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Ghostbusters Wii to feature exclusive co-op play

Posted by Christopher Clark

Split-screen multiplayer allows Wii owners to cross streams and much, much more.

The latest blog entry from Red Fly Studios, developers of the Wii version of the upcoming Ghostbusters game, offers up some details on the game's exclusive co-operative multiplayer features.

Wii owners will be able to enjoy the entirety of the single-player experience with a friend via a co-operative split-screen mode. Choosing either a male or female 'Buster, players can team up to incapacitate and eliminate foes, negotiate environmental puzzles and revive each other in emergencies. Many of the game's foul spectres have been designed with co-op in mind, bringing a tactical element to each player's approach - while one player wrangles a ghost the other can prepare a trap to snag it, for example. There's also a level of individual stat-tracking, so players can compete to snare the most ghosts or cause the largest amount of environmental damage. Neat, huh? Un-coordinated players also run the risk of crossing the streams, which any Ghostbusters fan can tell you would result in total protonic reversal!

Unlike certain recent multi-platform offerings on Wii, Ghostbusters is being built from the ground up for the platform and looks to provide a fun and unique experience in terms of both content and style, which is especially impressive considering the game was in development limbo a few months ago. The game is set for release on all major platforms on June 17 in North America and June 19 across Europe, so until then, keep an eye on NintendoLife for more updates!


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MickEiA said:

i wonder if this will go down the track as another movie game with bad graphics and gameplay



Ricardo91 said:

This could be good, but it could also be terrible. I only saw part of the movie, but I loved the cartoon, so maybe I should like this.



XCWarrior said:

Wow a worthwhile Wii exclusive. Sure hope this game lives up to all the hype it is getting thus far.



hamispink said:

i love split screen capabilities, ill wait for a review for both the wii and ps3 to decide which console to get it for, or to even get it



Pegasus said:

"...oks to provide a fun and unique experience in terms of both content and style, which is especially impressive considering the game was in development limbo a few months ago."

Not true. As I've read features elsewhere it actually gave those developers a great boost of time to continue polishing the game. They never really stopped working on the game while the property changed publishers.



KDR_11k said:

Movie games suffer in part from the need to get them out at the same time as the movie itself and that the devs won't even get privileged information about the movie so they often have to work from the trailers, knowing little more about the movie than the average person. This game isn't directly linked to a movie though it could still be affected by the "we've got a license, who needs effort?" approach, of course.

Anyway, why are there "male and female" busters in multiplayer when the standard cast already has four Ghostbusters? Isn't that enough to give both players a regular cast member? I mean, that's how licensed arcade games handled coop.



Moai_Head said:

KDR_11k - the story involves you playing as a new rookie 'Buster alongside the cast from the movie and at certain points you'll have to rescue the veterans from ghosts and traps and whatnot. This is the case for both single-player and co-op mode and is just the way the game plays.



Phalyn said:

hmmm, this might break my rule of multi console games.

I own a Wii and PS3, and my rule goes: If it comes out for all platforms, get it for the PS3, more often then not it will play better on there.

Case in point, for me was Marvel Ultimate Alliance.

Course there are times when the Wii has the slight edge, like with Onechanbara.

And of course times when the game fails on all consoles, Spider-Man 3

I'll give both versions a rent before making a buy.



edofthe209 said:

I'm liking the fact that as a Ghostbusters game, there is no movie coming out soon it's not being rushed. I'm really liking the look of the splitscreen co op. I was afraid it would be "Yoda Mode" like Call of Duty: WAW, which, though fun, is just a wee bt lacking.

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