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More Wii horror from Grudge director Shimizu

Posted by Renato Velarde

Takashi Shimizu is working on a game adaption of his classic Ju-On film series

Who doesn’t love having the pants scared off of them? There's nothing more exhilarating than the feeling! That’s why it’s welcome news that Takashi Shimizu is working on a new horror game for the Wii, which is tentatively called 'Feel'. It’s based on his hit horror films of the Ju-On series that included the Grudge and its two sequels, as well as remakes made for the US that were also directed by Shimizu.

This bodes well for the game, though little is known so far, besides some elements that we could have guessed on our own: creepy dark mansion, flashlight with limited battery life for optimum pants wetting, and 1 or 2 player options. What's interesting is that rumour has it that the flashlight will be directly tied-in to the player's health bar -- exactly how remains unconfirmed.

As reported by Famitsu the game is about 60% complete and slated for a 2009 Summer release (Japan) from publisher AQ interactive (responsible for Bullet Witch and Vampire Rain). But then based on other recent news it’s anyone's guess how long it’ll be before the rest of the world sees it.


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Atlantis1982 said:

I forsee this being cuddling up with Fatal Frame 4, and not being shipped around to other regions.



Wiiloveit said:

Meh, the Grudge was crap. Not scary, not creepy, just... crap. Let's hope the guy is better at games than films.

Also: whatever happened to Sadness? I really want that game, but there's been nothing new for ages now.



Viral said:

Sadness looked promising...wasn't it the game in black and white where you used the Wii Remote for everything, including to see during a rainstorm by holding up the umbrella?



Objection said:

There's an online petition for The Sadness that has a lot of signatures but there's no word on if it will do any good.



Danman2327 said:

the only good grudge movie was grudge 1(the english one I didn't see the jap version). Grudge 2 sucked and 3 I'm guessing sucked because it went straight to DVD.



Phalyn said:

YES!!!! I LOVE Ju-On just the idea of the man behind those movies being involved with a Wii game gets me scared.
I dont get all the hate for grudge 2. Yes it wasnt as good as the first, but there were some creepy moments in it. But if you didnt like it, dont watch the Japanese version. Grudge 1 and 2 is actually a more in depth take of Ju-On.
Not to mention, they leave a lot up to the viewers interpretation. So essentially Grudge 1 and 2 are sometimes seen as a dumbed down version of the movie.

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