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Mad Dog McCree Coming To The Wii?

Posted by Damien McFerran

Crusty old FMV shooter gets rated by the ESRB

Chances are many of you won't have been alive when the FMV gaming craze happened in the late '80s/early '90s; the storage power of formats like LaserDisc and CD-ROM caused game developers to go a little crazy, creating titles with live action footage that had all the depth of a shallow puddle.

One such title was Mad Dog McCree, a lightgun arcade game which contained footage of real actors. It was converted to a whole host of different home formats back in the day, but its recently been classified by the ESRB, which would suggest it's about to get another lease of life.

Last month, the rental service Gamefly posted news that it was coming to the Wii, with Majesco handling the publishing duties. Needless to say, we'll give you solid news when we have it.


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KDR_11k said:

I wonder why third parties have no problem releasing endless numbers of rail shooters but remain reluctant towards everything else.



The_Fox said:

Oh, I remember playing that one in an arcade three or four years ago! It was cheesey as hell and kinda sucked, but some people might like it for just those reasons.



warioswoods said:

FMV shooters like this are hilarious, but the only way a retail release would be justified is if they packed about 10 onto one disc for a budget price.



thewiirocks said:

MadDog McCree was awesome! Cheezy, linear, and short, but awesome! If they sell it as a budget title with Zapper support, I might pick up a copy.



Ian_Daemon said:

"Mad Dog McCree" was one of the FMV shooters that I never played. (I played the heck out of "Ground Zero Texas", "Lethal Enforcers", and "Crime Patrol" though.)



Jack_Package said:

Wow, I remeber standing on my tip-toes to play this, like 17 years ago....
Now i'll be able to actually play it proper! Happy days!



Stevie said:

Ah yes, i remember playing this in the arcade in skegness as a nipper, gameplay wise - terrible, but back then i was amazed by the FMV



Chatham said:

Wow, this better be a VC Arcade thing... If this is a full-blown disc title, then we'll see a slew of half-assed shovelware FMV shooters from the 90's with little or no updates coming to the Wii for the next year or two.



Junkface said:

Gotta love these old shooters. The cheesier the better lol. However i agree with most of you guys, I refuse to pay more than 20 bucks for somethin like this. Yeah i even bought Target Terror but i got it used for $17.99. Would love to see these for sale on the arcade service or as warios said have like 3 or 4 on a disc to make it worth our interest.
I'm not that knowledgable about tech so I was wondering if anyone could explain why we dont see converted light gun games? not just the nintendo ones but the other systems as well? These are my favorite types of games.



Objection said:

I like good rail shooters. But FMV shooters are known for being worse than other types, so I hope for a compilation disc.



Philip_J_Reed said:

Phantasmagoria for the PC was supposed to be pretty good. The company responsible (Sierra) put out loads of great adventure games, but I haven't played that one personally.



StarDust4Ever said:

Why is it that the first random thought that crossed my mind when I saw the thumbnail, was the Wierd Al video, Amish Paridise???

It reminds me of that Harrison Ford movie where he hides out in an Amish village - I forget the name...



bengyenah said:

I love the light-gun rennaisance we are experiencing with the Wii. Remember Gumshoe? Now that was an amazing game on NES. Weird as hell, almost impossible to beat, catchy soundtrack, and almost totally passed by.



Zac429 said:

McCree was at least better than Revolution X!

And Stardust, the movie was Witness.



lockelocke said:

How are you gonna start digging up obscure FMV shooters? We don't even have Duckhunt! Save it, Ninty!



Sean_Aaron said:

@StarDust: Witness.

I remember my uncle renting this for my sister and I to play on his LD player in the 80s (it was either this or some other crappy FMV game)...not very memorable, so hopefully they do something new rather than just porting it because I think Wild West Guns covers the Western lightgun genre nicely...



earl_wickrue said:

I don't really see how anyone could prefer Wild West Guns(essentially a dull shooting gallery that repeated the same weak-mess stages over and over. worst ten bucks I ever spent) over an awesomely campy FMV shooter like this. That's probably why I enjoyed onslaught so much..No-frills shooting with campy, stupid dialogue. Doesn't anyone appreciate kitsch?



earl_wickrue said:

thanks Chicken Brutus. I was wondering that myself, since I am painfully aware that gamers are often not well-read.
Re Onslaught, I usually skip the little crap-story stuff between levels, but the dialogue in-game is pure gold. The whole game gives me a very 16-bit feeling, all warm and fuzzy and Treasure-y, knaamean? It's like contra or blaster master. Ps. Please don't tell me it's not as good, I KNOW that, it just inexplicably has that "Classicgaming" feel. Gameplay over everything else.

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