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More DSiWare Titles Revealed

Posted by Corbie Dillard

It looks like it's almost time for another round of DSiWare releases.

Although we've just now experienced our first round of DSiWare launch titles, anticipation for more releases has already begun to build. Nintendo has just put up their new Official DSi Site which contains a new DSi promotional video containing footage of not only the already-released DSiWare launch titles, but also three new titles and one new upcoming North American release as well. Read on for highlights of these four new DSiWare titles.

Dr. Mario Express

Dr. Mario Express looks like a stripped-down version of the WiiWare release, but fans of the Dr. Mario series should find plenty to like with this DSiWare release. The game will be a single-player experience, but will also allow you to take on an AI-controlled opponent in a split-screen challenge. As popular as the Dr. Mario games have always been, it probably goes without saying that this DSiWare rendition will likely be a hit among DSi owners when it hits the service later this year.


Paper Airplane Chase

Paper Airplane Chase is yet another individual micro game taken from the Wario Ware series of games and involves the player racing a paper airplane through various obstacles. You can choose from three different game modes that range from an Endless Mode, where you try to carefully fly your way through an endless amount of obstacles trying not to crash into any of them, to a Race Mode, where you can take on the game's AI in a head-to-head paper airplane race. You can check out our Paper Plane review to find out what we thought of the European release of this interesting Wario Ware micro game.


Master of Illusion: Deep Psyche

We've already seen the first Master of Illusion Express release, and it looks like Nintendo has more in store for DSi owners with this second edition of the game called Master of Illusion Express: Deep Psyche. This second release involves the number trick from the original retail release in which you have to input your birthday and then answer four specific questions that will always end up adding up to the same number each time. As with the first release, it looks like there will be yet another "Bonus Trick" included as well.


Clubhouse Games Express: Card Classics

It seems we'll be getting portions of Nintendo's card game collection Clubhouse Games a little bit at a time on the DSiWare service. The first group of games, Clubhouse Games Express, will feature five games from the collection including Last Card, Last Card Plus, President, Blackjack, and Five Card Draw. There will be at least one more collection of games released at a later date, as well.


We'll have more information on other future DSiWare titles as it becomes available, as well as reviews of all titles once they hit the DSiWare service.

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User Comments (40)



FroguinZX said:

One comment now, why not be the second.

I'm getting Dr. Mario Express, although the express title is off putting.



thewiirocks said:

It's easy to tell that the DSi was rather rushed to market. 90% of the titles are pulled from existing games, leaving the platform with a whole lot of 'meh' available. Hopefully developers will pick up on it quickly enough, though.



Corbs said:

The only one out of this bunch I'll likely grab is the Paper Airplane Race. I'm not a big Dr. Mario fan, myself.



ReZon said:

Dr. Mario is a definite download, Paper Airplane Chase most likely as well since it's only 200 points. Clubhouse Games Express: Card Classics is a possibility too, assuming it's 200 points also.



bboy2970 said:

"No, Art Style: PICOPICT? ?_?"
I have to second this question. I bought PiCOPiCT on the Japanese DSi and it was so fun and addicting. If Art Style: PiCOPiCT, Somnium, Hacolife, Decode, and Nalaku aren't released in the immediate future i'll be a little steamed.........



Objection said:

I don't know...a lot of the titles are snippets of bigger and better titles. Only 1 DSiware game( Agui-whatever) really seems any good.



SmaMan said:

No word if the US will be getting that clock app or the finance app or anything like that? I'm ok without them, I'm just wondering.



Crunc said:

More disappointment. There's no reason why DSiWare titles have to be second rate DS versions/paid demos. DSiWare could blow away cartridge DS games, but we get this dreck. Nintendo thinks they have a winning formula it would seem and doesn't appear to want to break it. DSiWare should be selling the system, but not with stuff like this.



theblackdragon said:

eh, i already bought Dr. Mario for WiiWare; if it doesn't have multiplayer, i don't think i need it for the DSi. :3



Hardy83 said:

...I'm so mad... I bought a DSi thinking they'd actually try with the DSWare content and so far there's like 95% of the games are half assed buyable demos of bigger DS games....

