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NES Controller is in the Bag

Posted by Sean Aaron

Quite literally

Crafty Etsy gal inhope has decided to grace her online shop with this lovely NES-controller bag -- not a bag for carrying a NES controller, but a ladies shoulder bag which has NES controller stylings (it does look like you could probably fit a Wii into that thing along with a large wallet, however). inhope is based in the USA and the bag is priced at US$39.99, though you can get it shipped outside the US for a measly US$6.50 -- not bad for this eye-catching bit of gear.

As the proud owner of an iPod nano sock featuring a Defender Lander (courtesy of my own crafty missus), I can say that video game swag made by hand is the best video game swag.

Source: Joystiq

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timp29 said:

Hahaha I would love to get this bag for my girlfriend, but I just know she would never, ever go outside with it



Omega said:

Oh, no! If you buy this for your girlfriend she will buy a Pink Heart Hot-Water Bag for your birthday!

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