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Konami Announces Driift for WiiWare

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

Konami's fourth WiiWare game is an eight-player overhead racing game.

Driift seems to be similar to the classic top-down racer Super Off Road, featuring tracks which are only one screen big. The racers all compete for the number one spot and will not just have to use driving skills, but also items to help them achieve that.

More from Konami's press release:

Konami Driifts on to WiiWare

Eight-player racer roars on to Wii this July

Konami Digital Entertainment GmbH has announced a new multi-player racing title entitled Driift (working title), which will be released as a WiiWare title from July.

Viewed from above, Driift is a fast-paced racer that allows up to eight players to race each other, using cartoon-style chars. Featuring twelve different tracks based on four themed environments – cityscape, hills, snow and a desert oasis – players can also select one of 32 vehicles from four categories. Each category is tailored for use within the different environments, with variations of speed, acceleration and handling and grip levels making specific vehicles ideal for particular locations.

Driift’s multi-player modes allow users to play using combinations of Wii Remotes, Nunchucks and Classic Controllers, and seven game modes are on offer. These range from the single-player and multi-player championships, and Team Race, wherein participants are divided into two teams, with the winner determined by those that accrue the most points. The VIP mode elects one player per team as a VIP vehicle, who must be protected at all costs from the opposition cars, with the removal of the VIP car resulting in a win for the attacking team.

Driift also uses ‘Contamination’ where a player is marked contagious and must contaminate very other player within a set period, while the ‘Cold Potato’ mode charges the user with collecting said vegetable and holding on to it for as long as possible! Finally, the ‘Meteorite’ option sees players embarking on a normal race, while trying to avoid a series of meteors as they fall from the sky.

“We established our European development studio to create games for mobile phone devices. After a successful start and positive, high-value products, they are now moving to other formats, too,” commented Martin Schneider, European Marketing and PR Director for Konami Digital Entertainment GmbH. “This WiiWare title offers a new approach in a more traditional console business and we are looking forward to this download title and further contributions from our European development studio.”


  • Driift is a top view racing game exclusively for WiiWare
  • Driift will allow 8 players to play simultaneously and on the same screen (local multiplayer)
    using Wii Remotes with additional Nunchuks and Classic Controllers (GC Controller not supported)
  • Target territories: Europe, US, Australia & New Zealand
  • 34 different vehicles divided into 4 car categories - each with its own characteristics (speed, acceleration, grip, etc.)
  • 12 different tracks (3 per environment: City, Snow, Hills, Oasis)
  • Game contains one Singleplayer Championship and 6 different Multiplayer modes:
    1. Multiplayer Championship (free customization of races and car categories)
    2. Team Race (participants are divided into two teams, with the winner determined by those that accrue the most points)
    3. VIP (elects one player per team as a VIP vehicle, who must be protected at all costs)
    4. Contamination (a player is marked contagious and must contaminate every other player within a set period)
    5. Cold Potatoes (charges the user with collecting said vegetable and holding on to it for as long as possible)
    6. Meteorite (normal race, while trying to avoid a series of meteors as they fall from the sky)

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User Comments (33)



Bensei said:

Looks like a cel-shading version of a similiar game I played on PC...



Dazza said:

This actually looks pretty neat, I loved Super Sprint and Super Off-Road back in the days, so if this is anywhere near as good it's got my vote!



Wrenski said:

This looks absolutely fun as hell and I really want it. ...Except what the crap, Konami? Hudson can put online in an FPS with reasonably sized levels and you can't do it for a TOP DOWN RACING GAME? Come on, this looks like it would be PERFECT to put on my SD Card's 'online' page. BS.



Shiryu said:

Looks like a cell shaded version of Super Off Road / Badlands. Im loving it already. =)



KnucklesSonic8 said:

Looks great! Online would be really good. We're still in need of an online racer (ignoring Family Toy Kart Racing when it comes out).

@Wrenski: They could add online, you never know. It's not like Konami doesn't have experience with online on the Wii.



Wrenski said:

Yeah they could, and I hope they do.. It's just frustrating because it feels like Hudson is the only one who bothers trying anymore, despite so many cool games coming out that would be greatly improved by it (I'm looking squarely at you, Taito).



vherub said:

8 player offroad/super sprint- good
online support- would be so awesome



calculon said:

Without online multi-player this game sounds pretty pointless to me.
Plus the visuals don't appeal in the slightest. Oh well...



greyelephant said:

No online play? Why do we seem to have such a problem with giving us games we can play online?



Atlantis1982 said:

Wow, another WiiWare I might get if it turns out alright. Would of liked it had online multiplayer though.



Stevie said:

I used to love super off road + this looks good, but i will be disapointed if it doesn't include online multiplayer as this game is crying out for it



motang said:

Awesome, looks like Calling All Cars a bit, and I loved Super Off Road! So naturally it's a must buy for me!



NikeXTC said:

A lot of game modes, but only 12 tracks and the lack of online... Not suited for me =/



Cheezy said:

This is very similar looking to an arcade game Konami released called Escape Kids.



Zak_Canard said:

Looks like Skidmarks on the Amiga, but without the motorized cows pulling caravans. Heck even Skidmarks had 8 player "online" support of a fashion and that's getting on for 15+ years ago! Sure that required two Amigas connected via a modem, but it was cracking fun if/when you could pull it off.



Djungelurban said:

Looks pretty good, sorta like Sprint or GeneRally... However, considering there's no online there's just no good reason to chose this over a game like GeneRally considering that that game, besides from being awesome to play, has excellent local multi-player, has about the world's easiest level editor for a racer and is, you know, free. And where the hell is my Gradius ReBirth Konami?!?!



cyrus_zuo said:

8-player same console equals buy for me. There are so few 8 player games out there (but some really good ones: Jungle Speed + Bomberman Blast).



Crazed said:

I'm hoping that this game has online play, but I'll probably get it even if it doesn't. I'm a sucker for racing games, and even without online play this game would still have 8-player multiplayer, so I'm excited. Hopefully it comes out as soon as possible.



Kojak said:

I really like this almost handdrawn style.
anyway - this kind of game is only fun with human players.



Ren said:

I know online is pretty cool, but come on. Not every game has to have online to be worthwhile. This is totally a local multiplayer game. Takes me back to the early NES 4-player super off-road when that came out. Totally fun - needs friends who are in the room. Nothing fun about playing with random people you can't see on a single screen game.



Atlantis1982 said:

Know what, I am tired of waiting for Super Off-Road to hit the VC. If this game has a decent single player, I'll get it! (Makes a very vocal, yet silly scene!) >

Online multiplayer or not!!!!



RADE said:

Reminds me of Kirby Air Ride's Top Ride which was pretty fun...
If you've played it you know exactly what I'm talking about.



StarDust4Ever said:

Looks like great fun if Konami puts some descent effort into development. I freaking loved Super Off Road; I have it for NES/SNES and would buy it again to support Virtual Console. Seems all they would need to do is remove Ivan Stewart's name from the game it there are license issues...

Oh dear. I checked Konami's Wiiware record; it has two games 4/10 and one game 6/10 hopefully they can pull off a 7/10 with this one - I will probably still be the Guinea Pig for this one and buy it anyway when itcomes out, regardless of the review.



Mix said:

Awesome, basically Super Off Road. Looks good and I would love to play that.




Do racing video games with that sort of view of proceedings really work as good titles?

I know its WiiWare, but the visuals are a big turn off too.

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