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New MySims Title Pops Up

Posted by Stuart Reddick

It looks as though Electronic Arts has another MySims title planned for this year.

With MySims Party released last month on both the Wii and the DS and MySims Kart planned for release this summer, many thought that would be the last time we'd see the MySims this year. Surprisingly though, Electronic Arts has another title planned for this September.

While details remain scarce, GameStop has added a listing for MySims Agents. While it hasn't been confirmed that the title is indeed true, GameStop is usually spot-on when it comes to retail listings.

For future details on MySims Agents, stay tuned to Nintendo Life.


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Kittsy said:

I heard about a MySims-styled Sims game somewhere... maybe that is something to do with this.



Chrono_Cross said:

I thought EA said they were going to get serious in 2009?
The original Mysims is by far the best though it`s still not-so fun.



Outrunner said:

A My Sims style Sims game. Now that I'd buy. I like the characters, just not the games.




When maxis deved the sims it was a great game but then EA gets it and look what happens,it turns to once again EA IT'S IN THE TRASH!!



James said:

Good spot Radixxs - the original news poster has been taken outside and flogged with a broom.

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