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Hudson Launches Official Adventure Island: The Beginning Website

Posted by Corbie Dillard

Hudson's official Adventure Island: The Beginning website is now open for business.

It seems the wait for Hudson's upcoming WiiWare title Adventure Island: The Beginning might be just about over. Hudson has just announced that their Official Adventure Island website is now live.

You can check out the site for some new tidbits of information on the game and don't forget to check out our exclusive Interview with Takahashi Meijin for even more information on the upcoming WiiWare title.

As usual we'll have more information on Adventure Island: The Beginning as it becomes available, as well as a full review when the game hits the WiiWare service. It shouldn't be too much longer now.

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Corbs said:

This is my #1 most-wanted WiiWare title. I can't wait to get this one!



Corbs said:

I've been a big Adventure Island fan for many years, so I guess I'm a bit biased.



Terra said:

I'm excited for this, even though i haven't played Adventure Island before but I'm looking forward to it. Not a big fan of the 3D graphics but they could be worse.

Any more Hudson interviews in the works yet WWW team, or any interviews at all for that matter?



Omega said:

I'm actually not a big fan of the first Adventure Island. That was too difficult and too hectic for my taste. But I am glad that there is finally a new Jump & Run game for WiiWare. There are far too few. Unfortunately, the joy of LostWinds and Mega Man 9 does not last forever. I hope that NAI is better playable than the original so that it appeals to more people. Maybe they have somewhat reduced the degree of difficulty and added a save feature? That should be IMHO part of every game anyway.



Neomega said:

Corbie should review this one. (no 7 joke here)
He's a fan and expert of the series.




i cant wait 4 this game 2 come out its gonna b awesome if it comes out soon this is the game that will break up the top 3



cecesigue said:

i never thought that adventure island (series) were even popular, since the first time i played adventure island was like 20 years ago(imagine that)!! but was one pirate cartridge for the old NES that i found in a friendĀ“s house.



Pastry said:

The original Adventure Island was fun, but I couldn't ever get to level 2 because I didn't know how to move my dude across the map!

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