Falco... that's right, Falco.)

Command was awesome because it's probably the closest to Starfox 2 we're ever going to get. If you haven't played the prototype of that game yet, go try it! Also there's a patch that adds some finishing touches to it, be sure to find that as well.

You may want to find a better link to back up your statement. 76/100 is a pretty good score, not mediocre by any means.



AlexSays said:

You may want to find a better link to back up your statement. 76/100 is a pretty good score, not mediocre by any means.
That's a terrible score!
Star Fox was pushed into a ditch and Nintendo needs to pull it back out.

76? What Zelda or Mario game has a 76 average?
What Metroid game has a 76 average?

Star Fox is "just okay" which is a terrible place for a Nintendo franchise.
Star Fox 64 put the series up with the elite (Cuthy wasn't involved in that one, how odd...) and now it's been dragged back down. You might think 76 isn't bad because you think Star Fox is a second rate series, but really it should be up there with Metroid and Zelda, and sorry developers like these aren't helping it any.

Star Fox Command isn't mediocore, it tried some new things. Some ideas worked well, some didn't.
For a Nintendo franchise, Star Fox Command's scores were mediocre.
You have to remember Nintendo's main franchises, Mario, Zelda, Metroid, all score highly every time.
Star Fox could be one of those franchises, so fans shouldn't settle for a Star Fox game just being "okay".

A 76 isn't even in the top 100 DS games.
Sure the DS has a lot of games, quality games, but it's sad to see Star Fox behind so many other titles.
This series has just as much, if not more potential than Nintendo's other franchises, so there's no reason we shouldn't see another "great" Star Fox game.

Heck, Star Fox is right there with Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam and Yu-Gi-Oh World Championship Tournament. So it's not that hard to see how it's fallen since the N64 days.



Chrono_Cross said:

@Alexsays and everything he just typed

Alexsays everything you just said is absolutley true. Star Fox isn`t like some washed up Blue-blur, Star Fox in other is a great franchise that has done things no other franchise has done before. 76/100 is average for a game. 76/100 for a Star Fox game is inexcusable.
You may not be always right when you speak your mind but come on who always is?



XCWarrior said:

This pretty much confirms no Star Fox game coming to Wii any time soon. I am not happy.



SmaMan said:

Yeah I guess you're right. I'm not too familiar with Metacritic's scale.

I think we'll get a Wii StarFox game eventually. Nintendo will do something... even if it winds up being terrible... like Fox's Arwing Party or something.



wanderlustwarrior said:

A bit more confirmation that Miyamoto seems to have stopped listening to reason. Does anyone else see a trend happening with the holdovers from Genesis/SNES days?



Kirk said:

I miss the feel of the original Star Fox.

Why can't they just make that game again but in stunning up to date 3D etc?



Wesker said:

What I don't understand is why Starfox was given a complete makeover for Starfox Adventures and then totally forgotten about afterwards, like it never existed. I mean I thought that staff kicked ass so why couldn't he keep it? In Super Smash Bros. Brawl he has some almost defective laser gun that hardly does anything. I think his character has been messed up.



i8cookie said:

he shouldn't have gone back on what he said, Miyamoto is a bell end for not caring what the fans want from a series, I haven't played a single StarFox game since the SNES because they all look shyite.



Chunky_Droid said:

Oh Alex how I missed you

I have Command, and while I found it fun, didn't think it had anywhere near the production value of Starfox 64, or even Starfox Adventures.

This franchise was never number one on the importance scale in the world of Nintendo.



Ricardo91 said:

@Alexsays. Welcome back. You were missed.

Keep in mind that Starfox has never been up there with Nintendo's triple-A franchises like Mario and Zelda. It was always among Ninty's "B-league" series like F-Zero and Kirby. However, I agree that it does have potential to be among those franchises, especially with the Wii and it's online capabilities (A SF with leaderboards and online deathmatches? Awww yeeeah!).

Starfox 64 is one of Nintendo's better games. If Ninty can get the same team to make the Wii version, the franchise could be pullled out of it's rut of mediocrity.

EDIT: I too was gonna say that 76 was a pretty good Metacritic score, but then you provided the links to Downhill Jam and that Yu-Gi-Oh game and immediately shut my mouth.
I've heard pretty good things about Command though...



Popyman said:

I still want to see a Treasure made Star Fox. I mean think about it, they would give it AWESOME gameplay, AND a crazy story with funny lines. And isn't that the two biggest things Star Fox 64 is remembered for?



Adam said:


Too bad if that would ever happen, it wouldn't be for quite some time because they're just finishing S&P2, and they have a pretty small studio.

I personally like the SNES Star Fox the best, so I can't completely discredit Cuthbert, and Command was a vast improvement from Assault and Dinosaur Planet, so you really can't blame Cuthbert for being the one to drive the franchise into the ground, even if Command doesn't live up to the first two.



Terra said:

I love Star Fox so no Wii game from Q Games is a bit of a bummer. However, it doesn't mean there won't be one at all, another team could be doing it, so I'm holding hope we'll get one at some point



Ferret75 said:

"the core fans don’t want that, but Miyamoto doesn’t really care".

There's something really wrong here. =|



XCWarrior said:

@Ferret75 I totally agree. But I think it is at least partially true. After all, Miyamoto gave us Wii Music. I don't know who he was thinking about besides himself on that one...



Kid_A said:

@XCWarrior: I'm actually a really big fan of Wii Music. Nobody gave that game a fair chance.

Now, as for Starfox, it was never my favorite franchise, but I enjoyed the N64 and DS games. It's a shame that the guy doesn't want to do another Starfox, but I'm sure another developer could give it a go.

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