I'll get clubhouse games...but seriously... This is pathetic..



StarDust4Ever said:

I'm still waiting for "Virtual Handheld" service (Game Boy/ Color, Game Gear, Atari Lynx, etc)...

Although I must admit, Birds and Beans is a cute and fun game for only 200 pts and 11 blocks



Corbs said:

I'm with StarDust. I'm just waiting for the Virtual Console service to come to the DSi. There are quite a few old GB/GBC//GBA games I want to play again.



Tails_92 said:

I was waiting for a reduced version of the original clubhouse with 5 games in or little more to be released on DSi Ware, and i saw right. Anyway without the Wi-Fi Connection multiplayer mode i'll never buy this. I owned the original version with 42 board games and remember that find an opponent for an online match was very hard. Hope the WFC will be implemented in this little version and in that case also hope to find more players than the original.



Artheido said:

Express? That title does put me off but I tend to buy anything with 'Fever' as one of the background music.
A bit disappointed with the lack of WiFi multiplayer though...
My List: PICOPICT, Dr. Mario Express and hopefully Moving Notepad...

I'm not too into DSiWare, I'm just waiting for DSi's VC announcement.



Charlie_The_Unicorn said:

Dr. Mario Express - Might be cool. I didn't get the WiiWare version.
Paper Airplane - I guess not. I already have the WarioWare game it comes from.
Master Of Illusion Express - The first got bad reviews. Not a good sign.
Clubhouse Games - I guess not. I'd rather play card games in real life. I would like a board game collection though.



Bahamut_ZERO said:

I could but the entire Clubhouse Games for $10, so Ill pass. None of these appeal to me, Im just waiting for Pop.



ByHisBlood said:

Well this is a nice line up of upcoming DSiWare titles. Hopefully they'll get released this Friday or Monday. I'm all ready to download Dr. Mario Express howbeit it lacks the Wi-Fi multiplayer features of it's Wii counterpart, I might also download WarioWare: Snapped and Bird and Beans.

I really like the DSi and DSi Shop Channel and I look forward to finding a FREE MP3 to M4A and MP4 converter so I can load my songs on the DSi.



Cipher said:

Someone mentioned Art Style: PiCOPiCT - Nintendo Europe's just shown that at a media summit, so there's confirmation that it's on its way.

As a Nintendo site webmaster - whose site's system doesn't allow for an "Also Known As" section like yours - you've no idea how frustrating it is that essentially every Nintendo DSiWare game this far has had different names on both sides of the pond. I mean, why? Why, damn it?!



AL3X_M said:

I'm getting really interested in these WarioWare micro-games being ported to nice-sized downloadable titles on DSiWare!

I think the only title that really caught my eye was Dr. Mario Express. I don't really think another "Master of illusion" game is necessary at this time. Like @Tails86 said, "I Want my Moving Note Pad RITE NOW". I think Nintendo is probably just having a little trouble finding a good name for it?



Kid_A said:

I've been waiting for Moving Memo...hope we see that one soon. On the bright side, I absolutely LOVED paper plane on the original WarioWare, so I'll be getting that for sure. I'm also a fan of Dr. Mario, but I really suck at those games and I already have the WiiWare one so I'm not so sure about that one.



Sonicpro said:

Dr. Mario Express for sure. I do wish that it had Wifi though. =-(
Any word on moving notepad?



Kenji510 said:

Tomorrow is Monday and hopefully we get some good DSiware games... hopefully the games that i wanted too.



Dynetheous said:

I be getting doctor mario for sure.
hope that this will entertain me more than a couple days though...




Im not gonna bother with dsi ware not worth a dime to me! think i'll also sell my jap dsi considering it's a bad design and i do not care for it. ;(



IndianDan said:

I want Moving Notepad as well we might see it between May, June and July. So lt's cross our fingers for this monday atleast. and hopefully a decent worth of games as well.

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