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Squibs Arcade - LCD Madness From Alten8

Posted by Darren Calvert

All your game are belong to us!

Squibs Arcade is certainly one of the more unique upcoming WiiWare titles we have come across. It’s basically a parody of all the top rated titles for Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii, oh yeah and Assassins Creed too! The trick is all these modern games are stripped down to their core gameplay essentials and presented as a LCD game from yesteryear.

Our pals over at Alten8 assure us that the game will appeal to many different audiences including kids, causal players and hardcore fans who will ‘get’ all the in-jokes.

All these games will come in one bundle package for the bargain price of just 500 Nintendo points.

See below the fold for the gameplay trailer and screenshot gallery.

Here’s more about the game from Alten8:

SQUIBS ARCADE is a collection of classic favourites based on the old style of LCD games including Clown, Gun Cogs, Crowd Wader, Button Basher, Fantasy Turn Base, Call of Honour, Jack-a-Motor, Lots of Levelling, Cardboard Axel Mush, We're Fat, and Regret the Fist.

Alten8 believes it appeals to both casual game players, but also hardcore game fans. There’s a great variety of fun gameplay across the collection: in Clown move the clown’s hands to where the bombs are going to land or BOOM!; follow the beat of the music in Button Basher; live through monster battles in Fantasy Turn Base or Jack as many cars as you can and avoid the police and breaking down in Jack-a-Motor and in We’re Fat, Shigeru wants us to get healthy, so aim to avoid the cakes and eat the carrots.

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It’s quite a surprise to see a new WiiWare announcement from Alten8 as we are still waiting for the release of the troubled Eternity’s Child. Perhaps it would be best for them to cut their losses and turn it into a Game & Watch and be done with it?

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Crazynoodle said:

hmmmmm i really do not like those old fashioned LCD game things, so im not sure i will like this



Lode_Runner said:

This game reminds me of the WarioWare and the Mr. Game and Watch series and that's not a bad thing .



Grim_Heaper94 said:

We're Fat. LOL That's supposed to be like Wii Fit, right?
This looks like it would be good for a laugh,but it doesn't look fun.



Philip_J_Reed said:

"will wait and see if they are just graphically updated versions or if they they offer something a bit more than that, how well received where the originals?"

You might be slightly confused...these are LCD-style parodies of current gen games, not remakes of actual old LCD games!



thewiirocks said:

Despite it taking me a bit to figure out what "Cardboard Axel Mush" was, these things are hilarious! I just hope the gameplay matches the humor. I'd hate to be greeted with a 1000 point game consisting of a Game and Watch Collection sans the upgrades.

Edit: I just noticed, 500 points. At that price it might be worth getting even if it's bad. We'll see, I 'spose...



TwilightV said:

I likey what I see. I just wish we could get some of these great WW games and a lot less of those puzzle, party games... >: (



Bahamut_ZERO said:

I feel happy I was one who brought this up

Anyway, this looks funny. A Low-budget, bad graphic, stripped down Assassins Creed? How hilarious is that



longtimegamer said:

I'm very skeptical about this. These type of games are way too primative to me. It would probable be better to even have an Atari version than this. I don't like the way these types of games move. Too simplistic too.

☆I can't see the video here and I can't find it on youtube.



Adam said:

I love the old Game & Watch and other LCD games. I still remember opening my LCD TMNT game one Christmas and going nuts over it.

The fact that they're clever parodies is just bonus.



Chunky_Droid said:

@Blaze, they were never released before. They are Alien8's way of making parodies of current gen system games like Grand Theft Auto 4, in the simplest form possible.




KDR_11k said:

Just had a thought: It'd be even funnier if the characters were drawn Zero Punctuation style.



Peznaze said:

Huh? GTA on Wii? Where? "Here, diagonally!" Pretty sneaky, Alten8!

Oh, sorry, seeing those old LCD games dredges up lots o'nostalgia for me.



Philip_J_Reed said:

Yeah, Chunky Droid is right. These games never existed before: you are looking at screen shots of what you will see when you play this on your Wii. They are LCD-style parodies of current-gen games.

I hope you're not still confused, but I don't know how to make it any more clear than that!



Kawaiipikachu said:

Wow im at least halfway looking forward to more .
We're Fat nice send up of Wii Fit & im pretty sure that Fantasy Turn Base is a parody of final fantasy .



AlphaNerd01 said:

This seems more like a novelty or a clever joke than something someone would want to play. You'll laugh for five minutes and then delete it.

... still gonna buy it though. haha



SmaMan said:

Looks phunny. But why is it called "Squibs" Arcade exactly? Am I missing something here?



TRON said:

You hit it on the head for me. Looks funny and very clever, but I hope it's really cheap, or has deeper gameplay than it appears.... which I doubt. Anyways, will be fun for a laugh. The WoW parody called "Lot's-o-Levelling" sounds the funniest to me so far.

One of the definitions for squib is: A squib is a brief satirical or witty piece of writing or speech, like a lampoon, or a short, sometimes humorous piece in a newspaper or magazine, used as a filler. It can be intended to ignite thinking and discourse by others on topics of theoretical importance.

Maybe by narrowing down the game play to it's simplest form he's poking fun at how boring some of these games actually are under their shiny gloss of paint.



SmaMan said:

Hmm, I guess that makes definition sense. Isn't it funny how we were just discussing 8-bit versions of todays games a few days ago? Talk about coincidence.

I'm wondering what Crowd Wader is supposed to be, is it Twilight Princess or something? I know it'll hit me in the face when I find out what it's supposed to be.



Golgo said:

That looks a grin. For the right price I might take a chance on this.



Sean_Aaron said:

Totally looks brilliant. I'm not a big fan of LCD games, but LCD games that parody current releases is something I won't be able to pass up.



Chunky_Droid said:

Can somebody with some knowledge of 360/PS3 libraries tell me what half of the games mean? I know:

Gun Cogs - Gears of War
Fantasy Turn Base - Final Fantasy
Call of Honour - Call of Duty
Jack-a-Motor - Grand Theft Auto
We're Fat - Wii Fit




Another one that made me smile. However, also another one that I am not convinced with yet. Interesting nonetheless.



Aardvark_Soup said:

Looks awesome! I'm certainly going to buy this if there are enough different games.


Cardboard Axel Mush - Metal Gear Solid
Regret the Fist - Street Fighter II
Crowd Wader - Assasins Creed
Lots of Levelling -World of Warcraft

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