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Nintendo Sets Down Some New Release Dates

Posted by Stuart Reddick

New Play Control: Chibi-Robo, New Play Control: Metroid Prime 2 Echoes, and Friend Connection have all been given June release dates by Nintendo.

Late last year Nintendo of Japan started re-releasing Nintendo Gamecube games on Wii with motion controls, and in some cases, special features. On June 11th though, the New Play Control line will officially come to an end with the release of New Play Control: Chibi-Robo and New Play Control: Metroid Prime 2 Echoes.

Though we don't have any exact details about what the control schemes will be like for these titles, we think it's safe to say that Metroid Prime 2 Echoes will have a control scheme similar to the first one, which was released in Japan back in February.

Continuing on announcements, Nintendo has also given a release date for the Nintendo DS game, Friend Connection. While details remain scarce, it has been confirmed that it stars Nintendo figureheads like Reggie Fils-Aime, Satoru Iwata, and Shigeru Miyamoto. Miyamoto even sings in the game!

Besides that though, we don't know much about the game other than it puts heavy emphasis on Mii creation. We should be hearing more about Friend Connection soon since the game just got a June 18 release date in Japan.

Will Friend Connection be too quirky for a Western localization? It’s way too early to tell but Nintendo has registered a trademark for Friend Connection in Europe, which indicates that the game may indeed head overseas.


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Sean_Aaron said:

Hopefully Chibi Robo will be getting worldwide release; it sounded like an interesting game.



Terra said:

Firstly, I'd like to know more about that Friend Challenge game. That could certainly be interesting

Secondly, How do we know the NPC series is coming to an end? There could easily be a second series of games, For All We Know.



Machu said:

Chibi was the last game I played on the GC and it was excellent. One of those games where you're watching the opening cut-scene thinkin "i just wasted 40 squid", and then half an hour in you are laughing inside at how joyful it is. Cleaning has never been so fun, and exploring the house is a real treat. I really hope the game gets noticed this time.



Jockolantern said:

So... when do we get New Play Control: Metroid Prime in the states? That's what I'm waiting to find out.



Outrunner said:

I hope they re-release Wind Waker with wide screen support. They could finish the dungeons they removed too. Probably wont happen though.



aaronsullivan said:

Wow, Outrunner, didn't know about removed dungeons in Wind Waker. Thanks to the art style (love it or hate it) that game is timeless. Just played through it a while back with my little 3 year old girl and we had a blast. (A little violent though!) Anyway, if Nintendo is thinking of these Gamecube games as missed opportunities on a platform misfire... it wouldn't be too far fetched to see a Wii version happen. The only problem I see is little to no reason to add "waggle." Still, what a great game to reintroduce Zelda to the new Wii gamers.



Party_On_Dude said:

Nice to hear though that Chibi Robo New Play Control has a Japan release!

Now I wonder when NOA will announce the release dates for it; & the Metroid Prime games... making out 2009 complete for the New Play Control series!

And yes... I'm always wishing for a Zelda TWW re-release just for New Play Control; (sine I just recently beat it a while ago; out of pure fun & charm reliving it)!
But it would be up to the Zelda Team developers on NOJ to push for a NPC Zelda WW release... so I'm always doubting it'll ever happen! Just always wishful thinging though!



breaderer said:


but seriously, if you've never played Chibi-Robo before, you have no idea what your missing out on.



Terra said:

And i want Park Patrol in Europe but that's not happening either now. Who knows, maybe they'll release a new one for the Wii, or finally localize the DS one in Europe (Even the Aussies have it, like with the new Kirby. What is going on?)



Skidmark said:

Trust me. It's a rare and sweet thing when us Aussies get something FIRST. Usually we are left lagging way behind our northern hemisphere cousins.
As far as NPC goes....I'm all about the Metroid wiimakes.



Metroid133 said:

...shrugs At least Nintendo is working on getting the the Metroid Prime games onto the Wii in some places. >_>

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