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Little King's Story available from Club Nintendo

Posted by James Newton

If you've got 5000 Stars in your account, that is.

Here's a spot of breaking news for you - highly recommended action-strategy game Little King's Story has only just been released in the UK this very day, but Nintendo Europe are very generously offering a limited number of copies to its Club Nintendo users, at the princely sum of 5,000 Stars a pop.

If you've got a spare 5,000 Stars and fancy tucking into the magnificent Little King's Story, head on over to your Club Nintendo account now, as stocks are strictly limited.


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WolfRamHeart said:

Any chance they'll do this in the US? I really want this game but I'm nowhere near 5,000 points!



Stevie said:

Has anyone got 5000 points in their account, thats a lot of first party Ninty stuff bought if you have.



James said:

WolfRamHeart - I don't know if it'll happen in the US to be honest. The game only launched today in Europe so if they do replicate the deal in the States, you might not find out about it until the day of release. Fingers crossed for you guys, though.

Stevie - my total lifetime Stars balance is 35410. Currently it's only 3,260 though, as I tend to convert them to Wii Points as soon as I get enough to buy a new card. I do burn through those Stars



theblackdragon said:

ha, i just saw that about an hour ago. you Europeans sure have some fun stuff available to you :3



greyelephant said:

Wow! What a great deal. I'd take that in a heart beat. Too bad, I too lack the stars.........



MrWarmo said:

i got 4500 stars, but i was thinkin of gettin the mario galaxy platinum soundtrack

anyway, club nintendo stuff is so annoying



Starwolf_UK said:

Any chance they'll do this in the US? I really want this game but I'm nowhere near 5,000 points!
You should note.
5 stars=1 coin. Or at least thats how it should be. Its definetely easier to get coins than it is stars (always get a post play survey rather than a probability if you bought day 1, games generally worth more, coins for downloads etc...)

If I were to have 5000 stars and buy this (2900 currently...well it should be 3150) I would see it in a shop for like £15 before it even arrives (NOE take about a month to send things). Still, it beats 5-year old GBA games but I'd rather spend my stars on things I can't walk into a shop and buy (I never got the allure of Wii Points...if you can afford enough products to get 4000 stars, £7 of Wii Points is clearly not an issue and even a spit in the face seeing as a £30 game is being offered for 1250 Wii Points effectively...)

but i was thinkin of gettin the mario galaxy platinum soundtrack
If it ever comes back in stock. The newly opened Club Nintenod Portuagal has some so its clear there are such soundtracks left.

Of course things selling'ld think after about 6 years NOE would have worked out how to stop it happening...



IAmNotWill said:

@8: If you go into settings on the Wii Shop Channel, there will be an option to link your Club N account with your shop channel account. You can do the same on the DSi. (If you have one.)



Stevie said:

I have bought Nunchucks/Classic controllers from amazon/play + not recieved any voucher for club Nintendo + i was under the illusion that with all official Nintedo products you recieved some stars, so as there are not many official Nintendo games for the Wii and you can only register each type of product once (eg only 1 Wii) i find it hard to come across stars

Is there more going about with DS stuff (ie more official games) as i haven't had a portible gaming machine since Gameboy Pocket

It is a good offer though, especially when you take into account Starwolf_UK's point about it being equivelent to 1250 Wii Points (that is all i have used my stars for)

(edit) Is that true you get points for VC/Wiiware downloads, if so i'll be due a fair amount???



theblackdragon said:

@Stevie: assuming Club Nintendo UK operates under the same rules as Club Nintendo US re: points eligibility, if you've got your accounts all linked up to your Club Nintendo account the eligible VC/Wiiware/DSiware game will show up in your registered games list after downloading. 4-6 weeks later, you'll get a notification to do a post-play survey. It's only certain games, though, and you won't get points upon download/registering because they already know where you bought it from. :3

also, again assuming C.N.UK operates like C.N.US, accessories and consoles are not eligible for points upon registration (I didn't know you could even register nunchuks/controllers; is that a UK-only thing?) with the exception of the DSi (worth 160 coins after linking your DSi Shop account to your Club Nintendo account, dunno about stars :3).



Stevie said:

Thanks for clearing that up for me, i think i just didn't look into this properly before and it my misunderstanding



James said:

As far as I know, you can't register Remotes or Nunchuks, just games and hardware rather than accessories.



Ricardo91 said:

Holy crap! I can't imagine how many third-party games you'd have to buy to get that many stars!



Cryo said:

Wow, you can get a real game, might be impossible if it comes to the US at this point. Cool anyways



Gizmo said:


My total lifetime stars are 28625. Actually and fortunately I have 5475 stars. And that was 5 minutes ago, before I choose Little King's Story =))). Wohoo!



Token_Girl said:

I'm so jealous. I wish we got points for downloadabe games! I have them all registered with CN but no points. Hopefully they'll rescale it for the US (because if you have that many points you deserve some love!)



Gavin_Rozee said:

My total stars registered for my account are 32'945. Not bad. I only have 395 left available to spend though lol.

By the way, anyone who orders this should be prepared to wait up to 2 or 3 months to receive it.



vherub said:

Euro can also trade in stars for wii points? Man, all the us gets is game and watch on the ds



Objection said:

I just got my Club Nintendo goodie: the classic mario themed ds game and stylus holder (sexy) so I hope they come out with new stuff soon. Any idea on what the gold and platinum rank goodies are going to be for NA members?



Drake said:

Most of the time games from the Stars Catalogue are shipped faster than other things, you'll probably have it within a month.



Golgo said:

I've got a 'princely' 145 points left.

I've been pumpin my scratch card numbers in there for for the last 4/5 years or so, from GBA Advance Wars and Metroid Fusion onwards through games and systems galore, and apart from some screensavers I've not got much out!

5,000 points?!



Starwolf_UK said:

Little King's Story is now sold out from the UK Stars Catalogue.

No surprises there, goods selling out first on the UK catalgoue and not having any more supply than anywhere else. Then again actually sending out a product sepnt on stars is the worst scenario for NOE.

Well the game is £24.99 in Tesco instore and possible blockbuster (it says £24.99 on their site and the other site prices match sotre prices but they also say store prices may not match online).

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