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Pixel Customizes Wii Remotes

Posted by Corbie Dillard

Pixel turns standard Wii Remotes into works of art!

Pixel, artist extraordinaire and lead artistic designer on the upcoming WiiWare release Cave Story, has taken it upon himself to decorate a few Wii Remotes to make them a little more interesting. While the designs are black & white, they're certainly no less eye-catching.

Nicalis plans to give these Wii Remotes away to fans at some point and we'll keep you posted on how and when this might take place. Until then, you can take a look at these ultra-cool collector's items below.


Who wants one? You know you do!


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WolfRamHeart said:

WOW! Would anyone actually use these if they won one?! Oh, I think this game is finally coming out this Monday! Its just a hunch but if you look at all the recent activity on the Nicalis site, hopefully it will happen! Maybe Corbie knows the scoop?



jangonov said:

All of my wii remotes are all ready customized. I have 2 red and silver ones, a blue one, and my next will be a green one. Still those designs are sweet
edit: I got the face plates for it from my local play-n-trade. It comes with a special screwdriver to open up the wii remote.



Objection said:

I want one so much. Hope I win one if such an occasion presents itself. If not, put them on eBay, Pixel! I'll totally go for them.



odd69 said:

hey corbie, where did you find that picture at the top of the cave story crew?i really like that artwork where can i look at more??



Corbs said:

I got the artwork from here, but I'm not sure if there's any additional art on that site. If you're interested it might be worth a look. I liked the artwork myself.



Popyman said:

I'll do whatever it takes to get one of those.

Middle ones the coolest, BTW. =P



KDR_11k said:

Now we know what the characters are supposed to look like when they're not limited by resolution...



theblackdragon said:

i wonder what he used to draw everything on them with. i wouldn't mind doodling random stuff on my own wiimote, so long as there was no chance of it rubbing off on my hands during play. :3



Kittsy said:

I might give drawing one of my own ago, directly copying that. Not to sell, obviously, just because theres no way I'd win one. xD



Yasume said:

Ugh, they are damn ugly. I'll stick to my regular WiiMotes, thank you.



Corbs said:

The one on the left is my favorite. And just the fact that they were personally decorated by Pixel and there will only be three of them in existence makes me want one all the more.




Look interesting. I already have sticker "sleeves" for my wiimotes as free gifts from n-gamer and onm. I got a boom blox one for one remote as well as a sonic sega superstar tennis one for the other. I also have a pixel style one as a spare. I like them, they're funky!



Omega said:

Yeah, scribbling on the Wiimote is pure fun. This guy really knows how to amuse himself when he gets bored.



MrPinguy said:

@Apocalypse & @Mama Luigi

These drawings are handmade by Pixel himself.
These are not "factory printed" or something like that
The designs are awesome, even if you didn't played the game you would see that.
(And even more if you know the characters)

And i actually wanted see you both doing better (including a Top Quallity Indie game from zero.)



Kawaiipikachu said:

Nice with cute designs 
Maybe Pixel should design some for Club Nintendo.
Maybe I'm big headac about this 



H_Hog said:

Apocalypse makes me ashamed of my country.
Anyway... I seriously want the one on the left.... though I love the middle one as well =P
If I ever did play with any of these I would seriously use the "Remote-Condom" to protect the drawings.



Kawaiipikachu said:

@ H Hog
The rubber on those condoms might erase the artwork.
But I like the middle one the girl on the back is cute.



MrPinguy said:

Her name is Misery and she is one of the main Antagonists of Cave Story.
She's also on the most left wiimote (front)

@H Hog
I wouldn't play with them with or without the jacket.
The sweat would ruin the drawings.
It's more a collection item, don't play with them ;P



Link79 said:

The heck with artwork on my Wiimote. I want the game! The anticipation is killing me. I want Cave story now!



Chrono_Cross said:

The artwork on the Wiimotes looks plain and down right ugly. Count me out on wanting one of these :/



deadly_by_design said:

I agree with the "let's just release the game" sentiment. Nice idea on the wiimotes, but black & white reminds me more of MadWorld. That, and I could just sharpe my own stuff onto a wiimote if I wanted it decorated. Bring on the game and they'll get my money.



Sonatina_Gena said:

That's pretty sweet. I'd never use them, though. I'd be afraid to ruin the artwork. I should scribble on my extra WiiMote.

We still want the game, though. I have the Freeware version, but I'm willing to spend money on this game. It looks awesome.



naut said:

Does anyone know why I can't view them? It just says "untitled"



RETROnoob said:

oh yea I really want a bunch of badly drawn scribblings all over my wiimotes ¬_¬
Are you guys serious?



MrPinguy said:

These are made by Pixel, the creator of the game.
It's like an Autograph, but instead his name, it's pictures of the characters, it's something that Pixel likes to do.
And just because you don't like his style doesn't make them " badly drawn scribblings".



CanisWolfred said:

So, the dude just doodles on a wii remote with a permanent marker, and passes it off as some ultra-rare collector's item...BRILLIANT!!

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