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Nintendo Download: 14 April 2009 (Japan)

Posted by Sean Aaron

Another week, another 5 releases for Japan.

It's true the Japanese have another week with a mix of VC and WiiWare content, but Wii owners in North America and Europe need not feel the usual pangs of jealousy (well, I guess that depends on how much you've been wanting to see a couple of these...).

On the WiiWare front we have a couple of things that will likely stay in Japan and something we already know is coming to your way soon:

Out of Galaxy Koshika, 500 points -- A new downloadable manga from Sunsoft.
Tsuppari Wii Oozumoo Wii Heya, 1000 points -- Looks like a 1-2 player Sumo game with some OTT moves from Tecmo.
Onitore (Drill Sergeant Mindstrong), 800 points -- The maths minigame compilation from HI Games.

Only two VC releases (awwwww): Mappy for the VC Arcade, which was a launch title for VCA in NA/EU and the Japanese get to pay 800 rather than 500 points for whatever reason, but I suspect most people will be more interested in the Super Famicom RPG from Hudson: Der Langrisser for 800 points.

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anthonyb said:

A downloadable manga? That's a first, but it'd never catch on here (thank god). I'm not sure why Mappy costs more there, 500 points was perfect for such an ancient VCA title.



Neomega said:

....I feel sorry for Japan....ANYONE HERE FROM THERE SO I CAN LAUGH AT YOU?



Jogurt_the_Yogurt said:

Hudson picked up the VC version of Der Langrisser? Wow... that kinda sorta gives me some hope that we'll see Warsong over here in North America, if Hudson is willing to pick that one up as well.

We'll never see Langrisser II or Der Langrisser, unfortunately, but for the love of all things sacred, give us Warsong!



Sean_Aaron said:

Actually this is the second manga from Sunsoft on WiiWare; I cannot recall the name of the first but I'm pretty sure it has English subtitles available which spawned rumours that this service could end up getting release overseas; no clue about this one though.

Hudson seems keen to do the worldwide thing with the properties they're releasing; I wouldn't put it past them to localise Langrisser, but you could be right Mr. Yogurt...



Bahamut_ZERO said:

@anthonyb: God is capitalized. Its Good Friday, at least do that much

For once, I dont care about the JP releases. Usually they get uber stuff, but not this time.



Drake said:

I believe the sumo game is actually supposed to be a sequel to a sumo series Tecmo has been making for a long time, Tsuppari Oozumou. There's a few old installments on Japan's VC too.



goldwyvern said:

I wouldnt mind seeing that sumo game in NA. A sumo game would be extremely fun in my idea of it. I'll wait for a review first, though.



MarkyVigoroth said:

Laugh at you? They still get 5 games instead of our 2 or 1.

Also, was Mappy ever released in original form in Japan?



i8cookie said:

if the points convert directly, then it is really expensive! 500 points for some crappy manga...



RadioShadow said:

Has anyone forgotten we pay too much for Mega Drive Titles compared to the Japanese? I doubt they would care that one title is overpriced compared to the fact they have Panel De Pon! D:



jangonov said:

I dunno, I havn't read it, BUT considering that most go for $12 to $15 in America, I think it is a good deal. Assuming that they are as long as the standard ones



Sean_Aaron said:

@RadioShadow: word, I only have one Mega Drive title for my PAL Wii and am very happy to pay only 600 for them on the Japanese Wii.

Since the overall releases aren't thrilling me I may decide to get something next week with which to tittlate y'all...



Popyman said:

@Bahamut: Why do you keep doing that? I mean really, how did you make it through Okami? >_>

On topic: All of those are pretty meh...



slangman said:

I wonder why japan has to pay more for arcade titles. Meh they get Mega Drive titles on the cheap anyway, so it's not a huge loss.



KingMike said:

I thought MD games were cheaper in Japan because the original console was blown out by the SFC and PCE.
(then again, they don't charge more for PCE games)



Stuffgamer1 said:

@Popyman: Whether the word is capitalized depended on context. If you're talking about the great god Zeus or like that, it's not capitalized. If you're saying "thank God," that is meant to refer to the Christian God, therefore making it a proper name. All the god stuff in Okami is fictional, so none of it requires capitalization.

On topic...I don't care if this stuff is mostly crap, it's still FIVE GAMES! How long has it been since we had anywhere NEAR that many releases, not counting the Arcade launch a couple weeks ago (which was FAR too unusual a circumstance to count)?

As far as that goes, I'm kinda annoyed that Europe got THREE GAMES this week! Based on recent history, that's a LOT, and it makes NA the only region to not see some sort of increase in releases post-system update. Add to that the fact that NA also didn't get Majora this week, and I'm not all that happy with NOA's release choices lately.

Of course, this is less of a problem than it could be because I have plenty of other stuff to play anyway whilst playing catch-up on downloads, but it still REALLY bothers me when one of the other regions (or worse, BOTH) gets a lot more stuff than we do.

I'm curious, though. Why did this site suddenly start announcing Japanese releases on a week-by-week basis? I was very surprised when that started happening.



Ricardo91 said:

Not an exciting week for Japan by any means, but that Sumo Wrestling game looks kinda fun.



Sean_Aaron said:

@Stuffgamer1: Well, it's something I keep track of, so we figured why not post it here. Sometimes it's a good preview of stuff that could be coming down the pipe like Bubble Bobble, Puzzle Bobble, Rainbow Islands and Kimi to Boku to Rittai.



Stuffgamer1 said:

@Sean Aaron: That makes sense, I guess. All it's really done for me so far is made me even more sick of our small releases compaired to their gigantic ones. sigh



Sean_Aaron said:

I'm planning on checking out that Sumo game. I have no idea where I found the name or else they've changed it because it's actually called Tsuppari Sumoo Wii Heya (Wii Strut Sumo Stable?). It's 1000 points, so I'll wait to see if there's anything in next week's releases before committing to it right now.

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