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Nintendo DSi – Deconstructed

Posted by Damien McFerran

Cool stop-motion video surfaces of a DSi ripping itself to pieces

Whenever there’s a new hardware launch you can practically guarantee that some nutcase will take it upon themselves to rip the machine open to see what it looks like inside.

Nine times out of ten all they discover is a bunch of circuit board and some chips – hardly surprising.

Still, when you get someone taking hardware apart via the magic of stop-motion animation, it makes the procedure a little more bearable:

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Terra said:

I can imagine this video with a cheesy narration. That would have made this funny.



wiiboy101 said:


arm 7 arm 9 3d engine 2x 2d gpus sram catch ram sound hardware ALL ON A SINGLE CHIP dismantlers keep calling the SOC "system on chip" a CPU cough hmmmmm......



Wiiloveit said:

Pretty damn good, although it's clear that someone's got way too much time on their hands.



jangonov said:

Nice, Ive wondered when a video like this would be made. It is surprisingly well done, as well.



MarkyVigoroth said:

So zetta slow... I already read of this in DSiBrew... and this is not the first time I read an article before NintendoLife posted the same one (try the over-sensitive Motion+ or non-green Nintendo!)!



Kit said:

Well that certainly saves me from having to disassemble my DSi.



SupermarketZombies said:

I might go to them to get this used PS2 I bought in an Ebay auction and my borked Xbox. PS2's disk drive doesn't work and my Xbox's power is dead...

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