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Reggie says "important" Wii titles coming

Posted by Stuart Reddick

Strong sales should follow.

Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime said in an interview with Reuters that the company has a number of important new games on the way for Wii, saying "we’re confident that we’ll continue to see very strong hardware sales behind those launch titles.”

What could these key titles be? Wii Fit+ has been rumored to be on track for a late 2009 release, and judging by the sales of the original, this could certainly boost Wii sales.

Besides that, Wii Sports Resort is on track for a July release and if it's anything like the first one, we're going to have a monster in terms of sales.

What are your thoughts? Do you think Nintendo has any big surprises up its sleeves?


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The_Fox said:

Well, does he mean important as in games that will sell well, or games that are good? Or, better yet, both?



Adam said:

Wii Fit+??? Is this pure rumor, or has Nintendo said this is in the works? How have I not heard of this abomination before? I will be really disappointed if this is the big E3 title Nintendo has planned for us.



professorlayton said:

While Nintendo has not shown it, many retailers are listing the game for a November release. It's pretty likely to happen seeing as the Japanese are still eating up the original Wii Fit and Wii Fit + would help boost Wii sales in the region.



-TR said:

Wii Fit Plus was on a listing for November 16th. It may be shown at E3.



KDR_11k said:

Last E3 was a defensive measure because they feared that Sony or MS would try to steal their new market, it's too late for any action from those two now so Nintendo can sit back and relax, instead focus on moving upmarket as their strategy demands.



Bensei said:

I don't believe in Kid Icarus. A Wii Zelda is more likely, however, I guess their top title will only be LoZ:ST.

Sorry if I sound pessimistic, but I don't expect too much from them on an E³, TGS is a better festival to expect Nintendo to release good Core games...



SmaMan said:

And by that, I bet they mean more "New Play Control" titles! [facepalm]

And for the last time... the only reason Wii Sports was such a monster in sales (even passing up SMB if you want to put it that way) is because it was a pack in title! Sorry, I just don't think you can legitimately refer to its sales because of that.



Adam said:

Except that Nintendo doesn't generally have a TGS presence.......
They've already said they have something big to show at E3. Whether or not it is a game we can look forward to or another Wii Fit, only time will tell. I don't believe in the Kid, either.



Adam said:

I played the original F-Zero last night. The music and graphics for that game still impress me... and I still can't beat Fire Field in (what I think is) the last cup.



professorlayton said:

Just thought I'd pass along that a reliable source at NeoGaf has stated that Factor 5's new title is fairly casual and allows players to explore the world.

They also have another title in development but it's a shooter that takes place in both the air and on land.

While these are only rumors, the poster has usually been spot-on when it comes to posting things.



breaderer said:

I bet this will be a repeat of last year. Nintendo will spend the whole E3 conference talking about those casual games that nobody at the event will give a ... about. I mean, most of the casual gamers won't be at E3 or watching it, so Nintendo should show off their core games there instead..But we know they wont.....



Objection said:

I don't plan on getting Fit+ or Resort, neither of which are really full games, so if that's the only "big game" we have to look forward to at E3, I will be mad as hell.



SolsticeWings said:

I think that late this year or some point next year we will here of a new smash bros game for DSi.
I expect lots of DSi camera featuring games will appear and some big titles like mario on wii will be announced later this year



MarkyVigoroth said:

Not that related, but, every time I read about Nintendo's Reggie, I immediately think of Bob from the controversial "Bob's Game"...



pixelman said:

Zelda and Star Fox Wii please! But yeah it's probably a new version of Wii Fit that will cost a fortune. Grrr, Nintendo, grrr.



Bahamut_ZERO said:

As awesome as Reggie is, I tend to ignore whatever hype he builds. He said E3 08 was gonna rock and.........



melvin2898 said:

Super Smash Bros DSi
Gold and Silver Pokemon remakes?
Zelda and Mario Wii?
Pokemon Wii?
F-Zero Wii?



timp29 said:

Why can't you use a non-douche looking picture of reggie? Oh wait... hes a douche.

I think we are due a wii zelda. After all Twilight Princess was really a gamecube game.



Corbs said:

I'm looking forward to the Nintendo Press Conference this year. I'll try to snap a decent pic of Reggie so we don't have to use the "douche" version anymore.



Atlantis1982 said:

"I mean, most of the casual gamers won't be at E3 or watching it"
No they won't, but that does not mean the media press will not either. With that, I don't know what to expect with these "important" titles. Much as the casual crowd won't be seeing E3, but that is Nintendo's focus. Honestly, it's really their fall event that brings in the 'hardcore nonsense' news.



Stuffgamer1 said:

I'm getting more than a little tired of all the "Reggie" news lately. Between this site and Earthbound Central, I've had WAY too much of his BS lately! Yeah, he has a hard job, may be something of a scapegoat, blah blah blah...I still don't like the guy. At all.

