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Nintendo Download: Bit.Trip Beat, Dr. Mario, Magic and Galaxy Force II (EU)

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

Alternating Virtual Console and WiiWare weeks come to an end!

WiiWare's almost been out for a year in Europe, and it seems that because of that, Nintendo of Europe has decided to start using the same schedule North America does - Releasing both VC and WiiWare games every week. Of course there's another DSiWare game as well. None of the games are actually available until tonight, NoE's simply chosen to reveal them in advance.

Obviously the most anticipated of these releases is Bit.Trip: Beat. This retro-flavoured rhythm game came out in North America some time ago and was met with very positive reviews. It doesn't look like much just going by screenshots, but trust us, looks can be deceiving! Read our Bit.Trip: Beat review to see why this is a must-buy.

A bit less interesting but still somewhat anticipated is Dr. Mario Express, which North America got earlier this week as Dr. Mario Express. This is really just a bite-sized version of Dr. Mario & Germ Buster on WiiWare - It only includes single player and Vs. CPU modes, there's no multiplayer. That said, it's only 500 points, half the price of the WiiWare game - And honestly, Dr. Mario is practically made for handhelds, so you really can't go wrong with this. Read our Dr. Mario Express review to find out more, the game will be the exact same anyway!

Thankfully not released as sole DSiWare game is A Little Bit of... Magic Made Fun: Funny Face. This was a North American DSiWare launch title at the start of April. This is a pointless rerelease of two tricks from the DS game Magic Made Fun, known elsewhere as Master of Illusion. It only costs 200 points, but the original game sold terribly - Because of that, it can be found in a lot of stores for an incredibly cheap price. If you're the least bit interested in learning magic tricks we strongly recommend you pick up the full game instead. But if you want to know more about this small package, read our Master of Illusion Express: Funny Face review.

It's a bit disappointing that there are not two VC games this week - Especially after having to wait a week like before! It's even more disappointing that the one game Nintendo did choose to release isn't that good. Galaxy Force II is similar to games like Space Harrier, although not quite as good. And considering that neither Space Harrier game is that good either, that's saying something! Watch out for our upcoming review to hear our final verdict.

Let's hope this isn't just a one-off and we do indeed get VC and WiiWare games every week from now on - The amount of games we'd get per week will stay the exact same, the only change would be that both VC and WiiWare fans have something new every week, which is of course a good thing!


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User Comments (53)



slangman said:

I hope this is not a one off. Great week for WiiWare, not that great for VC. The Arcade version is miles better. The mega drive version looks too basic now.



Rapadash6 said:

Wow, yet another second rate VC game for NOA to load in the chamber BEFORE Majora's Mask and Super Smash Bros. The list just keeps getting longer and longer...



feba said:

Heyo, Commander Video, I've got a question. Was there any localization of the software? I'm sure the marketing and operations guide stuff needed some translation, but I'd actually be a little surprised if there were any modification of the title screen/tutorial.



KDR_11k said:

Well, that is interesting. On one hand, BTB, on the other hand, they've started with the retarded Express crap now.



PALgamer said:

Tomorrow is holiday! So they work one day in advance.

Hope they stick to one week and don't go back into their old bad habits of fortnights. Then everyone will notice that we all get treated the same way (except the Japanese...).



Wiiloveit said:

I had a feeling that getting DSiWare every week might lead to a shake up in the schedules, and I was right I'll certainly be getting all the new content tomorrow to give it a whirl, especially Bit.Trip.

One great thing about having games on all three formats every week - no more "1 WiiWare game for this fortnight"! YAYS.



Spiky_Idiot said:

i wonder when the Hanabi Festival will start. But anyway i like the new way Nintendo is doing with the downloads i don't have to wait every 2 weeks for a Virtual Console game now. Surprising NoE don't normally announce the games til it comes out although they did with Majora's mask and Bubble Bobble Plus.



xesbeth said:

The mix wiiware/VC is definitive in europe? Or this is just an exception before an hypothetical hanabi festival?

Well, no Gradius again...Fortunately there's always Bit Trip.



RGVEDA said:

They did it on eastern, because Friday wasn´t a Workday, and they do it today again, becaus the 1st May isn´t a Workday



Lotice-Paladin said:

I'm glad we are getting weekly updates instead of fortnights now.

As for a while I haven't been bothering checking the updates on the Wii at all. At least with this old way we get games slightly sooner instead.



Terra said:

Nice update. Not too interested in Bit.Trip Beat or Magic but Galaxy Force II does interest me. I would buy Dr Mario but with the WiiWare version available, I'm more likely to buy that with the online multiplayer.



CommanderVideo said:

@feba: Actually, there is very little text in-game, so we didn't localize that stuff. All the error messages and whatnot are localized though according to Nintendo's localization requirements.

@VenomTheEvil: Sorry it took so long! I hope you love the game!



