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More Guitar Hero Spin-offs are on the Way

Posted by Stuart Reddick

The German USK ratings board has updated with a listing for Guitar Hero: Van Halen.

It seems as though gamers can't get enough of the Guitar Hero franchise, and Activision can't get enough of trying to milk the franchise for all its got.

Earlier this week, the German USK ratings board updated with a listing for Guitar Hero: Van Halen, presumably a title along similar lines to previous compilations based on Metallica and Aerosmith. It should be noted that this is already the third confirmed Guitar Hero title due for release this year, proving Activision have got no intentions of slowing down one of their prime franchises. Guitar Hero on Tour: Modern Hits for the Nintendo DS and Guitar Hero: Smash Hits are both currently slated for a June release, so the chances of Guitar Hero: Van Halen hitting anytime soon as slim.

When Activision officially confirms this new Guitar Hero instalment, we'll be sure to pass the word along to you.


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thewiirocks said:

I wonder if Activision & Neversoft are going to do a DSi Guitar Hero? Nintendo really screwed them with the removal of the GBA slot. Now they're going to have to go back to the drawing board and start over.



Terra said:

Oh F^$". More Guitar Hero games being released. Well, that only means more games to avoid for me.



Wiiloveit said:

Dammit. I know that the games aren't bad, but they're milking it WAY too much now, and soon enough the major yearly releases will likely be overshadowed.



cr00mz said:

i liked guitar hero, now i want to switch to rock band this is getting really stupid



jangonov said:

I like guitar hero.. a lot. But Im skipping this one. They are releasing too many. I mean, we are up to, (thinks)........11! By the end if the year we will have 11.



Chrono_Cross said:

GH 1 and 2 were awesome and so was Rock Band. GH3 was ok and so was RB2. Then GHWT came & featured Drums and Vocals also seen by Rock Band.
Now recently released Guitar Hero Metallica you`d think they`d relax on releasing these titles wouldn`t you?



Philip_J_Reed said:

I'd gladly buy another Guitar Hero / Rock Band game if they did a band that I really liked, but I'm not really a fan of the artist-specific ones so far.

Oh well.



GN0LAUM said:

I think they're trying to flood the market on purpose. The idea being that since Rockband has appeared to contest their share of the market, they've have to step it up with their own vocals and drums, now they're trying to show everyone that they have more variety. This way when a newcomer is trying to decide between the two, they may be more tempted to go the GH route.



Machu said:

Guitar Hero is a series for which I hold no particularly positive feelings! It's not even a game. I mocked it at first (rightly so), but now it's actually popular, I'm even more depressed about the state of humanity and our current stage of 'evolution'. FFS you could buy a guitar, get tutored (or teach yourself durgh), and become a flamin Guitar Hero! But a real one, in a band. Well hey, if not, at least you can play a guitar (unlike all the folks who enjoy GH).

If you play GH and read this. I dislike you due to your lack of intelligence. Your alternative viewpoints on the nature of whether or not Guitar Hero is enjoyable make you appear comical in my eyes

If you disagree with me then I shall merely respond with another post of insightful and needlessly abusive comments aimed at nobody in particular. However, I have taken this heavily edited comment into account and in future will certainly strive to adhere to the community rules. Thank you and good night.



Supermarioman said:

I'll be getting Smash Hits, do to the fact I want to play some of the great songs on previous Guitar Hero's on my Wii. The On Tour series is only decent and is there to entertain people who do not have a big gaming system and hardcore Rhythm Game lovers who buy every Guitar Hero that is made. As for Van Halen, I'm not a huge fan of him, so I probably won't be looking into that one. Good to see Neversoft is willing to send out a multitude of Guitar Hero games from now on. But one qustion remains: Does Guitar Hero: Hendrix exist and if it does when will it come out? Hendrix made great songs.



Objection said:

JUst make Guitar Hero: Queen and then bug out! Actually, I'm quite done with GH after getting the first 4 on PS2 and I think that most people will get sick of it in the next year or so just like the DDR craze a few years back.



The_Fox said:

Why would anyone want to flame such a well thought out, insightful and downright intelligent post?



The_Fox said:

This isn't quite the saddest whoring out of a series (that forever belongs to Koei), but they need to put the series on the backburner for a bit and bring a new game out in 18 months or so if they want to keep the series fresh.



Chrono_Cross said:

It`s just a video game kid not a life style. Judging anybody because of a game they`ve played/owned is just plain ignorant
Guitar Hero 1 and 2 are good games and you should give them a chance there pretty fun!



MickEiA said:

in my opinion guitar hero is just pressing coloured buttons at the right time though i guess thats what videogames are



dagreenone said:

Woot, for Van Halen!

I don't see why there is so much hate for this series on this site. Only place I've ever seen that. It's a pretty decent game.



Terra said:

There's so much hate because, while the games aren't particularly bad, it's how Activision are milking the franchise with all these pointless additional games, like these band-specific games. The fact that the price is generally quite high with all the plastic instruments included certainly doesn't help.



thewiirocks said:

@Toddr - The biggest issue with something like that is that it's not really guitar hero. It's keyboard hero. We're just pretending it's a guitar.

GH:OT managed a surprisingly good solution by using the attachment to provide fret buttons in addition to a strummer. Replicating that is going to be a challenge.



Ren said:

Yeah, I don't understand the hate, either. it's just a fun game. Why not milk it? It's not like a traditional game with story, it's ever renewable as long as there are more songs so it's not like re-hashing an old game that's watered down. I just wish they could settle on one disc game and offer lots of downloads like it seems rock band has.
Thats a better format for this; I don't care what the graphic people look like.
I have 2 guitars and play it now and again with a friend to take my mind off things, it's not a lifestyle or a "real guitar" alternative. It's just another game, and will need more songs now and again. Don't like it? don't buy it.



Toddr said:


Well, they could put 4 or 5 strings on the touch screen and you strum the correct one instead of pressing a button. Kind of like Jam Sessions, but with more than one string.



thewiirocks said:

@Toddr - Again, it's not really a guitar. Last I checked at least, you don't strum the frets.

The truth is that Activision/Neversoft have a tough road in front of them. They've set the bar rather high on a DS experience. It's unlikely that they or their customers are going to acept something less.



Ricardo91 said:

@Corbie. I see you made a few adjustments to Machu's comment.

Well well well, looks like Activision is going to continue milking GH's manic fanbase for all they're worth. Typical...
I might get GH: Metallica, but that's gonna be the only spinoff I invest in.



St3b0 said:

IN my opinion GH is the most boring game I have every played i hate to
press buttions whith out any fighting,shooting,block breaking going on



cheese said:

@KS8 Didn't you guys have that craze where everyone was playing Dance Dance Revolution. Maybe it just never hit Canada.
@Machu If you don't like the games don't play them however it's not like they don't require skill, after all they're still games and they have a moderately large fanbase. (PS. I play guitar and still enjoy the guitar hero games)



dagreenone said:

@ Terranigma, so your saying the hate is from the price?? Weird.
People can just not buy them. I mean, I recently jumped onto the series and picked up Guitar Hero 2, 3 and Aerosmith plus 2 guitars, All Brand New, for a little over $45.



Machu said:

oops, sorry guys O_o

but... ive been playing games (and a guitar) for well over a decade, and i think GH is lame. So not cool!

Thanks for the edit i was drunk n stuff.




James said:

No worries, Machu - I figured you were just letting off steam, so I popped in a few well-chosen words.

Not sure why Corbie's getting the credit for my hard work, though!

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