Still, I am hoping for the best at E3 while staying prepared for the worst.



Corbs said:

Well you'd better get used to it, especially between now and June when E3 kicks off.



SmaMan said:

Ah yes, Gold and Silver were my faves in the series. And I still can't believe that I got one of the lucky carts who's save battery worked! It did what Pokemon sequels should do, add in all that was in the first and then add more.

Instead of making another PKMN RPG for the Wii, why not take advantage of the abundant disc space and combine all the versions to one game? Pokemon Rainbow version? Nah, too gay. Pokemon Prism Version... yes!



XCWarrior said:

At this point, I don't expect the big game to be for the core fans. Wii Fit+ is a likely candidate, or maybe Wii Educate, so parents don't have to send their kids to school anymore.



Twilight_Crow said:

I have this feeling that I won't care about those "important" games he talked about, hope I'm mistaken; still, let's hope this E3 turns out better than last year's.

As everybody else, I'd love to hear about F-Zero, Star Fox or Pokemon, but being honest I seriously doubt there will be any big franchise game, at least for Wii; and I've been having this ugly thought that the new Zelda game they were talking about was only LoZ:ST, again I hope I'm wrong.



Hardy83 said:

This guy also said NA doesn't want Disaster Day of Crisis, AND that their focus on the DSiWare is quality games, not a bunch of crap like the Iphone.... But all games so far are garbage except ONE which passes as OK only.

So I'm guessing these "important" games will be a let down.



KDR_11k said:

It's somewhere between amazing and sad that people automatically expect one bad year to form a trend, especially when there was a reason for that one year that doesn't apply anymore.

And for the last time... the only reason Wii Sports was such a monster in sales (even passing up SMB if you want to put it that way) is because it was a pack in title! Sorry, I just don't think you can legitimately refer to its sales because of that.

Except in Japan it wasn't and still sold HUGE.



calculon said:

I'm not holding up much hope for E3 and I don't care the slightest aout what Reggie has to say. If F-Zero Wii does appear I hope it's more like the Gamecube version in terms of difficulty rather than the usual toned-down rubbish that appears on Wii (i.e. where anyone who can turn a doorknob can complete the game in under eight hours.)

The one thing I could hope for is physical evidence that Nintendo are actually approaching online properly with demonstration of a game that allows for 16+ individual connections without lag and that makes finding friends easy. I can't fathom how Nintendo can't implement a system that would generate a friend code for a purchased game behind the scenes and allow it to be picked up by other users registered on a console's Wii friends list - after all - information is being gathered locally for game play times, etc for use on the pointless Nintendo Channel. Maybe Nintendo could make use of this service to do some good?

Other than that I have no interest in Kid Icarus and I don't see that game as a big system seller. If anything I'd say the games Reggie's on about would likely be Wii Sports Resort, Wii Fit+ and LoZ: Spirit Tracks and nothing more.



SmaMan said:

Hmm, didn't know that. I stand corrected!

Well, I can't help but think pessimistically about Reggie's statement too... but you never know... something good might just be around the corner... at least I friggin' hope so!



Chunky_Droid said:

Of course Reggie would say that, and I like the douche picture!

You should snap one of him with a DSi and draw devil horns or something on it



y2josh said:

#33 XCWarrior made me LMAO! Wii Educate, the future of home schooling.

I do expect a repeat of last year. When they decide to release a new system is when they'll act like they care about the people who dont want nothing to do with Wii Fit and the likes (crap)



Crazed said:

I doubt that this E3 is going to be anything like the last E3. The whole E3 event was bad last year (even though the games from Microsoft and Sony were good), so I'm just going to think that Nintendo had an off year like they did.
Also, for my wish of what's going to happen this year, I'm hoping for...something completely different. A brand-new mascot game (a game with a character that can sell multiple games for multiple generations, like the Mario series, the Link series, the Samus series, etc...) Not that I don't want a F-Zero game or a Star Fox game, but if Nintendo wants to reel in this casual gamer crowd, they should attempt to create a new mascot game like a Mario or a Sonic in terms of publicity and marketability that this new generation of gamers can cling onto and say "Hey, is that a (insert name here) game?..." and be interested in. Also, there weren't that many mascot games for the Gamecube (all I can think of is Pikmin and Animal Crossing), so we are in need of fresh material.



taps said:

hmm Wii Fit + sounds mighty tasty but my question is whether the upgrade will be modular like motion + or an entirely new unit that will render my current balance board useless for Fit+ titles.



EaterOfDays said:

It Could Be Somthing Stupid Like, Wii Music 2, or He Could Be Serious and Have Like Zelda, Metroid, Mario, but My Personal Bet is for Star Fox, or Pikmin.

You Never Know.


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