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Nintendo Power Reveals New Red Steel 2 Artwork

Posted by Damien McFerran

Game to showcase a Wild West theme?

US magazine Nintendo Power has published some new imagery from Ubisoft's upcoming Red Steel 2.

The new artwork appears to show some kind of katana-welding cowboy. The images shown so far are merely snippets from the final print magazine, and we'll have to wait until the physical issue hits the news stands before we know if they have any juicy screen shots to show us.

The issue in question is expected to reach US stores on the 12th May.

In the meantime though, we're liking the new artistic direction Ubisoft is taking with this. Hopefully the game play will improve on the rather disappointing prequel.


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IAmNotWill said:

Nobody can say "the wii is full of kiddy games" anymore.
Can't Wait for more info.



pixelman said:

...And they couldn't say it after MadWorld, House of the Dead: Overkill, No More Heroes, gosh, and so many more.



Wesker said:

The wii is full of kiddy games. I said it.

Where are the pcitures then? I hope you don't expect me to actually go and buy the magazine.



Ricardo91 said:

Hopefully, with the addition of Motionplus, this will be a lot better than the original Red Steel. But really, it shouldn't be too hard to trump the original.

Nobody can say "the wii is full of kiddy games" anymore.

Madworld and HotD: Overkill does a far better job of convincing people otherwise than this game does...



Adam said:

Video games need more cowboy protagonists. Can't top Flint though.



lockelocke said:

The Wii is totally full of kiddy games, and the small handful of excellent M-rated titles isn't convincing me otherwise. If Red Steel 2 doesn't use the motionplus, it seems like a pretty useless sequel.



Sonicpro said:

Sorry, I was distracted by the New Zelda.

Oh... hope it uses MotionPlus. Seriously....



WolfRamHeart said:

Crap, I was hoping the cover story would have been Muramasa: The Demon Blade when Nintendo Power said it would be covering "one of the year's biggest action games on the Wii". Instead we get Red Steel 2. Hopefully Wii motion plus will be enough to fix the god-awful controls! I want this game to be good but I still cringe whenever I hear the name Red Steel!



motang said:

Hope this will turn out better than the first outing. Looking forward to it.



Adam said:

Thanks. Just finished playing through Mother 3 my second time recently, and the cowboy art for this game made me think of Flint.



Atlantis1982 said:

One of my friends would be disapointed if this does go WAY west than East like the first one. Though, why should I care he even doesn't have a Wii, but he would of bought RS1 anyway if he did.



The_Fox said:

The first RS was kinda bland and felt a bit rushed, but I'm interested to see how this progresses.



Objection said:

The guy on the cover reminds me of Justice from AFRO SAMURAI. I really liked Red Steel when it wasn't doing swords (so 90% of the time I liked it.) I think this could be really good since they have had plenty of time to improve the first game.



KDR_11k said:

They better improve it a LOT.

Hm... Cowboys... Swords... Will there be a guest appearance by the Oneechanbara characters?



cr00mz said:

doesnt look like a cowboy at all to me.. well not a traditional cowboy that is



wiiboy101 said:


why cell shaded i said all along knowing ubisoft thell do something stupid like make it cell shaded AND GUESS WHAT THEY DID

going cell shaded screams of design cop out to me ubi couldnt think anything up so went oh well lets do a cell shaded game



Chipmunk777 said:

You know, I really liked the original red steel! There I said it! :]

At any rate, I am excited to see what they change in red steel 2 (motionplus?!?), because the controls certainly could be improved!



lockelocke said:

cell-shading doesn't really bother me, its actually a good way to take of advantage of the Wii's less than spectacular visuals. its mediocre sequels to already mediocre games that bother me; lets hope ubisoft can dig Red Steel out of the grave its in.



Wiiloveit said:

Since it's Ubisoft, I'm expecting nothing short of "average". I wonder how popular this one will be, though?



Kid_A said:

I'm playing Red Steel right now for the first time and I'm having a blast! The game isn't perfect, but it's good fun nontheless. I'm thinking the use of the WiiMotionPlus will make the sequel really, really great.



Caliko said:


Cell shaded? I must have missed something but where exactly are the screenshots that show that this game is cell shaded???



wiiboy101 said:

its confirmed as cell shaded according to the released information so far "APPARENTLY ITS CELL SHADED" im ok with it if it means a great use of the tech like say wind waker but if its generic cell shading like xiii fps on ps2 gc xbox pc or jet grind radio IM GOING TO BE WELL PIIISSED OFF

metroid prime 2 mixed metroid prime art with cell shading and it worked well if its cleaver use of cell shading dreat but if its cel shaded for quicj buck reasons witch is what i expect from ubi ill scream

concept sems great but cell shading scares mii

hopfully im proven wring and it looks stella 60 FRAMES PER SECOND CONFIRMED



James said:

I love how you say Jet Set Radio has generic cel-shading. Honestly, that's one of the greatest comments we've ever had here; I just wish I'd seen it sooner!

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