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New Game Play Video - Toribash

Posted by Corbie Dillard

Nabi Studios releases new game play video of their upcoming WiiWare title Toribash in action.

The main goal behind Toribash is to give players unprecedented freedom by providing them with total control over their fighter's bodies. The developers have said that they hope this will provide a unique experience on the WiiWare service for gamers who have been looking for something new and original.

The guys at Nabi Studios have just released a brand new game play video of their April 2009 development build of the game that shows how things are coming along. As you can see, the actual flow of the fights is much smoother and the blood now smears when it makes contact with something.

Nabi Studios assures us that it shouldn't be too much longer until development on the title is finished up. We'll keep you posted on any new developments with this unique WiiWare title and we'll have a full review of the game when it hits the WiiWare service.

Until then you can take a look at the new game play video Nabi Studios just released to the public.

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BulbasaurusRex said:

The controls for the amount of freedom bragged about in this game seem like they will be way too complicated for me to be able to fight with any kind of decent skill. I also don't like the blood. In addition, the fights in that trailer are over way too fast.



Toddr said:

I thought this was wiiware. It shows the game in the disc channel.



wanderlustwarrior said:

While I do prefer the fighting game genre, this does look like a bit of a mess, with quite a bit of work for little gain. Maybe it will be better than it looks, though.

...Still crossing fingers for a new Darkstalkers on Wii



Corbs said:

We're trying to confirm from the developers whether this game is still going to be release on the WiiWare service or going to retail instead. We'll update the article accordingly.



Will said:

I played an older version on PC. Frickin impossible to control.



Crazed said:

I hope this is still Wiiware. There aren't any games currently released on Wiiware that is a "fighting" game, and Overturn looks like it won't come for quite a while, so this might tide me over until Overturn comes out.



Philip_J_Reed said:

Wow, I had forgotten all about this game. Potentially this could turn into a must-download. Fingers are crossed.



Corbs said:

Yes, I've been toying around with the Mac OS X version this morning. You can get the PC and MAC versions for free at



iSonic said:

Huh..this game looks worthy to buy. I've been dying for a new Wiiware game to download. This and Onslaught are on my "to download" list.



Chipmunk777 said:

Yeah, you all should definitely try out the pc version; if the wiiware version is anything like it I am super excited about it!

For several earlier comments, this game is not a typical fighting-genre game. The "fights" are one move that each person performs in steps. It is kind of hard to explain, it's best that you just go try it for yourself! I've spent countless hours just fighting the dummy coming up with cool moves. It is really fun! You go through an attack, frame by frame, and choose which muscles to contract, extend, hold, or let flop around and attempt to make some cool looking attacks. It does take a little while to figure out how to do stuff, but once you get the hang of it, it really is a load of fun!



Corbs said:

This is a game that people are going to either love or hate, I believe. It's a very meticulous game that will be better enjoyed by those who like to experiment with making various moves since you create them in single movements, one after another. This is certainly not a standard fighting game with continuous action and shouldn't be approached as such.



Objection said:

I hope you can send replays to other wiis! This looks like the ultamate screw around and see what you can do" game but I wonder if there is any depth ala single player or story mode. And if it'll get a T rating...not that it matters to me.



James said:

I used to play quite a bit of Toribash a few months back, and even though it takes you hours to figure out what does what, once you understand the basics it's a fantastic game that gives you the ability to do pretty much any move you can think of. Plus, you can rip heads and arms off

As for the graphics, Toribash has always looked like that, so this Wii version will be no different, I presume.



That_Guy_from_Faxana said:

Toribash has a too steep learningcurve for me. The controls are basically an animationprogram where you have to input every joints motion. I think it´s a great idea, but to complicaded to play.



Kaeobais said:

I wish they would make it simpler to control for wii. It's impossible to do anything unless you have some 3d animation skill or alot of blind luck.



skulfuk said:

Hi, thought I'd come answer some of the questions asked.

It's going to be for Wiiware - it appeared in the disk channel because the video is off a dev-Wii.

Bulbasaurus Rex - the fights them self aren't performed that quickly, each player has a set amount of time to plan their move. Once the 'turn' is over both of the player's 'toris' will move for a certain amount of frames, you then plan your next move. Think of it like chess crossed with a fighter.

Objection_Blaster - Single player is kind of a practice mode, but people use it to make flashy replays to show skill. Search Youtube for videos & you'll see lots of examples of single player Toribash.

In general the Wii version's looking great, and it's got a lot of features that the pc/mac versions still don't have. Personally I can't wait for it's release, but then again I'm biased!

(Toribash support)




this looks good cant wait 4 this 2 come out would rather it b a wiiware game than a console game



NeoNight said:

At first glance I thought this was stupid, but after looking through the whole video I think I like it! it's wacky!



nintendo87 said:

love the game for the pc it should still be a wiiware game i dont think the one for the pc is not that large in file size!

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