Objection said:

Amazing! Commandervideo influenced the powers that be into sneaking into a non-VC week! Enjoy the game, everyone! Keep it on the charts!



Supermarioman said:

Now tell me, will this mean the end of one Game weeks for the US? Either VC or Wii-Ware or is NOA going to screw us.



WarioFan63 said:

Why would it be the end of one game weeks? Europe isn't really getting more releases, they just possibly decided to stop splitting up the categories. This release matches a typical Monday for us.



Gavin_Rozee said:

Proper weekly updates FTW! I'm impressed. So impressed, I sent NoE a long-ish email thanking them on behalf of gamers all over Europe.

BT.B and Dr Mario for me please. No Magic Made Fun as I have the retail version.



Spiky_Idiot said:

By the way, if we got all of the services in one (like USA), what about the Hanabi? Is that going to change as Imports or just be like the schedule tomorrow?



marktheshark said:

What has Commandervideo done that has everybody cheering for him? No offense, I'm just curious.



Gavin_Rozee said:

Didn't you hear? He was giving away codes for a free download of Bit. Trip: Beat!!!

Nah, I dunno.



Corbs said:

What has Commandervideo done that has everybody cheering for him? No offense, I'm just curious.

Made a great WiiWare game and is an all-around nice guy to boot.



Twilight_Crow said:

Congratulations for your new not split weekly update EU!
I hope you all enjoy B.T B, personally I totally love that game (but Growth is just so damn hard )



Rexy said:

Finally, Bit.Trip Beat! I've been waiting for that since those in the States ended up with it, so I'll be sure to grab that tonight



Pj1 said:

This is great News that we're going to get VC titles every Friday, no more looking at a disappointing update list and then crossing fingers for two weeks for a better update thereafter. It might be that Wii-ware isn't that popular all though I am a firm believer that Nintendo and Sega are or might be planning one or many huge new titles. Like a brand new Sonic platform game, or an amazing New Mario title or Zelda or any other famous game. I just feel there's some thing bubbling away that will raise people's attention to Wii-Ware, I can't go on about it enough but I am really pleased about VC every week...........



Kawaiipikachu said:

Wow Bit Trip: Beat
I shall download it in less than an hour after posting this .
For whatever reason even thru Australia share the same servers as Europe but Australia gets them an hour later .
At least its Bit Trip: Beat .



Nero said:

Cool, I will be getting Bit.Trip Beat. I also hope we'll get Bonsai Barber soon as I wanna get that one.



SwerdMurd said:

Hooray English people getting better releases! I still hate the fact that even if you combine the NA and EU online offerings, Japan still has us beat every week. Seriously, like 6+ games, most all of them good every week. At least localization isn't 10+ months like back in the day...



taps said:


In to say that I think the 1st Space Harrier is an all-time arcade classic, up there with the likes of Strider, Legendary Wings, and Donkey Kong (except that Donkey Kong is the king IMO.) I must respectfully disagree with the author's postulation that it is anything but. It had one of the first (if not THE first) full-motion arcade cabinets - which though it may seem gimmicky by today's standards was quite novel in the 80s and just cool. Also the "super scaling" (less refined mode 7) looked great, especially for 1985. I can go on and on, sure it can be hectic and frustrating but when you get on a roll it's poetic pixellated perfection. Tied with Shenmue for Yu's best.





Bit Trip and Dr Mario Express?! Woohoo! Those are two of my insta-downloads. It feels liek I've scored a fracking goal in Real Football 09. Better even! Heck even Galaxy Force has stimulated my interest!



Kravex said:

Was kinda hoping for Swords & Soldiers as Nintendo's UK site had it as the top story this week, never mind, hopefully soon.



Starwolf_UK said:

Finally something worthwhile. Time to use WiiSCU and connect to the Wii shop for the first time in about 5 months.

I hope this schedule continues and isn't a one-off (like everything when it comes to NOE you have to give it a while...).



Sean_Aaron said:

Great deal that Bit.Trip.Beat came out this week; I already bought it from the Japanese service and put a couple of hours into it the night before my trip. Awesome game and quite challenging in an old-school Atari 8-bit way. I did manage to unlock the second level, but that one is clearly going to be a doozy (the first one was no slouch). I would easily have paid double the price!



gamepopper said:

Finally, some confirmation on Wiiware. I bought Bit.Trip.Beat and it's good, difficult to get the hang of.



Corbs said:

You can head over to Gamespot and check out their hands-on with Bit.Trip CORE.



Sean_Aaron said:

What?!? How can Gamestop have a hands-on for the next chapter and not Nintendo Life? What's happened Corbie?!!11?



CommanderVideo said:

@ Sean Aaron & Corbie: Don't you worry. We've got something special planned for the good folks at nintendolife. Oh, and Corbie, sorry about that email. I'll make it up to you.

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